Nu Rho Psi Council Election – Candidate Platform Statements

Ballots have been distributed via email to all current chapter advisors and the student members inducted between 2019 and 2023.  This year we are holding elections for the next President of the Nu Rho Psi Council.

  • This election is for a three-year term:
  • Year 1 – 2024-25 : President Elect
  • Year 2 – 2026-27: President
  • Year 3 – 2028-29: Past President

There are three candidates for the election.  Each is the current advisor of their local chapter.

  • Lorenz Neuwirth, SUNY Old Westbury (γ-NY)
  • Phillip Quirk, Colorado State University (α-CO)
  • Beth Ann Rice, Slippery Rock University (τ-PA)

The Candidate’s Platform Statements can be downloaded HERE.

The link to cast your vote for the President Elect of the Council will be sent to the email address you provided at the time you were inducted into your local Nu Rho Psi Chapter.  Ballots will close at Midnight (Pacific Time Zone), on October 1st.


The Duties of President Elect, President and Past President are:

President. It shall be the duty of the President to provide leadership in the activities of the Society by making arrangements for the National meeting/convention and presiding over it (as described above), by calling meetings of the National Council and presiding at them, by appointing the members of all national committees, and by performing such other duties as are ordinarily assigned to the office.

President-Elect. It shall be the duty of the President-Elect to serve as presiding officer of the Society in the absence of the President.  The President-Elect normally assumes the office of Nu Rho Psi President after serving one year as President-Elect. However, the President-Elect shall immediately assume the responsibilities of the presidency should the President resign or be unable to complete the term of office. If the office of President-Elect becomes vacant for any reason, a new election will be held at the earliest convenient time.

Past-President. It shall be the duty of the Past-President to advise the President, to chair the Elections Committee and to update the historical record of the Society.

Nu Rho Psi Store Price Increases 10/1/23

For the first time in many years we will increase the prices of the following items beginning on October 1, 2023.

Undergraduate Induction Fee: $50 (Up from $40)
Graduate Induction Fee: $50 (Up from $40)
Faculty Induction Fee: $60 (Up from $50)
Honor Cords: $19 (Up from $15)
Banners: $175 (Up from $165)
Table Runner: $210 (Up From $195)

2023 Outstanding Chapter, Student and Faculty of the Year



Nu Rho Psi Chapter of the Year       
Indiana University – Bloomington  (γIN)

Nu Rho Psi Student Member of the Year
Bridget Armstrong (δPA-96) – Temple University

Nu Rho Psi Faculty Member of the Year
Lorenz Neurwith (εNY-1) – SUNY Old Westbury


Competitive SfN Travel Grant Applications are Due September 15th

2023 Undergraduate Research Society for Neuroscience Undergraduate
Travel Award Applications to Present Research at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Washington, DC – November 11-15

Applications are available on the Nu Rho Psi Awards and Grants Page HERE

Applications must me submitted on or before September 15, 2023
Chapter Advisors Should Check their Email or Contact their Regional VP for Detailed Information

2023 MidBrains Regional Neuroscience Conference

2023 MidBrains Regional Conference

The annual MidBrains 2023 conference will be held on Saturday, October 21st at the STEM Innovation Center on the campus of University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. The meeting will have research poster sessions, short oral presentations, a keynote speaker, and lunch. This year, the conference will be held in conjunction with Upper Midwest Chapter (UMC) of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) dedicated to neuroscience education and training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows. You can find information about Upper Midwest Chapter of SFN HERE

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, September 29th, 2023.
Link for abstract submission will be available at the MidBrains website on September 1st, 2023.

Nu Rho Psi is a Sponsor of the 2023 Midbrains Event