Proposed Revisions to NRP Chapter Bylaws

To determine whether the proposed revisions to the Model Chapter Bylaws are accepted or not,  at least 49 of all chapters (51%) must cast a ballot,  and at least 75% (49) of chapters participating in the balloting must approve of the proposed changes. 

If your chapter has not met to discuss the proposed changes to the model chapter bylaws, please do so soon; as of  November 2, 2020, we need participation from at least 14 additional chapters.

The National Council has proposed a number of revisions to the Model Chapter Bylaws.
An online poll will be distributed to the membership later this spring.  We recommend that all chapters review and discuss these changes in prior to the end of  fall classes.  Questions regarding the proposed amendments should be forwarded directly to the Executive Director (  Please include the following in the Subject Heading of your email:NRP Bylaws Q&A


In Memoriam


Left to Right:  Shubhik DebBurman, Bruce McEwen & Mike Kerchner

It is with profound sadness that we learned today of the passing of Professor Bruce McEwen, a leading neuroendocrinologist of our time.  In addition to his pioneering contributions to our understanding of the influence of stress on cognition, mood and health, Professor McEwen was an honorary member of Nu Rho Psi and was the keynote speaker at the 2017 Nu Rho Psi Annual Member Meeting and Social.  Rockefeller University has posted more information regarding his extensive scientific contributions and personal accomplishments here.