Membership Directory

This Nu Rho Psi Directory is a list of members as of 11 January 2021.  You may download a spreadsheet list of NRP Members 1-11-21  that is sortable by name, school or member number.  Members who have forgotten their member number may find it there. (NOTE: The directory may not include members inducted within the most recent month).

A list of distinguished “Honorary” members of Nu Rho Psi may be found here.

This is the first step in the development of a more-complete Nu Rho Psi Directory and we plan on expanding it in the future to include contact information such as email addresses. At the time of their induction, members may choose to opt out of appearing in the Directory by noting this intention on the New Members Report spreadsheet. Opt outs may also be sent to .

In the National Office we try and maintain up-to-date records about our members but we find that we often lose contact following undergraduate graduation and the loss of email accounts at some universities. For this reason Nu Rho Psi (in cooperation with Google™) is pleased to offer its members a free, lifetime, Nu Rho Psi email account. Your Nu Rho Psi membership is for life!  The National Nu Rho Psi Office wants to make sure we maintain our connections with you, even if your email address changes, so we can keep you informed about various Nu Rho Psi benefits and opportunities for professional development throughout your career.

If you are a Nu Rho Psi member, your GoogleNu Rho Psi email account has already been created and your username is the initial of your first name and your last name (spelled out). So for example, John Smith’s user name would be: jsmith and his Nu Rho Psi email address would be To activate your account, please go to: , enter your new email address and the temporary password sent to you when you were inducted (contact the national office if you have forgotten the temporary password: ) and login. You will be prompted to change this temporary password after your first login.

Feel free to use this Nu Rho Psi account as your primary email address. However, if you already have another “permanent” email address and do not wish to change, we suggest you forward the emails from your Nu Rho Psi account to the email account you prefer to use as a primary account. This will insure you receive occasional announcements about our annual themes, SFN events, awards, and national council officer elections.

NOTE:  The list below is incomplete,
the latest membership is accessible via the link at the top of this page.

Last Name First Name Member Number Status at Induction School where inducted
Mickley Gordon αOH-1 Faculty Baldwin-Wallace College
Morris Jacqueline αOH-2 Faculty Baldwin-Wallace College
Bacik Stephanie αOH-3 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Conti Erin αOH-4 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Damas Stephanie αOH-5 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
DiSorbo Anthony αOH-6 Alumni Baldwin-Wallace College
Durica Jennifer αOH-7 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Gombash Sara αOH-8 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Havlik Danielle αOH-9 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Hogan Natalie αOH-10 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Kinley Bruce αOH-11 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Manzo Amy αOH-12 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Masternick Janeen αOH-13 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Placko Douglas αOH-14 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Radic Tijana αOH-15 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Wilson Gina αOH-16 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Wiertelak Eric αMN-1 Faculty Macalester College
Cousens Graham αMN-2 Faculty Macalester College
Jansen Elizabeth αMN-3 Faculty Macalester College
Aanonsen Lin αMN-4 Faculty Macalester College
Auger Gregory αMN-5 Student Macalester College
Azam Arsalen αMN-6 Student Macalester College
Blythe Michael αMN-7 Student Macalester College
Gerber Alexis αMN-8 Student Macalester College
Levine Andrea αMN-9 Student Macalester College
Nguyen Madeline αMN-10 Student Macalester College
Olson Matthew αMN-11 Student Macalester College
Rupp-Moody Anastasia αMN-12 Student Macalester College
Schaffer Eric αMN-13 Student Macalester College
Smith Colin αMN-14 Student Macalester College
Carr Anthony αMN-15 Student Macalester College
Achor L. αTX-1 Faculty Baylor University
Diaz-Granados Jamie αTX-2 Faculty Baylor University
Keele N. αTX-3 Faculty Baylor University
Patton Jim αTX-4 Faculty Baylor University
Weaver Charles αTX-5 Faculty Baylor University
Holmes Amanda αTX-6 Student Baylor University
Hughes Cathryn αTX-7 Student Baylor University
Maili Lorena αTX-8 Student Baylor University
Patel Rupa αTX-9 Student Baylor University
Steves Amber αTX-10 Student Baylor University
Bonder Daniel αNJ-1 Student Drew University
Conly Bethany αNJ-2 Student Drew University
Cusack Corey αNJ-3 Student Drew University
Cusmano Danielle αNJ-4 Student Drew University
DiLorenzo Damon αNJ-5 Student Drew University
Draikiwicz Steven αNJ-6 Student Drew University
Griswold Catherine αNJ-7 Student Drew University
Holloway Amanda αNJ-8 Student Drew University
Macchiarulo Stephania αNJ-9 Student Drew University
Madej Olga αNJ-10 Student Drew University
Mirrer Joshua αNJ-11 Student Drew University
Salem Alshaimaa αNJ-12 Student Drew University
Tang Jeremy αNJ-13 Student Drew University
Woods Jason αNJ-14 Student Drew University
Yu Justin αNJ-15 Student Drew University
Bailey Aileen βMD-1 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
Black Colin βMD-2 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Brady Anne Marie βMD-3 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
Coughlin Linda βMD-4 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
Jordan Wesley βMD-5 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
McGill Jacquelyn βMD-6 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Mertz Pamela βMD-7 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
Moyer Caitlin βMD-8 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Reid Chelsea βMD-9 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Smith Jacob βMD-10 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Tenaglia Theresa βMD-11 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Wiest Matthew βMD-12 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Penick Esther αIL-1 Faculty Knox College
Hoffmann Heather αIL-2 Faculty Knox College
Thorn Judith αIL-3 Faculty Knox College
Ray Catherine αIL-4 student Knox College
Lilly Meghan αIL-5 student Knox College
Kim Young αIL-6 student Knox College
Albertine Paul αIL-7 student Knox College
Mussar Kristin αIL-8 student Knox College
Horovitz Adin αIL-9 student Knox College
Fasolt Nicholas αIL-10 student Knox College
Kelahan Linda αIL-11 student Knox College
Prendergast Andrew αIL-12 student Knox College
Arnold Andrew αIL-13 student Knox College
Squire Larry αOH-17 Faculty Honorary University of CA – San Diego
Chang Edwina αMD-1 Student Johns Hopkins University
Cheung Crystal αMD-2 Student Johns Hopkins University
Garringer Julie αMD-3 Student Johns Hopkins University
Gummadavelli Abhijeet αMD-4 Student Johns Hopkins University
Katsyv Igor αMD-5 Student Johns Hopkins University
Keshwani Zarrah αMD-6 Student Johns Hopkins University
Lee Kyung Jung αMD-7 Student Johns Hopkins University
Oldenkamp Catherine αMD-8 Student Johns Hopkins University
Sahgal Jay αMD-9 Student Johns Hopkins University
Siegler James αMD-10 Student Johns Hopkins University
Sohn Jae Ho αMD-11 Student Johns Hopkins University
Srivastava Gaurav αMD-12 Student Johns Hopkins University
Takiar Vani αMD-13 Student Johns Hopkins University
Tow Stephanie αMD-14 Student Johns Hopkins University
McHugh Colin αPA-1 Student University of Scranton
Cannon J. Timothy αPA-2 Faculty University of Scranton
Graebert Jennifer αOH-18 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Grisak Nicholas αOH-19 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Remus (nee Huffman) Jennifer αOH-20 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Ketchesin Kyle αOH-21 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Roadarmel Samantha αOH-22 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Reider Brian βMN-1 Student University of St. Thomas
Oakes Whitney βMN-2 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Ostergaard David βMN-3 Student University of St. Thomas
Darrah Olivia βMN-4 Student University of St. Thomas
VanEpern Calloway βMN-5 Student University of St. Thomas
Nelson Dwight βMN-6 Faculty University of St. Thomas
Prichard J. Roxanne βMN-7 Faculty University of St. Thomas
Robinson-Riegler Greg βMN-8 Faculty University of St. Thomas
Matthews Nestor βOH-1 Faculty Denison University
Manicalco James βOH-2 Student Denison University
Goodspeed Jason βOH-3 Student Denison University
Yohn Nicole βOH-4 Student Denison University
Meyer Lauren βOH-5 Student Denison University
Kelly Jenna βOH-6 Student Denison University
Brautigam Hannah βOH-7 Student Denison University
Albertz Jennifer βOH-8 Student Denison University
Cerankosky Brittany βOH-9 Student Denison University
Blackwell Robert βMD-13 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Bourgin David βMD-14 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Coster Jenalee βMD-15 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Edwards Margaret βMD-16 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Enos Jennifer βMD-17 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Lee Bridgin βMD-18 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Lewis Eastman βMD-19 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Logan Trevor βMD-20 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Ramcharitar John βMD-21 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
Spealman Brendan βMD-22 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Whitt Joshua βMD-23 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Quick Michael αCA-1 Faculty Advisor University of Southern California
Au Bonnie Hong Lam αCA-2 Student University of Southern California
Bahiru Ehetemickael αCA-3 Student University of Southern California
Fairbanks Catherine αCA-4 Student University of Southern California
Goodrich Danielle αCA-5 Student University of Southern California
Havens Courtney αCA-6 Student University of Southern California
Hernandez Antonette αCA-7 Student University of Southern California
Hoang Kim αCA-8 Student University of Southern California
Klosinski Lauren αCA-9 Student University of Southern California
Kotoyan Raffi αCA-10 Student University of Southern California
Lau Kiu Yan Karen αCA-11 Student University of Southern California
Lloyd Allison αCA-12 Student University of Southern California
McLennan Lindsey αCA-13 Student University of Southern California
Nham Tiffanie αCA-14 Student University of Southern California
Orkin Jessica αCA-15 Student University of Southern California
Sullivan Marni αCA-16 Student University of Southern California
Tavari Azadeh αCA-17 Student University of Southern California
Wyatt Letisha αCA-18 Student University of Southern California
Zhou A. Ning αCA-19 Student University of Southern California
Bittman Max αCA-20 Student University of Southern California
Slagle Kristin αNJ-16 Student Drew University
Ward Kathleen αNJ-17 Student Drew University
Knowles Roger αNJ-18 Faculty Drew University
McKittrick Christina αNJ-19 Faculty Drew University
Timmons C. αNJ-20 Faculty Drew University
Berger Sara αMN-16 Student Macalester College
Tisel Sarah αMN-17 Student Macalester College
Barter Joseph αMN-18 Student Macalester College
Lawder Daniel αMN-19 Student Macalester College
Mathson Kristin αMN-20 Student Macalester College
Evans Krystle αPA-3 Student University of Scranton
Musyt Jeffrey αPA-4 Student University of Scranton
Piacente Amy αPA-5 Student University of Scranton
Swetter Brentt αPA-6 Student University of Scranton
Imperio Caesar αPA-7 Student University of Scranton
Henniger Nicole αIL-14 Student Knox College
Munoz Mark αIL-15 Student Knox College
Eid Justin βMD-24 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Grady Sarah βMD-25 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Johnson Erin βMD-26 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Oben Marie βMD-27 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Scurci Stephanie βMD-28 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Solyst James βMD-29 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
White Gina βMD-30 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Gorman Linda αMD-15 Faculty Advisor Johns Hopkins University
Lu Alicia αCA-21 Student University of Southern California
Ross Nicole αCA-22 Student University of Southern California
Keller Shane αCA-23 Student University of Southern California
Evans Christi αCA-24 Student University of Southern California
Chen Angeline αCA-25 Student University of Southern California
Eginli Ariana αCA-26 Student University of Southern California
Mumma Justine αCA-27 Student University of Southern California
Bay Allison αOH-23 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Fribourg Dani αOH-24 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
McNair Aaron αOH-25 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Noll Alan αOH-26 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Clauson Holden βMN-9 Student University of St. Thomas
Ellingson Megan βMN-10 Student University of St. Thomas
Wozniak Sarah βMN-11 Student University of St. Thomas
Beltrami Sarah βPA-1 Student Ursinius College
Kass Bonnie βPA-2 Student Ursinius College
Myers Lauren βPA-3 Student Ursinus College
Schleidt Stephanie βPA-4 Student Ursinus College
Smith Tracey βPA-5 Student Ursinus College
Stamps Lauren βPA-6 Student Ursinus College
Bell Taylor βPA-7 Student Ursinus College
Cafarachio Michael βPA-8 Student Ursinus College
DiPuppo Julie βPA-9 Student Ursinus College
Gurenlian Laura βPA-10 Student Ursinus College
Hartl Amy βPA-11 Student Ursinus College
Klaw Michelle βPA-12 Student Ursinus College
Pirlamarla Bindu βPA-13 Student Ursinus College
Swany Victoria βPA-14 Student Ursinus College
Vaidya Avinash βPA-15 Student Ursinus College
Varga Nicole βPA-16 Student Ursinus College
Cosentino Maya βMD-31 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Smith Elizabeth βMD-32 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Whitlow Victoria βMD-33 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Hernandez Ana αCA-28 Student University of Southern California
Streit Ellen αCA-29 Student University of Southern California
Henry Katherine αCA-30 Student University of Southern California
Jain Meghan αCA-31 Student University of Southern California
Tabor Lauren αCA-32 Student University of Southern California
Hoffman Matilde αCA-33 Student University of Southern California
Mengwall Lisa αCA-34 Student University of Southern California
Boyle Holly αMA-1 Student Smith College
Liptak Alayna αMA-2 Student Smith College
Macksoud Elyse αMA-3 Student Smith College
Nyitrai Hajnalka αMA-4 Student Smith College
Radelet Arielle αMA-5 Student Smith College
Tsang Luisa αMA-6 Student Smith College
Bhagat Kriti αMA-7 Student UMass Amherst
Bialik Maya αMA-8 Student UMass Amherst
DiGloria Celeste αMA-9 Student UMass Amherst
Panessiti Micaella αMA-10 Student UMass Amherst
Zakashansky Anton αMA-11 Student UMass Amherst
Loebach Jeremy αMN-21 Faculty Macalester College
Butler William αMN-22 Student Macalester College
Coletto Nicolas αMN-23 Student Macalester College
Harris David αMN-24 Student Macalester College
Mansaray Zainab αMN-25 Student Macalester College
Ptacek Joseph αMN-26 Student Macalester College
Richardson Amanda αMN-27 Student Macalester College
Meyer Jerrold αMA-12 Faculty UMass Amherst
Gilbert Thalia αMA-13 Student UMass Amherst
Patry Vanessa αMA-14 Student UMass Amherst
Varnum Megan Marissa αMA-15 Student UMass Amherst
Deschene Elizabeth αMA-16 Student Smith College
Evans Gretchen αMA-17 Student Smith College
Guild Danielle αMA-18 Student Smith College
Jackson Michele αMA-19 Student Smith College
Jones Katherine αMA-20 Student Smith College
Lee Jung-Ah αMA-21 Student Smith College
Merica Jillian αMA-22 Student Smith College
Ramos Azucena αMA-23 Student Smith College
Svrckova Patricia αMA-24 Student Smith College
Woodbury Maya αMA-25 Student Smith College
Harrington Mary αMA-26 Faculty Smith College
Aarons Alexandra αNJ-21 Student Drew University
Chevinsky Michael αNJ-22 Student Drew University
Girardi Paul αNJ-23 Student Drew University
Goodman Alyssa αNJ-24 Student Drew University
Horning Kyle αNJ-25 Student Drew University
Khandge Preeya αNJ-26 Student Drew University
LaClair Katherine αNJ-27 Student Drew University
Methvin Laura αNJ-28 Student Drew University
Pfizenmayer Patrick αNJ-29 Student Drew University
Tang Anne-Marie αNJ-30 Student Drew University
Tran Jeannie αNJ-31 Student Drew University
Williams Dena αNJ-32 Student Drew University
Agazaryan Andranik βCA-1 Student University of CA, Irvine
Galvez Bryan βCA-2 Student University of CA, Irvine
Lin Sabrina βCA-3 Student University of CA. Irvine
Mariano Rachelle βCA-4 Student University of CA. Irvine
Nierode Amber βCA-5 Student University of CA. Irvine
Post Rebecca βCA-6 Student University of CA. Irvine
Schiffman Aaron βCA-7 Student University of CA. Irvine
Sepina Danielle βCA-8 Student University of CA. Irvine
Tsukamoto Michelle βCA-9 Student University of CA. Irvine
Uyan Ryan βCA-10 Student University of CA. Irvine
Yang Gi βCA-11 Student University of CA. Irvine
Wood Marcelo βCA-12 Faculty University of CA. Irvine
Yassa Michael βCA-13 Alumni Johns Hopkins University
Buckley Alexandra αPA-8 Student University of Scranton
Domingo Michelle αPA-9 Student University of Scranton
Licata Marissa αPA-10 Student University of Scranton
Lind Mackenzie αPA-11 Student University of Scranton
Patrick Catherine αPA-12 Student University of Scranton
Urniasz Alyson αPA-13 Student University of Scranton
Weber Zachary αPA-14 Student University of Scranton
Nellet Kathryn αIL-16 Student Knox College
Aronberg Ryan αMD-16 Student Johns Hopkins University
Berlon Nicholas αMD-17 Student Johns Hopkins University
Braileanu Maria αMD-18 Student Johns Hopkins University
Jen Aaron αMD-19 Student Johns Hopkins University
Livengood James αMD-20 Student Johns Hopkins University
Pomerantz Daniel αMD-21 Student Johns Hopkins University
Jakubowski Catherine βOH-10 Student Denison University
Dziuk Erica βMN-12 Student University of St. Thomas
Lunde Tristan βMN-13 Student University of St. Thomas
Orth Lisa βMN-14 Student University of St. Thomas
Peterson Brittni βMN-15 Student University of St. Thomas
Smisek Kyle βMN-16 Student University of St. Thomas
Alderette Lauren αCA-35 Student University of Southern California
Johnson Alicia αCA-36 Student University of Southern California
Klum Mallory αCA-37 Student University of Southern California
Moran IV William αCA-38 Student University of Southern California
Murday Rebecca αCA-39 Student University of Southern California
Oslund Elizabeth αCA-40 Student University of Southern California
Reyes Katherine αCA-41 Student University of Southern California
Rissman Lauren αCA-42 Student University of Southern California
Sapolsky Robert αOH-27 Faculty Honorary Baldwin-Wallace College
Anderson-Hanley Cay αNY-1 Faculty Union College
Chabris Christopher αNY-2 Faculty Union College
Chu-LaGraff Quynh αNY-3 Faculty Union College
Olberg Robert αNY-4 Faculty Union College
Romero Stephen αNY-5 Faculty Union College
Finnegan Deirdre αNY-6 Student Union College
Gilman Ashley αNY-7 Student Union College
Keller Ann αNY-8 Student Union College
Miner Caitlin αNY-9 Student Union College
Sack Virginia αNY-10 Student Union College
Ullman Natalie αNY-11 Student Union College
Ainlay Stephen αNY-12 Honorary Union College
McCarty Therese αNY-13 Honorary Union College
Bursch Susan αLA-1 Student Tulane University
Cost Katherine αLA-2 Student Tulane University
Elkhayat Salem αLA-3 Student Tulane University
Ferland Chantelle αLA-4 Student Tulane University
Gardella Layne αLA-5 Student Tulane University
James Thomas αLA-6 Student Tulane University
Laplant Jacquelyn αLA-7 Student Tulane University
Lipinski Rebecca αLA-8 Student Tulane University
Nelson Jeremy αLA-9 Student Tulane University
Tien David αLA-10 Student Tulane University
Cola Monique αLA-11 Faculty Tulane University
Daniel Jill αLA-12 Faculty Tulane University
Dohanich Gary αLA-13 Faculty Tulane University
Hall Benjamin αLA-14 Faculty Tulane University
Hebert Thomas αLA-15 Faculty Tulane University
Mondal Debasis αLA-16 Faculty Tulane University
Schrader Laura αLA-17 Faculty Tulane University
Tasker Jeffrey αLA-18 Faculty Tulane University
Wee Beth αLA-19 Faculty Tulane University
Chaudhary Sheena βMD-34 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Cody Patrick βMD-35 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Dueker Ashleigh βMD-36 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Gaines Jordan βMD-37 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Konka Kimberly βMD-38 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Piantadosi Sean βMD-39 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Rios Angeli βMD-40 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Severino Amie βMD-41 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Petasis Ourania αCA-43 Student University of Southern California
Yuan Rachel αCA-44 Student University of Southern California
Lee Susan αCA-45 Student University of Southern California
Jin Dorothy αCA-46 Student University of Southern California
Morris Holly αCA-47 Student University of Southern California
Brown Allyson αCA-48 Student University of Southern California
DaFonseca Alexis αOH-28 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
McClarren Jessica αOH-29 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Portman Dominica αOH-30 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Chou Kim αTX-11 Student Baylor University
Dominguez Charli αTX-12 Student Baylor University
Galeana Becky αTX-13 Student Baylor University
Gonzalez Janet αTX-14 Student Baylor University
Lasher Bonnie αTX-15 Student Baylor University
Hassler Shayne αTX-16 Student Baylor University
Mohiuddin Sameena αTX-17 Student Baylor University
Rougeaux-Burnes Gaston αTX-18 Student Baylor University
Tran Lee αTX-19 Student Baylor University
Uhlrich Katie αTX-20 Student Baylor University
Terrell Trent αTX-21 Student Baylor University
Alfson Daniel αTX-22 Student Baylor University
Massey Corey αTX-23 Student Baylor University
Villarreal Michael αTX-24 Student Baylor University
Weseman Laura αTX-25 Student Baylor University
Frazon Stephanie αTX-26 Student Baylor University
Johns Katherine αTX-27 Student Baylor University
Kneifel Chantal αTX-28 Student Baylor University
Kressin Rachel αTX-29 Student Baylor University
Munkres Alyssa αTX-30 Student Baylor University
Stevens  Ashley αTX-31 Student Baylor University
Wesley Nicole αTX-32 Student Baylor University
Bunting Kara αTX-33 Student Baylor University
Davis Mary αTX-34 Student Baylor University
Houser Brooke αTX-35 Student Baylor University
Whyne Anam αTX-36 Student Baylor University
Adamson Sarah αTX-37 Student Baylor University
Grizzell J. αTX-38 Student Baylor University
Hawley Jonathan αTX-39 Student Baylor University
Piroga Rebecca αTX-40 Student Baylor University
Riela Steven αTX-41 Student Baylor University
Seinfeld Jeff αTX-42 Student Baylor University
Sohail Mahveen αTX-43 Student Baylor University
Lucke-Wold Brandon αTX-44 Student Baylor University
Albino Nicole αCT-1 Student Trinity College
Chandra Ritika αCT-2 Student Trinity College
Chow Urey αCT-3 Alumni Trinity College
Colantonio Angela αCT-4 Student Trinity College
Coleman Daniel αCT-5 Alumni Trinity College
Conroy Shana αCT-6 Student Trinity College
Disa Carrie αCT-7 Alumni Trinity College
English Stephen αCT-8 Student Trinity College
Jancic Lea αCT-9 Student Trinity College
McNamara Kristen αCT-10 Alumni Trinity College
Parrotta Jacqueline αCT-11 Student Trinity College
Pierce Michael αCT-12 Student Trinity College
Pomeroy Laura αCT-13 Alumni Trinity College
Rowe David αCT-14 Student Trinity College
Smith Hannah αCT-15 Student Trinity College
Svedova Julia αCT-16 Student Trinity College
Vatansever Deniz αCT-17 Student Trinity College
Wasser Caleb αCT-18 Student Trinity College
Lazicki Timothy βIL-1 Student Dominican University
Oleksiak Patrycja βIL-2 Student Dominican University
Bonnick Kristine βIL-3 Student Dominican University
Calin-Jageman Robert βIL-4 Faculty Dominican University
Calin-Jageman Irina βIL-5 Faculty Dominican University
Kreher Scott βIL-6 Faculty Dominican University
George Courtney βMN-17 Student University of St. Thomas
Bashiruddin Sarah αMA-27 Student Smith College
Bludevich Bryce αMA-28 Student Smith College
Luitje Martha αMA-29 Student Smith College
Ortman Alissa αMA-30 Student Smith College
Park Christina αMA-31 Student Smith College
Richmond Jamie αMA-32 Student UMass Amherst
Sigal Maksim αMA-33 Student UMass Amherst
Simoni Andrea αMA-34 Student UMass Amherst
Sobhani Alexandra αMA-35 Student Smith College
Waldron Nina αMA-36 Student Smith College
Couch Caroline αNJ-33 Student Drew University
Breitbart Ariel αNJ-34 Student Drew University
Nadler Melissa αNJ-35 Student Drew University
Blumenthal Anna αNJ-36 Student Drew University
Kouh Minjoon αNJ-37 Faculty Drew University
Ahmed Shahzad αCT-19 Alumni Trinity College
Cuzzone Daniel αCT-20 Alumni Trinity College
DePeau Gracey Kristina αCT-21 Alumni Trinity College
Martha Julia αCT-22 Alumni Trinity College
Asempa Tomefa αMN-28 Student Macalester College
Burgund Darcy αMN-29 Faculty Macalester College
Quinn Mila αMN-30 Student Macalester College
Robertson Mara αMN-31 Student Macalester College
DiMeglio Anna βPA-17 Student Ursinus College
Slaunwhite Erin βPA-18 Student Ursinus College
Samson Shoji βPA-19 Student Ursinus College
March Amanda βPA-20 Student Ursinus College
Hamilton Christina βPA-21 Student Ursinus College
Faith Laura βPA-22 Student Ursinus College
Keebaugh Audrey βCA-13 Student University of CA, Irvine
Burke Shane βCA-14 Student University of CA, Irvine
Donga Disha βCA-15 Student University of CA, Irvine
Khan Mustafa βCA-16 Student University of CA, Irvine
Kirmiz Samer βCA-17 Student University of CA, Irvine
Ngan Ngoc Tran Kim βCA-18 Student University of CA, Irvine
Nguyen Le Misa βCA-19 Student University of CA, Irvine
Jang Michael βCA-20 Student University of CA, Irvine
Cheung Douglas βCA-21 Student University of CA, Irvine
Wang Min-Xuan βCA-22 Student University of CA, Irvine
Dharmadhikari Veena βCA-23 Student University of CA, Irvine
Flores Victoria βCA-24 Student University of CA, Irvine
Fok Kimberly βCA-25 Student University of CA, Irvine
Wu Emily βCA-26 Student University of CA, Irvine
Marina Andreea βCA-27 Student University of CA, Irvine
Teves Kathleen βCA-28 Student University of CA, Irvine
Mortero Sarah βCA-29 Student University of CA, Irvine
Lapis Paul βCA-30 Student University of CA, Irvine
Berke David αPA-15 Student University of Scranton
Buryk Jon αPA-16 Student University of Scranton
DeMaria Karen αPA-17 Student University of Scranton
DiColli Anna αPA-18 Student University of Scranton
Fenocchi Kristen αPA-19 Student University of Scranton
Kalariya Neil αPA-20 Student University of Scranton
Krafjack Laura αPA-21 Student University of Scranton
Kujawski Brandon αPA-22 Student University of Scranton
McAuliffe Conor αPA-23 Student University of Scranton
Rees Julianne αPA-24 Student University of Scranton
Rizzi Joseph αPA-25 Student University of Scranton
Truszkowski Torrey αPA-26 Student University of Scranton
Steinman Justin αPA-27 Student University of Scranton
Jakubowski Laurel αMD-22 Student Johns Hopkins University
Beeman Christopher γOH-1 Student Miami University
Berry Darcy γOH-2 Student Miami University
Berry Stephen γOH-3 Faculty Miami University
Callahan Phyllis γOH-4 Faculty Miami University
Ferguson Kyle γOH-5 Student Miami University
Fernandes Joyce γOH-6 Faculty Miami University
Henry Jensen γOH-7 Student Miami University
Hesp Zoe γOH-8 Student Miami University
Hibbeler Patrick γOH-9 Student Miami University
Hoffman Loren γOH-10 Student Miami University
Holden Jamie γOH-11 Student Miami University
Hou Congjing γOH-12 Student Miami University
Isaacson Lori γOH-13 Faculty Miami University
Janik James γOH-14 Faculty Miami University
Killian Kathleen γOH-15 Faculty Miami University
Lahey Samantha γOH-16 Student Miami University
Lesch Eric γOH-17 Student Miami University
Mark Leonard γOH-18 Faculty Miami University
Morris Teresa γOH-19 Student Miami University
Olzak Lynn γOH-20 Faculty Miami University
Quinn Jennifer γOH-21 Faculty Miami University
Reiter Lauren γOH-22 Student Miami University
Thomas Robin γOH-23 Faculty Miami University
Walsh Brian γOH-24 Student Miami University
Yang Julianne γOH-25 Student Miami University
Spicer Michael αNY-14 Student Union College
First Lucas αNY-15 Student Union College
Gaffin-Cahn Elon αNY-16 Student Union College
Albert Kelsey αNY-17 Student Union College
Fontaine Matthew αNY-18 Student Union College
Camilleri Kaitlin αNY-19 Student Union College
Yerokhin Vadim αNY-20 Student Union College
McKeegan Andrew αNY-21 Student Union College
Krug Marie αNY-22 Student Union College
Warenski Lisa αNY-23 Student Union College
Wang Zhuangjun αCA-49 Student University of Southern California
Hrvoj Christopher αCA-50 Student University of Southern California
Schnaps Erika αCA-51 Student University of Southern California
Girskis Kelly αCA-52 Student University of Southern California
Ptasnik Sara αCA-53 Student University of Southern California
Ramchandani Amy αCA-54 Student University of Southern California
Berger Kimberly αCA-55 Student University of Southern California
Calderon Natalie αCA-56 Student University of Southern California
Shayan Sheila αCA-57 Student University of Southern California
Grubman Olivia αNY-24 Student Union College
Franko-Tobin Laura αLA-20 Student Tulane University
Held Richard αLA-21 Student Tulane University
Hook Molly αLA-22 Student Tulane University
Jacobs Erica αLA-23 Student Tulane University
Krantz Amanda αLA-24 Student Tulane University
Kyzar Evan αLA-25 Student Tulane University
O’Connor Ian αLA-26 Student Tulane University
Prendergast Matthew αLA-27 Student Tulane University
Rhymes Kathryn αLA-28 Student Tulane University
Santoro Jarod αLA-29 Student Tulane University
Tumen Andrew αLA-30 Student Tulane University
Trienekens Stefan αLA-31 Student Tulane University
White Terra αLA-32 Student Tulane University
Zarreii Parisa αLA-33 Student Tulane University
Lennard Paul αGA-1 Faculty Emory University
Abramov Alexey αGA-2 Student Emory University
Weinkle Allison αGA-3 Student Emory University
Chitrapu Anjani αGA-4 Student Emory University
Hermes Anne αGA-5 Student Emory University
Morel Brent αGA-6 Student Emory University
Ko Chanyoung αGA-7 Student Emory University
Stanshine Eric αGA-8 Student Emory University
Jang Tiffany αGA-9 Student Emory University
McCullough Ian αGA-10 Student Emory University
Akhtar Imran αGA-11 Student Emory University
Tencer Jaclyn αGA-12 Student Emory University
Lin Jonathan αGA-13 Student Emory University
De Gastyne Joshua αGA-14 Student Emory University
Park Jung Mi αGA-15 Student Emory University
Partain Kristin αGA-16 Student Emory University
Tannenbaum Lauren αGA-17 Student Emory University
Neilson Lee αGA-18 Student Emory University
Dharmar Logesh αGA-19 Student Emory University
Alexeeva Olga αGA-20 Student Emory University
Weinberger Remy αGA-21 Student Emory University
Hess Riikka αGA-22 Student Emory University
Stair Sabrina αGA-23 Student Emory University
Roberts Mallory αGA-24 Student Emory University
Malviya Sanjana αGA-25 Student Emory University
Sonny Sarah αGA-26 Student Emory University
Thomas Sarah αGA-27 Student Emory University
Lin Sharon αGA-28 Student Emory University
Sharpe Michka αGA-29 Student Emory University
Narayanan Anand αGA-30 Student Emory University
Thein Soe αGA-31 Student Emory University
Nguyen Thanh αGA-32 Student Emory University
Dagalakis Urania αGA-33 Student Emory University
Li William αGA-34 Student Emory University
Zhao Yuanlong αGA-35 Student Emory University
Barnes Angelica αGA-36 Student Emory University
Colton Taryn αGA-37 Student Emory University
Maness Caroline αGA-38 Student Emory University
Kallos Justiss αGA-39 Student Emory University
Lyons Rae βMN-18 Student Univ. of St. Thomas
Streitman Leah βMN-19 Student Univ. of St. Thomas
Mulligan Miranda βMN-20 Student Univ. of St. Thomas
Feinstein Max αCA-58 Student University of Southern California
Morgan Stephanie αCA-59 Student University of Southern California
Chang Jamie αCA-60 Student University of Southern California
Haider Amir αCA-61 Student University of Southern California
Boutros Lourice αCA-62 Student University of Southern California
Morgan Travis αCA-63 Student University of Southern California
Jin Yuri αCA-64 Student University of Southern California
Marshall Rachel αCA-65 Student University of Southern California
Shoureshi Poone αCA-66 Student University of Southern California
Prasad Swathi αCA-67 Student University of Southern California
Bright Aaron αCA-68 Student University of Southern California
Burke Emily αCA-69 Student University of Southern California
Wallin Kathryn αCA-70 Student University of Southern California
Barto Leah αOH-31 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Block-Beach Hunter αOH-32 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Luchsinger Joe αOH-33 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Smith Alison αOH-34 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Terrill Sarah αOH-35 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Tylicki Kate αOH-36 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Chung Brittany αOH-37 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Anis Bushra αMA-37 Student Smith College
Croft Celine αMA-38 Student Smith College
Curry Emily αMA-39 Student Smith College
Demuynck Sophia αMA-40 Student Smith College
Jamil Hiba αMA-41 Student Smith College
Kim Gloria αMA-42 Student Smith College
Lagdameo Caterinea αMA-43 Student Smith College
Maesner Claire αMA-44 Student Smith College
McElroy Abigail αMA-45 Student Smith College
Nhundu Belinda αMA-46 Student Smith College
Osorio Heather αMA-47 Student Smith College
Pyle Lorna αMA-48 Student Smith College
Raditz Vanessa αMA-49 Student Smith College
Torner Marina αMA-50 Student Smith College
Waterman Cora αMA-51 Student Smith College
Ziemba Alexis αMA-52 Student Smith College
Cilano Alexandra αMA-53 Student UMass Amherst
Craig Caelli αMA-54 Student UMass Amherst
Duclos Kasey αMA-55 Student UMass Amherst
Hathaway Nicholas αMA-56 Student UMass Amherst
Kulathila Rithika αMA-57 Student UMass Amherst
Meyer Lauren αMA-58 Student UMass Amherst
Satishchandran Sruthi αMA-59 Student UMass Amherst
Schatz Kelly αMA-60 Student UMass Amherst
Semenov Maryam αMA-61 Student UMass Amherst
Servattalab Sarah αMA-62 Student UMass Amherst
Terranova Joseph αMA-63 Student UMass Amherst
Walsh Caitrin αMA-64 Student UMass Amherst
Arnold Joseph γOH-26 Student Miami University
Cicchese Joseph γOH-27 Student Miami University
Ferbrache Faith γOH-28 Student Miami University
Holway Kylie γOH-29 Student Miami University
Hughes Graham γOH-30 Student Miami University
Johnston III Warwick γOH-31 Student Miami University
Kossmeyer Cortni γOH-32 Student Miami University
Oswald Barbara γOH-33 Student Miami University
Reddy Pavan γOH-34 Student Miami University
Schmees Michael γOH-35 Student Miami University
Sisson Wade γOH-36 Student Miami University
Stueve Jennifer γOH-37 Student Miami University
Adashek Michael βMD-42 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Cammarata Erin βMD-43 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Gaylor Kaitlin βMD-44 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Kallevang Jonathan βMD-45 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
O’Neil Colleen βMD-46 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Tracy Megan βMD-47 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Baltzley Michael βMD-48 Faculty St. Mary’s College of MD
Alderman Max αCT-23 Student Trinity College
Bartzokis Marina αCT-24 Student Trinity College
Castelluccio Brian αCT-25 Student Trinity College
Constantinou Savvas αCT-26 Student Trinity College
Cote Jessica αCT-27 Student Trinity College
Dix Brianna αCT-28 Student Trinity College
Foster Kristina αCT-29 Student Trinity College
Harmon Emily αCT-30 Student Trinity College
Hathaway Pamela αCT-31 Student Trinity College
Mills Ginger αCT-32 Student Trinity College
Pierce Lisa αCT-33 Student Trinity College
Suter Tracey αCT-34 Student Trinity College
Stewart Nicholas αCT-35 Student Trinity College
Allan Jonathan αTX-45 Student Baylor University
Cliburn Rachel αTX-46 Student Baylor University
Heffley II William αTX-47 Student Baylor University
Khoja Farrah αTX-48 Student Baylor University
Lundstrom Lauren αTX-49 Student Baylor University
Peña Adrian αTX-50 Student Baylor University
Pitala Ashley αTX-51 Student Baylor University
Roy Sandeep αTX-52 Student Baylor University
Terrasa III Michael αTX-53 Student Baylor University
Williams Michael αTX-54 Student Baylor University
Raskin Sarah αCT-36 Faculty Trinity College
Swart Charles αCT-37 Faculty Trinity College
Patel Pratik βCA-31 Student University of CA, Irvine
Gramer Robert βCA-32 Student University of CA, Irvine
Ta Nancy βCA-33 Student University of CA, Irvine
Vu Patricia βCA-34 Student University of CA, Irvine
Raynor Brittany βCA-35 Student University of CA, Irvine
O’Hara Gianna βCA-36 Student University of CA, Irvine
Bharadwaj Karthik βCA-37 Student University of CA, Irvine
Turk Anthony βCA-38 Student University of CA, Irvine
Pruitt Joshua βCA-39 Student University of CA, Irvine
Aronson Sage δOH-1 Student Oberlin College
Bromberg Gabrielle δOH-2 Student Oberlin College
Burley Cassie δOH-3 Student Oberlin College
Diehl Geoffrey δOH-4 Student Oberlin College
Frackman Anna δOH-5 Student Oberlin College
Harris Nathan δOH-6 Student Oberlin College
Hartsock Matthew δOH-7 Student Oberlin College
Jee Seung Yun δOH-8 Student Oberlin College
Kamarck Marissa δOH-9 Student Oberlin College
Li Xiao Xiao δOH-10 Student Oberlin College
Loose Michael δOH-11 Faculty Oberlin College
Mallott Jacob δOH-12 Student Oberlin College
McGregor Claire δOH-13 Student Oberlin College
Paine Tracie δOH-14 Faculty Oberlin College
Pallis Theodore δOH-15 Student Oberlin College
Phan Thao δOH-16 Student Oberlin College
Sundby Christopher δOH-17 Student Oberlin College
Thornton Jan δOH-18 Faculty Oberlin College
Volk Monica δOH-19 Student Oberlin College
Wang Anrey δOH-20 Student Oberlin College
Woodrick Scarlet δOH-21 Student Oberlin College
Woodside Brian δOH-22 Faculty Oberlin College
Masia Rachel αNJ-38 Student Drew University
DelMaestro Christopher αNJ-39 Student Drew University
Levinsky Melissa αNJ-40 Student Drew University
Laterza Francesco αNJ-41 Student Drew University
Mourad Yasmine αNJ-42 Student Drew University
Kearns Amanda αNJ-43 Student Drew University
Bradley Gillian αNJ-44 Student Drew University
Yang Yang αNJ-45 Student Drew University
Moore Enid αNJ-46 Student Drew University
Summerside Eric γMN1 Student St. Olaf College
Christner Margaret γMN2 Student St. Olaf College
Conrad Bogdan γMN3 Student St. Olaf College
Huggins Elizabeth γMN4 Student St. Olaf College
Jaffe James γMN5 Student St. Olaf College
Rumery Kyle γMN6 Student St. Olaf College
Tonn Katherine γMN7 Student St. Olaf College
Asinof Samuel δOH-23 Student Oberlin College
Amasino Dianna αMN-32 Student Macalester College
Bloomquist Dana αMN-33 Student Macalester College
Delmond Austin αMN-34 Student Macalester College
DeLacey Nicholas αMN-35 Student Macalester College
Reschke Melanie αMN-36 Student Macalester College
Shapiro Samantha αMN-37 Student Macalester College
Leow Marissa αMN-38 Student Macalester College
Sand Logan αMN-39 Student Macalester College
Dickinson Shelly γMN8 Faculty St. Olaf College
Crisp Kevin γMN9 Faculty St. Olaf College
Muir Gary γMN10 Faculty St.Olaf College
Aber Etan γPA1 Student University of Pennsylvania
Adler Adrienne γPA2 Student University of Pennsylvania
Baranovic Stephanie γPA3 Student University of Pennsylvania
Baranov Esther γPA4 Student University of Pennsylvania
Bhatia Ritwik γPA5 Student University of Pennsylvania
Donnay Gabe γPA6 Student University of Pennsylvania
Eastwood Winnie γPA7 Student University of Pennsylvania
Eisler Evan γPA8 Student University of Pennsylvania
Galati Alexandra γPA9 Student University of Pennsylvania
Haas Jacqueline γPA10 Student University of Pennsylvania
Haimm Ethan γPA11 Student University of Pennsylvania
Hu Frances γPA12 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kaltman David γPA13 Student University of Pennsylvania
Katz Jenna γPA14 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kimmey Blake γPA15 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kirsch Sarah γPA16 Student University of Pennsylvania
Lai Alison γPA17 Student University of Pennsylvania
Lin Emily γPA18 Student University of Pennsylvania
Marcaccio Christina γPA19 Student University of Pennsylvania
Mehta Mili γPA20 Student University of Pennsylvania
Naile Lauren γPA21 Student University of Pennsylvania
Narasimhan Sneha γPA22 Student University of Pennsylvania
Price Ryan γPA23 Student University of Pennsylvania
Radocchia Michael γPA24 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ramakrishnan Rithika γPA25 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ruffolo Luis γPA26 Student University of Pennsylvania
Schoenrock Kelsi γPA27 Student University of Pennsylvania
Siderio Kelly γPA28 Student University of Pennsylvania
Smith Sarah γPA29 Student University of Pennsylvania
Spellun Arielle γPA30 Student University of Pennsylvania
Vijayvargiya Neha γPA31 Student University of Pennsylvania
Wang Min-Jung γPA32 Student University of Pennsylvania
Yellin Joseph γPA33 Student University of Pennsylvania
Yin Linda γPA34 Student University of Pennsylvania
Schmidt Marc γPA35 Faculty University of Pennsylvania
Lambert Megan αCA-71 Student University of Southern California
Clark Rachel αIL-17 Student Knox College
Mares Jackquelyn αIL-18 Student Knox College
De Arcangelis Jessica αIL-19 Student Knox College
Lee Jae Hyoung αIL-20 Student Knox College
Bussa Nicholas βMN-21 Alumni University of St. Thomas
Reese Amanda βMN-22 Alumni University of St. Thomas
Weaver Carmen βMN-23 Alumni University of St. Thomas
Durham Danielle βMN-24 Alumni University of St. Thomas
Bell Kathryn βMN-25 Student University of St. Thomas
Frank Alexandra βMN-26 Alumni University of St. Thomas
Pierotti Lauren βMN-27 Student University of St. Thomas
Ahmed Ali αGA-40 Student Emory University
Berger Scott αGA-41 Student Emory University
Brezel Jessica αGA-42 Student Emory University
Burke Kenneth αGA-43 Student Emory University
Chanyasubkit Soraya αGA-44 Student Emory University
Cheng Steven αGA-45 Student Emory University
Choi Paul αGA-46 Student Emory University
Dentinger Michelle αGA-47 Student Emory University
Dickerson Katie αGA-48 Student Emory University
Earp Sarah αGA-49 Student Emory University
Freeman Matthew αGA-50 Student Emory University
Greven Alexander αGA-51 Student Emory University
Hirschberg Carly αGA-52 Student Emory University
Kumarasamy Mathumithan αGA-53 Student Emory University
Leibowitz Blake αGA-54 Student Emory University
Li Jessica αGA-55 Student Emory University
Liang Jory αGA-56 Student Emory University
Malone Patrick αGA-57 Student Emory University
Martin Melody αGA-58 Student Emory University
Patel Bhavesh αGA-59 Student Emory University
Patel Kunal αGA-60 Student Emory University
Prunty Megan αGA-61 Student Emory University
Schroeder Gabriel αGA-62 Student Emory University
Tang Diandian αGA-63 Student Emory University
Taylor Janielle αGA-64 Student Emory University
Thompson Thomas Zachary αGA-65 Student Emory University
Varman Rahul αGA-66 Student Emory University
Wang Emily αGA-67 Student Emory University
Ward John αGA-68 Student Emory University
Zhang Wen αGA-69 Student Emory University
Chec Tomasz αPA-28 Student University of Scranton
Ciaramello Brittany αPA-29 Student University of Scranton
Entler Brian αPA-30 Student University of Scranton
German James αPA-31 Student University of Scranton
Gigante Elexa αPA-32 Student University of Scranton
Stiles Nicholas αPA-33 Student University of Scranton
Zorechak Mary αPA-34 Student University of Scranton
Zimko Zachary αDE-1 Student Univeristy of Delaware
Watson Glenn αDE-2 Student University of Delaware
Westbrook Sara αDE-3 Student University of Delaware
Agostini Andrew αDE-4 Student University of Delaware
Airoldi James αDE-5 Student University of Delaware
McKee Lloyd αDE-6 Student University of Delaware
Patel Monica αDE-7 Student University of Delaware
Strauss Randy αDE-8 Student University of Delaware
Dichiara Thomas αDE-9 Student University of Delaware
Glenbocki Cara αDE-10 Student University of Delaware
Criss Kerry αDE-11 Student University of Delaware
Cardinale Matthew αDE-12 Student University of Delaware
Rudolph Emily αNY-25 Student Union College
Ryan Lindsey αNY-26 Student Union College
Anchan Divya αLA-34 Student Tulane University
Ates Kristin αLA-35 Student Tulane University
Burkett Brian αLA-36 Student Tulane University
Conrad Taylor αLA-37 Student Tulane University
Ducote Alexis αLA-38 Student Tulane University
Dutta Somhrita αLA-39 Student Tulane University
Edwards Sofia αLA-40 Student Tulane University
Fourrier Torey αLA-41 Student Tulane University
Fraser Brittany αLA-42 Student Tulane University
Lee Kathryn αLA-44 Student Tulane University
Lopez Milena αLA-45 Student Tulane University
Martin Ryan αLA-46 Student Tulane University
Melder Katie αLA-47 Student Tulane University
Hill Gordon αLA-43 Student Tulane University
Mendelson Zachary αLA-48 Student Tulane University
Monnig Louis αLA-49 Student Tulane University
Parker Danielle αLA-50 Student Tulane University
Seay Michael αLA-51 Student Tulane University
Nilges Mark αLA-52 Student Tulane University
Blitz Dawn γOH-38 Faculty Miami University
Hawk Kiel γOH-39 Student Miami University
Kochli Daniel γOH-40 Student Miami University
Conway David γOH-41 Student Miami University
Spies Martin γOH-42 Student Miami University
Ali Kausar αCA-72 Student University of Southern California
Bachman Shelby αCA-73 Student University of Southern California
Boots Sarah αCA-74 Student University of Southern California
Castillo Stephanie αCA-75 Student University of Southern California
Chee Michelle αCA-76 Student University of Southern California
Chen Kristen αCA-77 Student University of Southern California
Clark Nicole αCA-78 Student University of Southern California
Costenbader Kyle αCA-79 Student University of Southern California
Frederik Tracy αCA-80 Student University of Southern California
Guerin Julie αCA-81 Student University of Southern California
Handy Alexandra αCA-82 Student University of Southern California
Jaffe Nicole αCA-83 Student University of Southern California
Jang Christine αCA-84 Student University of Southern California
Jones Abbie αCA-85 Student University of Southern California
Kadin Daniel αCA-86 Student University of Southern California
Khanna Sheena αCA-87 Student University of Southern California
Lin Esther αCA-88 Student University of Southern California
Lin Tiffany αCA-89 Student University of Southern California
Lopez Alexander αCA-90 Student University of Southern California
Martin Nicole αCA-91 Student University of Southern California
McVay Kathryn αCA-92 Student University of Southern California
Metke Michael αCA-93 Student University of Southern California
Prasad Swathi αCA-94 Student University of Southern California
Quinn Austin αCA-95 Student University of Southern California
Slap Jeremy αCA-96 Student University of Southern California
Spear Emily αCA-97 Student University of Southern California
Steven Chelsea αCA-98 Student University of Southern California
Swenson Alexander αCA-99 Student University of Southern California
Tang Elaine αCA-100 Student University of Southern California
Tran Anh Hoang αCA-101 Student University of Southern California
Valmadrid Al Christopher αCA-102 Student University of Southern California
Winkle Rachel αCA-103 Student University of Southern California
Wolfenden Elisabeth αCA-104 Student University of Southern California
Yee Gabrielle αCA-105 Student University of Southern California
Zavaliangos-Petropulu Artemis αCA-106 Student University of Southern California
Becker Allison αGA-70 Student Emory University
Bhargava Anirudh αGA-71 Student Emory University
Billingsley Angel αGA-72 Student Emory University
Brand Morgan αGA-73 Student Emory University
Brewer Elizabeth αGA-74 Student Emory University
Bhushan Mishi αGA-75 Student Emory University
Danielson Scott αGA-76 Student Emory University
Dyer Kelly αGA-77 Student Emory University
Fang Jiayun αGA-78 Student Emory University
Farina Maxwell αGA-79 Student Emory University
Feldman Rebecca αGA-80 Student Emory University
Gao Brad αGA-81 Student Emory University
Goodman Jared αGA-82 Student Emory University
Hartstein George αGA-83 Student Emory University
Hoberman Alexander αGA-84 Student Emory University
Hogenesch Elena αGA-85 Student Emory University
Koller Chelsea αGA-86 Student Emory University
Kooragayala Keshav αGA-87 Student Emory University
Kwon Grace αGA-88 Student Emory University
List Sara αGA-89 Student Emory University
Liu Wei αGA-90 Student Emory University
Malik Turnee αGA-91 Student Emory University
McCausland Hayley αGA-92 Student Emory University
Michalak Mia αGA-93 Student Emory University
Mosby Sarah αGA-94 Student Emory University
Odoffin Olivia αGA-95 Student Emory University
Patel Luv αGA-96 Student Emory University
Patel Mayur αGA-97 Student Emory University
Patel Tulsi αGA-98 Student Emory University
Pinard Kerry-Ann αGA-99 Student Emory University
Preslar Jessica αGA-100 Student Emory University
Rosen Jordan αGA-101 Student Emory University
Rouanet Jeremy αGA-102 Student Emory University
Schwartz Rachel αGA-103 Student Emory University
Versulien Evodie αGA-104 Student Emory University
Weiner Eric αGA-105 Student Emory University
Yuan Jiayue αGA-106 Student Emory University
Zheng Franklin αGA-107 Student Emory University
Woodward Kerri αGA-108 Student Emory University
Meernik Clare βOH-11 Student Denison University
Stevenson Rachel βOH-12 Student Denison University
Gawelek Kara αOH-38 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Gibbons Timothy αOH-39 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Hummel Sarah αOH-40 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Morales Maribel αOH-41 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Rogers Morgan αOH-42 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Sanders Elizabeth αOH-43 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Shreve Taylor αOH-44 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Sirline Logan αOH-45 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Slawski Diana αOH-46 Student Baldwin-Wallace College
Sitz Liza βMD-49 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Ehrig William βMD-50 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Goluskin Sasha βMD-51 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Rees Steven βMD-52 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Singley Rachel βMD-53 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Flynn Elise βMD-54 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Miller Emily βMD-55 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Heydt Katelyn βMD-56 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Tatem Kathleen βMD-57 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Drake James αVA1 Student University of Virginia
Voltz Kelly αVA2 Student University of Virginia
Fozdar Preeya αVA3 Student University of Virginia
Zotter Brendan αVA4 Student University of Virginia
Nash Rebecca αVA5 Student University of Virginia
Goity Luis αVA6 Student University of Virginia
Weidner Kate αVA7 Grad University of Virginia
Cearley Margaret αVA8 Student University of Virginia
Royston Dylan αVA9 Student University of Virginia
Hoover Alena αVA10 Student University of Virginia
Lindberg Daniel αVA11 Student University of Virginia
King Julia αVA12 Student University of Virginia
El Makdessi Emma αMA-65 Student Smith College
Goodman Sarah αMA-66 Student Smith College
Oblamski Clair αMA-67 Student Smith College
Stein Rachael αMA-68 Student Smith College
Tolo Hallie αMA-69 Student Smith College
Bhatia Sonya αMA-70 Student Smith College
Friedman Lisa αMA-71 Student Smith College
Sernoff Sheila αMA-72 Student Smith College
Cooke Emma αMA-73 Student Smith College
Bottary Ryan αMA-74 Student UMass, Amherst
Nnamani Nina αMA-75 Student UMass, Amherst
Fletcher Melissa αMA-76 Student UMass, Amherst
Rock Anna αMA-77 Student UMass, Amherst
Chappell Ryan αMA-78 Student UMass, Amherst
Omansky Steven αMA-79 Student UMass, Amherst
Broderick William δOH-24 Student Oberlin College
Burnham Veronica δOH-25 Student Oberlin College
Carlton Caitlin δOH-26 Student Oberlin College
Cooke Elizabeth δOH-27 Student Oberlin College
Goshorn Eli δOH-28 Student Oberlin College
Hopkinson Charlotte δOH-29 Student Oberlin College
Kwakye Gunnar δOH-30 Faculty Oberlin College
Kwakye Leslie δOH-31 Faculty Oberlin College
Michaelson Nathan δOH-32 Student Oberlin College
Saw Jessica δOH-33 Student Oberlin College
Simen Patrick δOH-34 Faculty Oberlin College
Tata Athreya δOH-35 Student Oberlin College
Van Etten Jennifer δOH-36 Student Oberlin College
Witcher Kristina δOH-37 Student Oberlin College
Bettilyon Crystal αTX-55 Student Baylor University
Gonzalez Daniel αTX-56 Student Baylor University
Lambell Devyn αTX-57 Student Baylor University
Rector Janson αTX-58 Student Baylor University
Rogers Madeline αTX-59 Student Baylor University
Cross Ela αCT-38 Student Trinity College
Flanagan Theresa αCT-39 Student Trinity College
Flynn Kelsey αCT-40 Student Trinity College
Gottshall Jackie αCT-41 student Trinity College
Kaur Navneet αCT-42 Student Trinity College
Lopez-Casanova Arturo αCT-43 Student Trinity College
McInnis John αCT-44 Student Trinity College
Rando Carly αCT-45 Student Trinity College
Royals Michelle αCT-46 Student Trinity College
Zamroziewicz Marta αCT-47 Student Trinity College
Viall Stephanie αCT-48 Student Trinity College
DebBurman Shubhik γIL1 Faculty Lake Forest College
Glassman Robert γIL2 Faculty Lake Forest College
Allred Amanda γIL3 Student Lake Forest College
Campbell Katrina γIL4 Student Lake Forest College
Egedus Victoria γIL5 Student Lake Forest College
Brutman Daniella γIL6 Student Lake Forest College
Kukulka Natalie γIL7 Student Lake Forest College
Senagolage Madhavi γIL8 Student Lake Forest College
Szutenbach Annaliese γIL9 Student Lake Forest College
Escanilla Megan γIL10 Student Lake Forest College
Cole Sydni γIL11 Student Lake Forest College
Babin Klil γPA36 Student University of Pennsylvania
Belfer Samuel γPA37 Student University of Pennsylvania
Bhattacharya Anup γPA38 Student University of Pennsylvania
Bracco Danielle γPA39 Student University of Pennsylvania
Eneva Kalina γPA40 Student University of Pennsylvania
Helbig Daniel γPA41 Student University of Pennsylvania
Klehm Jacquelyn γPA42 Student University of Pennsylvania
Piccoli Cara γPA43 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ramos Daniel γPA44 Student University of Pennsylvania
Reggi Justin γPA45 Student University of Pennsylvania
Roberts Mariel γPA46 Student University of Pennsylvania
Saxena Shikha γPA47 Student University of Pennsylvania
Sitterley Karlyndsay γPA48 Student University of Pennsylvania
Tripathy Kalyan γPA49 Student University of Pennsylvania
Jain Sandeep γPA50 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kim Ju-Yeon γPA51 Student University of Pennsylvania
Friedman Shayna γPA52 Student University of Pennsylvania
Sitapara Karishma γPA53 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kalenik Emily γPA54 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ambler Lauren γPA55 Student University of Pennsylvania
Anderson Rachel γPA56 Student University of Pennsylvania
Bekisz Jonathan γPA57 Student University of Pennsylvania
Merz River αNJ-47 Student Drew University
Rubin Amanda αNJ-48 Student Drew University
Cassidy Samantha αNJ-49 Student Drew University
Gedman Greg αNJ-50 Student Drew University
Demas Jay γMN11 Faculty St Olaf College
Van Wylen David γMN12 Faculty St. Olaf College
Walter Anne γMN13 Faculty St. Olaf College
Boland Patrick γMN14 Student St. Olaf College
Connor Allyson γMN15 Student St. Olaf College
Culhane Kelly γMN16 Student St. Olaf College
Emmons Eric γMN17 Student St. Olaf College
Kreun Amanda γMN18 Student St. Olaf College
Legler Sean γMN19 Student St. Olaf College
Pfutzenreuter Lily γMN20 Student St. Olaf College
Sennott Brianna γMN21 Student St. Olaf College
Lin Bixuan αMD-23 Student Johns Hopkins University
Miller Alexandria αMD-24 Student Johns Hopkins University
Salas-Vega Sebastian αMD-25 Student Johns Hopkins University
Dangelmajer Sean αMD-26 Student Johns Hopkins University
Edwards Lindsay αMD-27 Student Johns Hopkins University
Hoerauf Janine αMD-28 Student Johns Hopkins University
Coshnear Henry αMN-40 Student Macalester College
Currie Amanda αMN-41 Student Macalester College
Currie Ariel αMN-42 Student Macalester College
French Anna αMN-43 Student Macalester College
Kamps Frederik αMN-44 Student Macalester College
Myers Drake αMN-45 Student Macalester College
Olson Ian αMN-46 Student Macalester College
Parsons Taylor αMN-47 Student Macalester College
Reedy Mick αMN-48 Student Macalester College
Losasso Angela βMN-28 Student University of St. Thomas
Hoff Courtney βMN-29 Student University of St. Thomas
Lee Kristen βMN-30 Student University of St. Thomas
Meyers Elizabeth βMN-31 Student University of St. Thomas
Fekadu Bisrat βMN-32 Student University of St. Thomas
Desseyn Roxanne βMN-33 Student University of St. Thomas
Bahnsen John αPA-35 Student University of Scranton
Bresnahan James αPA36 Student University of Scranton
Bruno Susannah αPA37 Student University of Scranton
Fedor Melissa αPA38 Student University of Scranton
Porreca Louis αPA39 Student University of Scranton
Salvadeo Danielle αPA40 Student University of Scranton
Schall Jonathan αPA41 Student University of Scranton
Seemiller Joseph αPA42 Student University of Scranton
Shiptoski Maria αPA43 Student University of Scranton
Skojec Alexander αPA44 Student University of Scranton
Tahara Keli βCA-40 Student University of CA, Irvine
Le Aimee βCA-41 Student University of CA, Irvine
Ahmed Ameer βCA-42 Student University of CA, Irvine
Meng Lisa βCA-43 Student University of CA, Irvine
Tong Joyce βCA-44 Student University of CA, Irvine
Vo Kelly βCA-45 Student University of CA, Irvine
Azzawi Soraya βCA-46 Student University of CA, Irvine
Low Jonathan βCA-47 Student University of CA, Irvine
Shenasan Goli βCA-48 Student University of CA, Irvine
Hu Annie βCA-49 Student University of CA, Irvine
Lan Daniel βCA-50 Student University of CA, Irvine
Trang Ivan βCA-51 Student University of CA, Irvine
Sharieff Sameen βCA-52 Student University of CA, Irvine
Hackney Vincent βCA-53 Student University of CA, Irvine
Silverio Sean βCA-54 Student University of CA, Irvine
Nguyen Andrew βCA-55 Student University of CA, Irvine
Tran My βCA-56 Student University of CA, Irvine
Le Kristina βCA-57 Student University of CA, Irvine
Kabbara Sammi βCA-58 Student University of CA, Irvine
Caunca Michelle βCA-59 Student University of CA, Irvine
Liu Michael βCA-60 Student University of CA, Irvine
Merrick Euriel αOH-47 Faculty Baldwin-Wallace College
Seranio Nicolas βCA-61 Student University of CA, Irvine
Talamayan-Pascua Roxanne βCA-62 Student University of CA, Irvine
Rando Alora αMN-49 Student Macalester College
Le Sharon βMN-34 Student University of St. Thomas
Borden Erica βMN-35 Student University of St. Thomas
Tran Xuan βCA-63 Student University of CA, Irvine
Nguyen Jannett βCA-64 Student University of CA, Irvine
Hsu Hao βCA-65 Student University of CA, Irvine
Rosenthal Andrew δOH-38 Student Oberlin College
Harrison Nicholas εOH1 Student Ohio State University
DiSabato Damon εOH2 Student Ohio State University
Blaine Andrea εOH3 Student Ohio State University
Cheslik Thomas εOH4 Student Ohio State University
Hussain Mariam εOH5 Student Ohio State University
Stieger James εOH6 Student Ohio State University
Crooks Katharine εOH7 Student Ohio State University
Campbell Carroll εOH8 Faculty Ohio State University
Bruno John εOH9 Faculty Ohio State University
Clayman Carly βPA-23 Student Ursinus College
Brukilacchio Briana βPA-24 Student Ursinus College
Hatamian Kevon βPA-25 Student Ursinus College
Hrasok Alexandria βPA-26 Student Ursinus College
McGonigle Adam βPA-27 Student Ursinus College
Murphy-Stout Adrienne βPA-28 Student Ursinus College
Weber Jennilyn βPA-29 Student Ursinus College
Yoo Kelsey βPA-30 Student Ursinus College
Boroda Elias βMN-36 Student University of St. Thomas
Falk Courtney βMN-37 Student University of St. Thomas
James Channing βMN-38 Student University of St. Thomas
Koram Allie βMN-39 Student University of St. Thomas
Lackner Joseph βMN-40 Student University of St. Thomas
Lederer Kirsten βMN-41 Student University of St. Thomas
Lieske Madeline βMN-42 Student University of St. Thomas
McWhirter Shane βMN-43 Student University of St. Thomas
Moghaddam Amir βMN-44 Student University of St. Thomas
Phillips Angela βMN-45 Student University of St. Thomas
Pick Madeleine βMN-46 Student University of St. Thomas
Skyberg Rolf βMN-47 Student University of St. Thomas
Thurmes Amanda βMN-48 Student University of St. Thomas
O’Connor Kristin αNY-27 Student Union College
Wender Carly αNY-28 Student Union College
Curran Alana αNY-29 Student Union College
Weinberger Adam αNY-30 Student Union College
Staring Katelyn αNY-31 Student Union College
Moore Caitlin αNY-32 Student Union College
Sidor Alexander αDE-13 Student University of Delaware
Dworetz Alex αDE-14 Student University of Delaware
Brennan Lauren αDE-15 Student University of Delaware
Delorme James αDE-16 Student University of Delaware
Castiglione Mia αDE-17 Student University of Delaware
Turner Christopher αOH-48 Faculty Baldwin Wallace University
Janocko Nicholas αGA-109 Student Emory University
Harrison Daniel αGA-110 Student Emory University
Braun Adam αGA-111 Student Emory University
Chakravorty Shourjo αGA-112 Student Emory University
Johnson Elise αGA-113 Student Emory University
Qadir Mohammad αGA-114 Student Emory University
Tran Hoang Nhat (Peter αGA-115 Student Emory University
Kim Rebecca Haeun αGA-116 Student Emory University
Narrod Molly αGA-117 Student Emory University
Han Sehe αGA-118 Student Emory University
Perez Lizbeth αGA-119 Student Emory University
Rogers Anna αGA-120 Student Emory University
Joseph Joel αGA-121 Student Emory University
Liang Zhijia αGA-122 Student Emory University
Kim Jeong Hwa αGA-123 Student Emory University
Mou Zongyang (Tom) αGA-124 Student Emory University
Tran Tony αGA-125 Student Emory University
Jacquez Nadine αGA-126 Student Emory University
Seaman Luanne αGA-127 Student Emory University
Bieszczad Kasia βCA-66 Faculty UC Irvine
Aleo Chelsea γPA58 Student University of Pennsylvania
Davis Emily γPA59 Student University of Pennsylvania
Desilets Jeffrey γPA60 Student University of Pennsylvania
Golob Stephanie γPA61 Student University of Pennsylvania
Henson Kyle γPA62 Student University of Pennsylvania
Jain Nalini γPA63 Student University of Pennsylvania
Johns Christina γPA64 Student University of Pennsylvania
Liu Katherine γPA65 Student University of Pennsylvania
Mayweather Brittany γPA66 Student University of Pennsylvania
Nicholas Benjamin γPA67 Student University of Pennsylvania
Okochi Kei γPA68 Student University of Pennsylvania
Porcari Giulia γPA69 Student University of Pennsylvania
Riegel Melissa γPA70 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ruda Rachel γPA71 Student University of Pennsylvania
Silber Deborah γPA72 Student University of Pennsylvania
Surakiatchanukul Thamolwan γPA73 Student University of Pennsylvania
Tekriwal Andy γPA74 Student University of Pennsylvania
Astheimer Lori αMA-80 Faculty UMass Amherst
Beck Tara αDE-18 Student University of Delaware
Clark Megan αDE-19 Student University of Delaware
Forbes Cameron αDE-20 Student University of Delaware
Frantz Sarah αDE-21 Student University of Delaware
Ramsaran Adam αDE-22 Student University of Delaware
Rowland Meghan αDE-23 Student University of Delaware
Brown Benjamin αOH-49 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Gifford Janace αOH-50 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Locascio Zoe αOH-51 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Wiles Nathanael αOH-52 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Zacharias Rachel αOH-53 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Barley Zack αOH-54 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Kelly Caitlin αOH-55 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Albrecht LeeAnn αLA-53 Student Tulane University
Anderson Christopher αLA-54 Student Tulane University
Anderson Maxwell αLA-55 Student Tulane University
Blazar Ilyse αLA-56 Student Tulane University
Braverman Stephanie αLA-57 Student Tulane University
Chawla Jonathan αLA-58 Student Tulane University
Firn Kim αLA-59 Student Tulane University
Fisher  Marc αLA-60 Student Tulane University
Gilder Hannah αLA-61 Student Tulane University
Gouse Brittany αLA-62 Student Tulane University
Lobell Thomas αLA-63 Student Tulane University
MacDougal Erin αLA-64 Student Tulane University
Pokorny Eva αLA-65 Student Tulane University
Rosenblum Jake αLA-66 Student Tulane University
Sakamoto Yoshino αLA-67 Student Tulane University
Slipman Brian αLA-68 Student Tulane University
Snead Amanda αLA-69 Student Tulane University
Squeo Gabriella αLA-70 Student Tulane University
Svorinic Pamela αLA-71 Student Tulane University
Ward Kelsey αLA-72 Alumni Tulane University
Moran Nicholas αIL-21 Student Knox College
Chen Stephanie γPA75 Student University of Pennsylvania
Olsen Anne γPA76 Student University of Pennsylvania
Xiang Jing γPA77 Student University of Pennsylvania
Greenberg Daniel γPA78 Student University of Pennsylvania
Bustamante Laura γPA79 Student University of Pennsylvania
Thomas Brian αOH-56 Faculty Baldwin Wallace University
Tembo Maiwase γIL12 Student Lake Forest College
Zemela Natalie γIL13 Student Lake Forest College
Huber Kayla γIL14 Student Lake Forest College
Wentworth Naomi γIL15 Faculty Lake Forest College
Skripkauskas Silvia γIL16 Alumni Lake Forest College
Ferrier Andrew γIL17 Alumni Lake Forest College
Beekman Michele γIL18 Alumni Lake Forest College
Baines Abigail βMD-58 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Dorsett Rachel βMD-59 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
English Sarah βMD-60 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Hughes Colleen βMD-61 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Marbourg Jessica βMD-62 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Pribut Heather βMD-63 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Quaytman Jacob βMD-64 Student St. Mary’s College of MD
Calhoon Gwendolyn βMD-65 Alumni St. Mary’s College of MD
Kallarackal Angy βMD-66 Alumni St. Mary’s College of MD
Milstein Jean βMD-67 Alumni St. Mary’s College of MD
Guller Jodie αCA-107 Student University of Southern California
Ding Kimberly αCA-108 Student University of Southern California
Hirata Tori αCA-109 Student University of Southern California
Gammon Copelan αCA-110 Student University of Southern California
Li Julia αCA-111 Student University of Southern California
Chadha Gurleen αCA-112 Student University of Southern California
Shandler Grant αCA-113 Student University of Southern California
Evans Lauren αCA-114 Student University of Southern California
Aboseif Albert αCA-115 Student University of Southern California
Arnold Kathryn αCA-116 Student University of Southern California
Rowe Allison εOH11 Student Ohio State University
Dubin Sam εOH12 Student Ohio State University
Kaczmarek Amanda εOH13 Student Ohio State University
Oglesbee Ian εOH14 Student Ohio State University
Upton Brian εOH15 Student Ohio State University
Hesse Andrea εOH16 Student Ohio State University
Miller Rachel εOH17 Student Ohio State University
Sherer Morgan εOH18 Student Ohio State University
Parsons Shelby εOH19 Student Ohio State University
Royer Sarah εOH20 Student Ohio State University
Patel Sayna εOH21 Student Ohio State University
Niermeyer Alexa εOH22 Student Ohio State University
Pochiro Joseph εOH23 Student Ohio State University
Berthiaume Emily αGA-128 Student Emory University
Nelson Randy εOH10 Faculty Ohio State University
Caroti Courtney αGA-129 Student Emory University
Eacret Darrell αGA-130 Student Emory University
Eyman Ethan αGA-131 Student Emory University
Feng Hao αGA-132 Student Emory University
Ghias Mondana αGA-133 Student Emory University
Gumaste Ankita αGA-134 Student Emory University
Hong Lulu αGA-135 Student Emory University
Hu Chun αGA-136 Student Emory University
Jang Jiyeon αGA-137 Student Emory University
Lalani Raheem αGA-138 Student Emory University
Lucaciu Irina αGA-139 Student Emory University
Mezher Andrew αGA-140 Student Emory University
Miller Douglas James αGA-141 Student Emory University
Moskow Danielle αGA-142 Student Emory University
Olszewski Hope αGA-143 Student Emory University
Oumarbaeva Yuliya αGA-144 Student Emory University
Pang Fu Wei αGA-145 Student Emory University
Petrisko Tiffany αGA-146 Student Emory University
Picard-Fraser Philip αGA-147 Student Emory University
Root Jessica αGA-148 Student Emory University
Schwartz Arielle αGA-149 Student Emory University
Teng Shavonne αGA-150 Student Emory University
Wang Yaying αGA-151 Student Emory University
Yao Ju-Han αGA-152 Student Emory University
Zhang Melanie αGA-153 Student Emory University
Anderson Gillian αMA-81 Student Smith College
Barstow Sarah αMA-82 Student Smith College
Chowdhury Luvana αMA-83 Student Smith College
Dillon Martha αMA-84 Student Smith College
Duran Laura αMA-85 Student Smith College
Januszkiewicz Ewa αMA-86 Student Smith College
Kibria Farzana αMA-87 Student Smith College
Kim Hyunji αMA-88 Student Smith College
Li Hailun αMA-89 Student Smith College
McKay-Corkum Grace αMA-90 Student Smith College
Park Christine αMA-91 Student Smith College
Park Kristen αMA-92 Student Smith College
Venkataraman Krithika αMA-93 Student Smith College
Langford Jonathan αMA-94 Student UMass Amherst
Goldberg Hayley αMA-95 Student UMass Amherst
Dalzell Haley αMA-96 Student UMass Amherst
Clinton Abby αMA-97 Student UMass Amherst
Henry Douglas αMA-98 Student UMass Amherst
Khan Rida γIL19 Student Lake Forest College
Altschuler Joshua αCT-49 Student Trinity College
Benedetto Alexis αCT-50 Student Trinity College
Blanchard Caroline αCT-51 Student Trinity College
Cavanaugh Patricia αCT-52 Student Trinity College
Fazzino Joseph αCT-53 Student Trinity College
Fortin Jessica αCT-54 Student Trinity College
McDonough Julianne αCT-55 Student Trinity College
Nyhan Anfal αCT-56 Student Trinity College
Saa Lisa αCT-57 Student Trinity College
Thornton Emily αCT-58 Student Trinity College
Wagner Kimbra αCT-59 Student Trinity College
Anderson Brett αNE1 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Apa Kristi αNE2 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Baker Alex αNE3 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Burke Anastasia αNE4 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Callahan Jennifer αNE5 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Davis Jacquelyn αNE6 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Dinsmoor Andrew αNE7 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Harnisch April αNE8 Alumni University of Nebraska, Omaha
Headley Stefany αNE9 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Korgan Whitney αNE10 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Martin Louis αNE11 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Olsen Aarika αNE12 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Placzek Ryan αNE13 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Rock Chase αNE14 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Sollars Suzanne αNE15 Faculty University of Nebraska, Omaha
Virus Maxwell αNE16 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Wahba Nadia αNE17 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Wolken Kaci αNE18 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Scheller Kailey αWI1 Student Carthage College
Crocker Kelsey αWI2 Student Carthage College
Michaelis Jakob αWI3 Student Carthage College
Brotkowski Kyle αWI4 Student Carthage College
Clearfield Nicole αWI5 Student Carthage College
Gillis Megan αWI6 Student Carthage College
Haywood Molly αWI7 Student Carthage College
Jefferson Darien αWI8 Student Carthage College
Konieczy Brian αWI9 Student Carthage College
Moench Kelly αWI10 Student Carthage College
Northrup Victoria αWI11 Student Carthage College
O’Leary Ann αWI12 Student Carthage College
Padgett Joshua αWI13 Student Carthage College
Rasmussen Kyle αWI14 Student Carthage College
Russell Rachael αWI15 Student Carthage College
Sokol Hanna αWI16 Student Carthage College
Taylor Laura αWI17 Student Carthage College
Weltzin Zoe αWI18 Student Carthage College
Wilson Jesse αWI19 Student Carthage College
Secora Karissa αWI20 Alumni Carthage College
Miller Daniel αWI21 Faculty Carthage College
Seymoure Penny αWI22 Faculty Carthage College
Nyman Tristin αWI23 Student Carthage College
Blair Amy αWI24 Alumni Carthage College
Scholl Dominique βPA-31 student Ursinus College
Napoli Gabriella βPA-32 student Ursinus College
Faust Christopher βPA-33 student Ursinus College
Owens Evan βPA-34 student Ursinus College
Handschin Jonnie βPA-35 student Ursinus College
Gratkowski Christina βPA-36 student Ursinus College
Taddonio Scott βPA-37 student Ursinus College
Taddonio Michael βPA-38 student Ursinus College
Layman Cheyenne βPA-39 student Ursinus College
Banner Giavonna βPA-40 student Ursinus College
Stutchin Evan βPA-41 student Ursinus College
Peterson Jessica βPA-42 student Ursinus College
Arena John αMD-29 Student Johns Hopkins University
Fisher Alec αMD-30 Student Johns Hopkins University
Schupper Alex αMD-31 Student Johns Hopkins University
Tsai Carolyn αMD-32 Student Johns Hopkins University
Silver Maya αMD-33 Student Johns Hopkins University
Kang Seok αMD-34 Student Johns Hopkins University
Hampton Christopher αMD-35 Student Johns Hopkins University
Stuek Samantha αMD-36 Student Johns Hopkins University
Turner Noel αMD-37 Student Johns Hopkins University
Baker Nusaiba αMD-38 Student Johns Hopkins University
Guardiola-Diaz Hebe αCT-60 Faculty Trinity College
Barsoom Randa αNJ-51 student Drew University
Corpuz Kathryna αNJ-52 student Drew University
Eze Ugomma αNJ-53 student Drew University
Khan Arham αNJ-54 student Drew University
Mehta Monal αNJ-55 student Drew University
Minio III Frank αNJ-56 student Drew University
Patel Shammi αNJ-57 student Drew University
Ponimansky Ilan αNJ-58 student Drew University
Klossner Quiana αIL-22 Student Knox College
Kraemer Anna αIL-23 Student Knox College
Mustaly Hatim αIL-24 Student Knox College
Krumenauer Karla γMN22 Student St. Olaf College
Glad Rachel γMN23 Student St. Olaf College
Abelson Sari γMN24 Student St. Olaf College
Phillips Sarah γMN25 Student St. Olaf College
Burton Jane γMN26 Student St. Olaf College
Martin Robert αMD-39 Student Johns Hopkins University
Amlie-Wolf Alexandre δOH-39 student Oberlin College
Bergman Rachel δOH-40 Student Oberlin College
Brancazio Sophia δOH-41 Student Oberlin College
Burnside Laura δOH-42 Student Oberlin College
Chang Christine δOH-43 Student Oberlin College
Marx Gabriel δOH-44 student Oberlin College
Melzer Daniel δOH-45 Student Oberlin College
Mullan Hillary δOH-46 student Oberlin College
Reach Sarah δOH-47 Student Oberlin College
Shoham Oren δOH-48 Student Oberlin College
Weaver Eric δOH-49 Student Oberlin College
Welch Kristina δOH-50 Student Oberlin College
Adams Ryan αCT-61 student Trinity College
Mancini Michael αCT-62 student Trinity College
Baker Cody αIN1 Student University of Evansville
Ermler Mallory αIN2 Student University of Evansville
Gardiner Mariah αIN3 Student University of Evansville
Garner Justin αIN4 Student University of Evansville
Henson Molly αIN5 Student University of Evansville
Marcotte Marianne αIN6 Student University of Evansville
Maurer-Batjer Anna αIN7 Student University of Evansville
McFarland Jennifer αIN8 Student University of Evansville
Meiman Evan αIN9 Student University of Evansville
Michel Kasey αIN10 Student University of Evansville
Peay Zachary αIN11 Student University of Evansville
Perry Taylor αIN12 Student University of Evansville
Plogher Tyler αIN13 Student University of Evansville
Reisinger Drew αIN14 Student University of Evansville
Welbourn David αIN15 Student University of Evansville
Young Allison αIN16 Student University of Evansville
Becker Lora αIN17 Faculty University of Evansville
Lakey John αIN18 Faculty University of Evansville
White Jessika αTX-60 student Baylor University
Liu Muyang αTX-61 student Baylor University
Noneman Gretchen αTX-62 student Baylor University
Rodriguez Natasha αTX-63 student Baylor University
Elston Thomas αTX-64 student Baylor University
Aragon Gabriella αTX-65 student Baylor University
Murray Alexandra αMD-40 student Johns Hopkins University
Wijesekera Olindi αMD-41 student Johns Hopkins University
Weinberg-Wolf Hannah αMD-42 student Johns Hopkins University
Sole Jon αMD-43 student Johns Hopkins University
Hofer Ashley αPA45 Student The University of Scranton
Schwartz Amy αPA46 Student The University of Scranton
Sklencar Britni αPA47 Student The University of Scranton
McCauley Madelyn αPA48 Student The University of Scranton
D’Souza Michelle αPA49 Student The University of Scranton
Lizbinski Kristyn αPA50 Student The University of Scranton
Kato Catherine αMN-50 Student Macalester College
Morseth Brianna αMN-51 Student Macalester College
Kielblock Caitlin βMN-49 Student University of St. Thomas
Loken Nicholas βMN-50 Student University of St. Thomas
McGovern Lauren βMN-51 Student University of St. Thomas
Spano Anthony βMN-52 Student University of St. Thomas
Tappe Megan βMN-53 Student University of St. Thomas
Miller Kristie βMN-54 Student University of St. Thomas
Hung Alice αMD-44 Student Johns Hopkins University
Roberts Hailey βMN-55 Student University of St. Thomas
Zaman Shatila αVA13 Student University of Virginia
Park William αVA14 Student University of Virginia
Park Juyeon αVA15 Student University of Virginia
Pottanat Zachary αVA16 Student University of Virginia
Siddiqi Sunober βCA-67 Student University of CA, Irvine
Takada Rika βCA-68 Student University of CA, Irvine
Rabbani Bahram βCA-69 Student University of CA, Irvine
Chin Justin βCA-70 Student University of CA, Irvine
Zograbyan Vahe βCA-71 Student University of CA, Irvine
Tong Anhthu βCA-72 Student University of CA, Irvine
Sung Aaron βCA-73 Student University of CA, Irvine
Tang Solomon βCA-74 Student University of CA, Irvine
Abdel Shahied Kirollos βCA-75 Student University of CA, Irvine
Tran Samantha βCA-76 Student University of CA, Irvine
Katrack Raemin βCA-77 Student University of CA, Irvine
Guevarra Roblen βCA-78 Student University of CA, Irvine
Ahmed Imran βCA-79 Student University of CA, Irvine
Chaabani Faisal βCA-80 Student University of CA, Irvine
Biegel Thomas βCA-81 Student University of CA, Irvine
Ashcroft Alexandra βCA-82 Student University of CA, Irvine
Ahsoon Amanda βCA-83 Student University of CA, Irvine
Tran Nhat-Tan βCA-84 Student University of CA, Irvine
Coulibaly Aminata γOH-43 Graduate Miami University
Swallie Shanna γOH-44 Student Miami University
Hagerty Samantha γOH-45 Student Miami University
Pullins Shane γOH-46 Student Miami University
Erisir Alev αVA17 Faculty University of Virginia
Butcher Greg βLA1 Facutly Centernary College of LA
Alkhafaji Mohammed βMA1 Student Northeastern University
Anatone Alex βMA2 Student Northeastern University
Archbold Jonathan βMA3 Student Northeastern University
Beaton Lauren βMA4 Student Northeastern University
Brittingham Zachary βMA5 Student Northeastern University
Caiado Adrienne βMA6 Student Northeastern University
Castillo Jelina Marie βMA7 Student Northeastern University
Comfort Nicole βMA8 Student Northeastern University
Commins Caitlin βMA9 student Northeastern University
DiChiara Samantha βMA10 Student Northeastern University
Dishy Gabriella βMA11 Student Northeastern University
Duffy Nolan βMA12 Student Northeastern University
Edson Zachary βMA13 Student Northeastern University
Gigliello Angelica βMA14 Student Northeastern University
Giordano Jessica βMA15 Student Northeastern University
Griffith Jennifer βMA16 Student Northeastern University
Grimsley Emily βMA17 Student Northeastern University
Grobelny Krista βMA18 Student Northeastern University
Henebeng Esther βMA19 Student Northeastern University
Hye Taryn βMA20 Student Northeastern University
Keith Sarah βMA21 Student Northeastern University
Keogh Lauren βMA22 Student Northeastern University
Kirk Molly βMA23 Student Northeastern University
Kosche Cory βMA24 Student Northeastern University
Leedy Caitlin βMA25 Student Northeastern University
MacLennan Bryan βMA26 Student Northeastern University
McIntire Jessica βMA27 Student Northeastern University
Mithoefer Oliver βMA28 Student Northeastern University
Mlabasati Jack βMA29 Student Northeastern University
More Alexander βMA30 Student Northeastern University
Mucaj Vincensa βMA31 Student Northeastern University
O’Malley Lauren βMA32 Student Northeastern University
Ohman Robert βMA33 Student Northeastern University
Palastro Matthew βMA34 Student Northeastern University
Patel Sruti βMA35 Student Northeastern University
Petter Elijah βMA36 Student Northeastern University
Rodrigues Sonali βMA37 Student Northeastern University
Sawyer Caroline βMA38 Student Northeastern University
Shanley Mary βMA39 Student Northeastern University
Sullivan Kathleen βMA40 Student Northeastern University
Swanson Emily βMA41 Student Northeastern University
Swantic Vanessa βMA42 Student Northeastern University
Viccaro Thomas βMA43 Student Northeastern University
Worley Audrey βMA44 Student Northeastern University
Davis Fred βMA45 Faculty Northeastern University
Zee Michele βMA46 Faculty Northeastern University
Galese Christina αCT-63 Student Trinity College
Haught Tasmerisk αCT-64 Student Trinity College
Kwok Geoffrey αCT-65 Student Trinity College
Isaac Sarah αCT-66 Student Trinity College
Schoch Gwendolyn αCT-67 Student Trinity College
Schreiber-Stainthrop William αCT-68 Student Trinity College
Slade Sierra αCT-69 Student Trinity College
Bello Rojas Saul γIL20 Student Lake Forest College
Chiren Sarah γIL21 Student Lake Forest College
Gibbs Amanda γIL22 Student Lake Forest College
Grischeau Kelli γIL23 Student Lake Forest College
Hamid Khadijah γIL24 Student Lake Forest College
James Jyothis γIL25 Student Lake Forest College
Munoz Maribel γIL26 Student Lake Forest College
Nesper Peter γIL27 Student Lake Forest College
Reyes Cecelia γIL28 Student Lake Forest College
Roman Alexandra γIL29 Student Lake Forest College
McCray Cassandra γIL30 Student Lake Forest College
Johnson Brandon γIL31 Alumni Lake Forest College
Duncan D’Anne γIL32 Alumni Lake Forest College
West Anna γIL33 Alumni Lake Forest College
Weathington Jill βGA1 Student Georgia State University
Khan Sara βGA2 Student Georgia State University
Collens Jarod βGA3 Student Georgia State University
Goshayeshi Sepehr βGA4 Student Georgia State University
Mosley Morgan βGA5 Student Georgia State University
Ayers Joseph βMA47 Faculty Northeastern University
Perry Ashley βMA48 Alumni Northeastern University
Sears Lauren βMA49 Alumni Northeastern University
Roumis Demetris βMA50 Alumni Northeastern University
Nichols Tara βMA51 Alumni Northeastern University
Hawkes Jonathan βMA52 Alumni Northeastern University
Yasko Jessica βMA53 Alumni Northeastern University
Kindberg Abigail βMA54 Alumni Northeastern University
Tambunan Dimira βMA55 Alumni Northeastern University
Quinn Thomas βMA56 Alumni Northeastern University
Alarcon Laura αGA-154 Student Emory University
Allison Sara αGA-155 Student Emory University
Banducci Caitlin αGA-156 Student Emory University
Chiruvella Megha αGA-157 Student Emory University
Gogniat Marissa αGA-158 Student Emory University
Goswami Akshay αGA-159 Student Emory University
Huh Jinsook αGA-160 Student Emory University
Iancu Ariella αGA-161 Student Emory University
Jia Leo αGA-162 Student Emory University
Khouzam Simone αGA-163 Student Emory University
King Lindsay αGA-164 Student Emory University
MacDowell Camden αGA-165 Student Emory University
Manji Zahra αGA-166 Student Emory University
Mishra Ananya αGA-167 Student Emory University
Olinde Abigail αGA-168 Student Emory University
Oliver Erika αGA-169 Student Emory University
Padmanabhan Divya αGA-170 Student Emory University
Patel Hari αGA-171 Student Emory University
Risman Aida αGA-172 Student Emory University
Rochat Cleo αGA-173 Student Emory University
Rosenbaum Taylor αGA-174 Student Emory University
Simpson Jeffrey αGA-175 Student Emory University
Wing Vicki αGA-176 Student Emory University
Yu Xin αGA-177 Student Emory University
Rich Grace αNE19 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Troudt Eric αNE20 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Lippincott Aleisha αNE21 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Roland Jess αNE22 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Guenther Nicole αNE23 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Riquier Andrew αNE24 Grad Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Douskey Krysta αNE25 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
McLeod Sarah αNE26 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Heinrichs-Graham Elizabeth αNE27 Grad Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Campolattaro Matthew βVA1 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Cartwright Kelly βVA2 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Grau Harold βVA3 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Meighan Christopher βVA4 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Mitrano Darlene βVA5 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Velkey, II Andrew βVA6 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Wiens Katie βVA7 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Byrd Ayla βVA8 Student Christopher Newport University
Christoforou Chloe βVA9 Student Christopher Newport University
DeSanctis Natalie βVA10 Student Christopher Newport University
Hines Chelsea βVA11 Student Christopher Newport University
Iley Arielle βVA12 Student Christopher Newport University
Levy Jenna βVA13 Student Christopher Newport University
Murphy Katherine βVA14 Student Christopher Newport University
Plott Alexandra βVA15 Student Christopher Newport University
Seeley Allison βVA16 Student Christopher Newport University
Trail Victoria βVA17 Student Christopher Newport University
Williams Brook βVA18 Student Christopher Newport University
Green Stephanie βVA19 Alumni Christopher Newport University
Somera Brandy βVA20 Student Christopher Newport University
Daldal Aylin γPA80 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ellman Allison γPA81 Student University of Pennsylvania
Hogan Geoffrey γPA82 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kemmer Jacquelyn γPA83 Student University of Pennsylvania
Lewis Chloe γPA84 Student University of Pennsylvania
Levenson Jonathan γPA85 Student University of Pennsylvania
Mehta Devan γPA86 Student University of Pennsylvania
Miller Jodi γPA87 Student University of Pennsylvania
Nikonova Elena γPA88 Student University of Pennsylvania
Premjee Akiff γPA89 Student University of Pennsylvania
Upadhyay Naman γPA90 Student University of Pennsylvania
Weber Maura γPA91 Student University of Pennsylvania
Zapertov Nikolai γPA92 Student University of Pennsylvania
Zilberman Maria γPA93 Student University of Pennsylvania
Clanahan Julie γPA94 Student University of Pennsylvania
Golub Danielle γPA95 Student University of Pennsylvania
Miciak Joseph γPA96 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ng Victoria γPA97 Student University of Pennsylvania
Raje Praachi γPA98 Student University of Pennsylvania
Wittman Lucas γPA99 Student University of Pennsylvania
Dalai Lama αMN-52 Honorary Macalester College
Albert Brianna βMA57 Student Northeastern University
Amacker Jessica βMA58 Student Northeastern University
Cross Rachel βMA59 Student Northeastern University
Davis Courtney βMA60 Student Northeastern University
Deerwester Kyle βMA61 Alumni Northeastern University
España Roberto βMA62 Student Northeastern University
Fallon Ryan βMA63 Student Northeastern University
Golan Noa βMA64 Student Northeastern University
Hinchman Carrie βMA65 Student Northeastern University
Lanyi Maria βMA66 Student Northeastern University
McKee Madison βMA67 Student Northeastern University
Nabatkhorian Anastasia βMA68 Student Northeastern University
Oakes Faye βMA69 Student Northeastern University
Rendall Sam βMA70 Student Northeastern University
Rosenstein Tedi βMA71 Student Northeastern University
Simhon Matthew βMA72 Student Northeastern University
Shukla Krupa βMA73 Student Northeastern University
Subramanian Suhasini βMA74 Student Northeastern University
Takacs Ashley βMA75 Student Northeastern University
Thedsanamoorthy  Jerusha Βma76 Student Northeastern University
Veary Janelle βMA77 Student Northeastern University
Woloszyn Derek βMA78 Student Northeastern University
Flick Katelyn βMA79 Student Northeastern University
Lugo Joaquin αTX-66 Faculty Baylor University
Dondarski Megan αNY-33 Student Union College
Rahman Hasanur αNY-34 Student Union College
Tyler Samantha αNY-35 Student Union College
Volpe Brittany αNY-36 Student Union College
Scinto Melissa αNY-37 Student Union College
Anderson Jamie αNY-38 Student Union College
Foster Nathaniel αNY-39 Student Union College
Katz Michaela αNY-40 Student Union College
Olsen Matthew αNY-41 Student Union College
Shait Rebecca αNY-42 Student Union College
Bender Adam αNY-43 Student Union College
Zhang Yilun αNY-44 Student Union College
Warren Julie αNY-45 Student Union College
Allen Timothy βCA-85 Faculty University of CA, Irvine
Budish Rebecca αLA-73 Student Tulane University
Dave Rushil αLA-74 Student Tulane University
Friedman Alec αLA-75 Student Tulane University
Goldman Bryan αLA-76 Student Tulane University
Hogan Elizabeth αLA-77 Student Tulane University
Laurent Morgan αLA-78 Student Tulane University
Martavius Lovall αLA-79 Student Tulane University
Matour Rebecca αLA-80 Student Tulane University
Noonan Madyson αLA-81 Student Tulane University
Paranjape Grant αLA-82 Student Tulane University
Simons Tyler αLA-83 Student Tulane University
Stanley Mary αLA-84 Student Tulane University
Tran Thanh Lam αLA-85 Student Tulane University
Stevenson Jennifer βPA-43 Faculty Ursinus College
Bartlett Maggie αNE28 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Faber Katie αNE29 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Kahn Marissa αNE30 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Null Megan αNE31 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Smith Jessica αNE32 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Thompson Matt αNE33 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Scampini Amanda αNV-1 student University of Nevada, Reno
Cohen Lea αNV-2 student University of Nevada, Reno
Peacock Candace αNV-3 student University of Nevada, Reno
Robinson Beatriz αNV-4 student University of Nevada, Reno
Cleary Kevin αNV-5 student University of Nevada, Reno
Ebar Michelle αNV-6 student University of Nevada, Reno
Warner Raymond αNV-7 student University of Nevada, Reno
Andrews Hannah αNV-8 student University of Nevada, Reno
Webster Menka αNV-9 student University of Nevada, Reno
Loginov Robert αNV-10 student University of Nevada, Reno
Delloro Andrew αNV-11 student University of Nevada, Reno
Thantacheva Thanapath αNV-12 student University of Nevada, Reno
Clark David αNV-13 student University of Nevada, Reno
Schultz Nicole αNV-14 student University of Nevada, Reno
Violago Christy Anne αNV-15 student University of Nevada, Reno
Rauber Rachel αNV-16 student University of Nevada, Reno
Besso Zachary αNV-17 student University of Nevada, Reno
Ocampo Madeline αNV-18 student University of Nevada, Reno
Sevilla Sabrina αNV-19 student University of Nevada, Reno
Madenicoff Solena αNV-20 student University of Nevada, Reno
Sternberg Holly αNV-21 student University of Nevada, Reno
Arebalos Monica αNV-22 student University of Nevada, Reno
Bahrami Elham αNV-23 student University of Nevada, Reno
Dean Lydia αNV-24 student University of Nevada, Reno
Milke Jillian αNV-25 student University of Nevada, Reno
Andrew Nicholas αNV-26 student University of Nevada, Reno
Bozanich Kristina αNV-27 student University of Nevada, Reno
del Carlo Robert αNV-28 student University of Nevada, Reno
Greene Brian αNV-29 student University of Nevada, Reno
Granados Jorge αNV-30 student University of Nevada, Reno
Guzman Bianca αNV-31 student University of Nevada, Reno
Bottorf Monica αNV-32 student University of Nevada, Reno
Rios Alysa αNV-33 student University of Nevada, Reno
Jestin Maxim αNV-34 student University of Nevada, Reno
Mazzocchi Mark αNV-35 student University of Nevada, Reno
Misirian Ani αCA-117 Student University of Southern California
Kwong Jazmine αCA-118 Student University of Southern California
Fullerton Angelica αCA-119 Student University of Southern California
Tar Muhammad αCA-120 Student University of Southern California
Lin Esther αCA-121 Student University of Southern California
Tran Cassie αCA-122 Student University of Southern California
Saremi Arvin αCA-123 Student University of Southern California
Bigus Elizabeth αTN-1 Student Rhodes College
Choudhury Shelley αTN-2 Student Rhodes College
Cyrus Kathryn αTN-3 Student Rhodes College
Gaffney Sierra αTN-4 Student Rhodes College
Horn Thomas αTN-5 Student Rhodes College
Jenkins John αTN-6 Student Rhodes College
Johnson Alyssa αTN-7 Student Rhodes College
Karolczuk Elizabeth αTN-8 Student Rhodes College
Kim Yoonjee αTN-9 Student Rhodes College
Magruder Daniel αTN-10 Student Rhodes College
Mosley Grace αTN-11 Student Rhodes College
Parkerson Sarah αTN-12 Student Rhodes College
Pope Zachary αTN-13 Student Rhodes College
Roberts Matthew αTN-14 Student Rhodes College
Shankle Sarah αTN-15 Student Rhodes College
Smith Alexis αTN-16 Student Rhodes College
Sommers Matthew αTN-17 Student Rhodes College
Van Haneghan Alexandra αTN-18 Student Rhodes College
Gerecke Kimberly αTN-19 Faculty Rhodes College
Klatzkin Rebecca αTN-20 Faculty Rhodes College
Kabelik David αTN-21 Faculty Rhodes College
Ho Truong-An γPA100 Student University of Pennsylvania
Margolis Rebecca γPA101 Student University of Pennsylvania
Schatz Michael γPA102 Student University of Pennsylvania
Sobota Rosanna γPA103 Student University of Pennsylvania
Breslow Darby γPA104 Student University of Pennsylvania
Co Melissa γPA105 Student University of Pennsylvania
Shen Rochelle γPA106 Student University of Pennsylvania
Black Emily βPA-44 Student Ursinus College
Drebushenko Laura βPA-45 Student Ursinus College
Gorenberg Erica βPA-46 Student Ursinus College
Hysko Ina βPA-47 Student Ursinus College
Mach Russell βPA-48 Student Ursinus College
Muller Linda βPA-49 Student Ursinus College
Raffensberger Kari βPA-50 Student Ursinus College
Shah Samir βPA-51 Student Ursinus College
Varghese Alvin βPA-52 Student Ursinus College
Hanchek Emmalee αMD-45 Student Johns Hopkins University
Leasure Audrey αMD-46 Student Johns Hopkins University
Lipshutz Lauren αMD-47 Student Johns Hopkins University
McCartin Michael αMD-48 Student Johns Hopkins University
Garson Alex αMD-49 Student Johns Hopkins University
Pu Elbert αMD-50 Student Johns Hopkins University
Sohn Jee Young αMD-51 Student Johns Hopkins University
Tasnim Aniqa αMD-52 Student Johns Hopkins University
Vasiljevic Marija αMD-53 Student Johns Hopkins University
Zimmerman Hannah αMD-54 Student Johns Hopkins University
Hossain Shanaz αMD-55 Student Johns Hopkins University
Wang Abby αMD-56 Student Johns Hopkins University
Wang Andrew αMD-57 Student Johns Hopkins University
Bears Breanne αMD-58 Student Johns Hopkins University
Fernandez-Criado Rudolfo αMD-59 Student Johns Hopkins University
Bernardi Anthony εOH24 Student Ohio State University
Cowley Christopher εOH25 Student Ohio State University
Crockett Alexis εOH26 Student Ohio State University
Csarny Mary εOH27 Student Ohio State University
Dominguez Sky εOH28 Student Ohio State University
Flemer Matthew εOH29 Student Ohio State University
Grubb Elizabeth εOH30 Student Ohio State University
Kirchner Rebecca εOH31 Student Ohio State University
MacIlvane Nicole εOH32 Student Ohio State University
McGuire Alexa εOH33 Student Ohio State University
Mehalik Haley εOH34 Student Ohio State University
Milich Lindsay εOH35 Student Ohio State University
Orack Joshua εOH36 Student Ohio State University
Platko Steven εOH37 Student Ohio State University
Prince Ashley εOH38 Student Ohio State University
Sedgwick Tom εOH39 Student Ohio State University
Sehgal Laveena εOH40 Student Ohio State University
Sooy Laura εOH41 Student Ohio State University
Spiech Connor εOH42 Student Ohio State University
Uppati Sarvani εOH43 Student Ohio State University
Winter Elizabeth εOH44 Student Ohio State University
Anderson Sean αOH-57 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Bahrami Ashkon αOH-58 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Fuchs Audrey αOH-59 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Grafius Alanna αOH-60 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Niro Biagio αOH-61 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Smith Jordan αOH-62 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Barko Diana αOH-63 Faculty Baldwin Wallace University
Schultz Maegen γIL34 Student Lake Forest College
Granberg Rachel γIL35 Student Lake Forest College
Hooda Fatima γIL36 Student Lake Forest College
Shingleton Alexander γIL37 Faculty Lake Forest College
Riddle Jennifer γIL38 Alumni Lake Forest College
Zorniak Michael γIL39 Alumni Lake Forest College
Kukreja Lokesh γIL40 Alumni Lake Forest College
Hansen Malia γIL41 Student Lake Forest College
Grunberg Diana αMA-99 Student Smith College
Javed Naima αMA-100 Student Smith College
Kim Joo Hee αMA-101 Student Smith College
Kulason Kay αMA-102 Student Smith College
Papps Julia αMA-103 Student Smith College
Petronzio Abbey αMA-104 Student Smith College
Winokur Sarah αMA-105 Student Smith College
Abedrabbo Khalil αMA-106 Student UMass Amherst
Crawford Elizabeth αMA-107 Student UMass Amherst
Pacella Nicholas αMA-108 Student UMass Amherst
Podsiadlo Victoria αMA-109 Student UMass Amherst
Rezaei Shervin αMA-110 Student UMass Amherst
Atkinson Taylor βLA2 Student Centernary College of LA
Capello Eli βLA3 Student Centernary College of LA
Padua Fortunato βLA4 Student Centernary College of LA
Ross Alexandra βLA5 Student Centernary College of LA
Weidner Matthew βLA6 Student Centernary College of LA
Blumenstock Serena βMD-68 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
D’Ambrosio Stefania βMD-69 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
DeAngeli Nicole βMD-70 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Flerlage Max βMD-71 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Harvey Erin βMD-72 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Jarrin Sarah βMD-73 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Leininger Elizabeth βMD-74 Faculty St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Murti Stephanie βMD-75 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Streu Craig βMD-76 Faculty St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Griffin Amy αDE-24 Faculty University of Delaware
Sedig Logan αWI25 Student Carthage College
Hundt Kailey αWI26 Student Carthage College
Bruckbauer Amy αWI27 Student Carthage College
Aittama Kara αWI28 Student Carthage College
Newsom Alysha αWI29 Student Carthage College
Baker Luke αWI30 Student Carthage College
Hotze Katherine αWI31 Student Carthage College
Peabody Jacelyn αWI32 Student Carthage College
Jensen Victoria αWI33 student Carthage College
Storck Jeremy αWI34 Student Carthage College
Wilkins Natasha αWI35 Alumni Carthage College
Charette Megan αWI36 Alumni Carthage College
Szenczy Aline αDE-25 Student University of Delaware
Schwartz Amanda αDE-26 Student University of Delaware
Forster Amy αDE-27 Student University of Delaware
DePasquale Carrie αDE-28 Student University of Delaware
Babiarz Giselle αDE-29 Student University of Delaware
Wilmot Jacob αDE-30 Student University of Delaware
Webb Lauren αDE-31 Student University of Delaware
Pingar Sarah αDE-32 Student University of Delaware
Logan Seth αDE-33 Student University of Delaware
Chakraborty Trisha αDE-34 Graduate Student University of Delaware
Dillon Katie αDE-35 Student University of Delaware
DeRosa  Alicia αDE-36 Student University of Delaware
Matta  Praneeja αDE-37 Student University of Delaware
Hussain  Zubin αDE-38 Student University of Delaware
Kozar  Nicole αDE-39 Student University of Delaware
Khanal  Pragyan αDE-40 Student University of Delaware
Mankel Kelsey αMI-1 Student Central Michigan University
Honard Sean αMI-2 Student Central Michigan University
Parker Sabrina αMI-3 Student Central Michigan University
Matyas Jessica αMI-4 Student Central Michigan University
Eickholt Amanda αMI-5 Student Central Michigan University
Culver Rebecca αMI-6 Student Central Michigan University
Berlin James αMI-7 Student Central Michigan University
Marlow Emily αMI-8 Student Central Michigan University
Huffman Lucas αMI-9 Student Central Michigan University
Smith Rebecca αMI-10 Student Central Michigan University
Veneklase Paul αMI-11 Student Central Michigan University
Rechenberg Amy αMI-12 Student Central Michigan University
Jones-Camp Noel αMI-13 Student Central Michigan University
Siegel Leslie αMI-14 Student Central Michigan University
Andrews Melissa αMI-15 Student Central Michigan University
Welchko Ryan αMI-16 Student Central Michigan University
Dunbar Gary αMI-17 Faculty Central Michigan University
Youssef Mina δPA-1 Student Temple University
Youwakim Christine δPA-2 Student Temple University
Kelbaugh Aubrey δPA-3 Student Temple University
Tunis Julia δPA-4 Student Temple University
Khantsis Sabina δPA-5 Student Temple University
Polizzano Kristine δPA-6 Student Temple University
Deck Benjamin δPA-7 Student Temple University
Russo Kathryn δPA-8 Student Temple University
Tymchuk Ostap δPA-9 Student Temple University
Bayleyen Yared δPA-10 Student Temple University
Williams Andrew δPA-11 Student Temple University
Paltin Dafna δPA-12 Student Temple University
Roberts Adam δPA-13 Student Temple University
Rost Nathan δPA-14 Student Temple University
Kir Karolina βIL-7 Student Dominican University
Paszek Adrian βIL-8 Student Dominican University
Fledderman Nicole βIL-9 Student Dominican University
Habina Kamelia βIL-10 Student Dominican University
Bell Amanda βIL-11 Student Dominican University
Moery Eileen βIL-12 Student Dominican University
Grewal Jeewanjot βIL-13 Student Dominican University
Cross Rebecca γGA-1 Student Agnes Scott College
Singleton Kaela γGA-2 Student Agnes Scott College
Tirado Stephanie γGA-3 Student Agnes Scott College
Segura Laura γGA-4 Student Agnes Scott College
Frank Rachael γGA-5 Student Agnes Scott College
Pham-Lake Camille γGA-6 Student Agnes Scott College
Thompson Karen γGA-7 Faculty Agnes Scott College
Laprade Kathryn γGA-8 Student Agnes Scott College
Larimore Jennifer γGA-9 Faculty Agnes Scott College
Selagea Ligia γGA-10 Student Agnes Scott College
Siddiqui Sumbul γGA-11 Student Agnes Scott College
Chenevert Madeline γGA-12 Student Agnes Scott College
Perdue Bonnie γGA-13 Faculty Agnes Scott College
Nippert Amy αAZ-1 Student University of Arizona
Alvarez Angelica αAZ-2 Student University of Arizona
Levy Amanda αAZ-3 Student University of Arizona
Brown Austin αAZ-4 Student University of Arizona
Iuzzolino Michael αAZ-5 Student University of Arizona
Lacy Gabrielle αAZ-6 Student University of Arizona
Lockwood Donovan αAZ-7 Student University of Arizona
Maganty Nishita αAZ-8 Student University of Arizona
Tooley Ursula αAZ-9 Student University of Arizona
Demara Bianca αAZ-10 Student University of Arizona
LeBaron Lindsay αAZ-11 Student University of Arizona
Liu Kendra αAZ-12 Student University of Arizona
Primeau Casey αAZ-13 Student University of Arizona
Petersen Lara αAZ-14 Student University of Arizona
Roman Jordan αAZ-15 Student University of Arizona
Brena Rebbecca αAZ-16 Student University of Arizona
Santos Filipa αAZ-17 Student University of Arizona
Jones Kaylyn αAZ-18 Student University of Arizona
Wixted Katie αAZ-19 Student University of Arizona
Hindley Tricia αAZ-20 Student University of Arizona
Gubrud Sara αAZ-21 Student University of Arizona
Berman Alec δOH-51 student Oberlin College
Chong Weelic δOH-52 Student Oberlin College
Drumm Kelly δOH-53 Student Oberlin College
Fastman Jarrett δOH-54 Student Oberlin College
Freedman Jason δOH-55 student Oberlin College
Frost Kate δOH-56 Student Oberlin College
Gilfix Hannah δOH-57 student Oberlin College
Golay Hannah δOH-58 Student Oberlin College
Johnson Michelle δOH-59 Student Oberlin College
Lehmann Vanessa δOH-60 Student Oberlin College
Lowes Daniel δOH-61 Student Oberlin College
Lyons Carey δOH-62 Student Oberlin College
Martorella Molly δOH-63 Student Oberlin College
Tunzi Matthew δOH-64 Student Oberlin College
Robinson Siobhan δOH-65 Faculty Oberlin College
Cusmano Katelyn αNJ-59 Student Drew University
Shin Luke βGA-6 Student Georgia State University
Ghezzo Christina βGA-7 Student Georgia State University
Gentry Jasmine βGA-8 Student Georgia State University
Fritz Jazmin βGA-9 Student Georgia State University
Andrade Vera Rocio βMN-56 Student University of St. Thomas
Bigelbach Kirstin βMN-57 Student University of St. Thomas
Boyd Katharine βMN-58 Alumni University of St. Thomas
Dreier Danielle βMN-59 Student University of St. Thomas
Glomski Alexis βMN-60 Student University of St. Thomas
Gunnarson Staci βMN-61 Student University of St. Thomas
Jorgenson-Rathke Dennis βMN-62 Student University of St. Thomas
Knapp Lauren βMN-63 Student University of St. Thomas
Kvam Lauren βMN-64 Student University of St. Thomas
Montroy Krista βMN-65 Student University of St. Thomas
Neu Dalton βMN-66 Student University of St. Thomas
Noonan Mackenzie βMN-67 Student University of St. Thomas
Pierson Mikaela βMN-68 Student University of St. Thomas
Scheerer Peter βMN-69 Student University of St. Thomas
Siebert Kale βMN-70 Student University of St. Thomas
Cink Bethany βMN-71 Student University of St. Thomas
Serre Joshua βMN-72 Student University of St. Thomas
Uy Kim βMN-73 Student University of St. Thomas
Bronersky Kristin γOH-47 Student Miami University
Bryant Phillicia γOH-48 Student Miami University
Frahm John γOH-49 Student Miami University
Grainger Lindsay γOH-50 Student Miami University
Herald Amber γOH-51 Student Miami University
Kershner Samantha γOH-52 Student Miami University
Landon Paige γOH-53 Student Miami University
Lepak Christina γOH-54 Student Miami University
McDaniel Mitchell γOH-55 Student Miami University
Prodoehl Jacob γOH-56 Student Miami University
Straub Kelsey γOH-57 Student Miami University
Strayer Stephen γOH-58 Student Miami University
Swartz Neal γOH-59 Student Miami University
Christenson Wick Zoe’ γMN-27 Student St. Olaf College
Cleveland Duncan γMN-28 Student St. Olaf College
Scharenbroch Gina γMN-30 Student St. Olaf College
Williamson Holly γMN-31 Student St. Olaf College
Kleven Andrew γMN-32 Student St. Olaf College
Lemke Stefan γMN-33 Student St. Olaf College
Gaidis Erin αMN-53 Student Macalester College
Hathaway Kathryn αMN-54 Student Macalester College
Martinez Maria αMN-55 Student Macalester College
Michno Wojciech αMN-56 Student Macalester College
Sanggaard Simon αMN-57 Student Macalester College
Schwartz Megan αMN-58 Student Macalester College
Semla Colleen αMN-59 Student Macalester College
Silvis Keelia αMN60 Student Macalester College
Speer Mackenzie αMN-61 Student Macalester College
Baughman Cory γMN34 Student St. Olaf College
Lee Lindsey γMN35 Student St. Olaf College
Green Nicholas αPA51 Student University of Scranton
Holleb Peter αPA52 Student University of Scranton
Gore Reshma αPA53 Student University of Scranton
Davidovich Leah αPA54 Student University of Scranton
Marinelli Audrey αPA55 Student University of Scranton
Harger Lindsey αPA56 Student University of Scranton
Akpan Emmanuel αPA57 Student University of Scranton
Somers Bernard αPA58 Student University of Scranton
Upadhyay Satawart αVA18 Student University of Virginia
Alwani Hadeel αVA19 Student University of Virginia
Cottrell-Cumber Sarah αVA20 Student University of Virginia
Evans John αVA21 Student University of Virginia
Slepian Zoe αVA22 Student University of Virginia
Corpodean Florina αIL-25 Student Knox College
Black Michael βGA10 Faculty Georgia State University
Amberg Gregory αCO1 Faculty Colorado State University
Anderson Charles αCO2 Faculty Colorado State University
Bamburg James αCO3 Faculty Colorado State University
Davies Patricia αCO4 Faculty Colorado State University
Feng Yumei αCO5 Faculty Colorado State University
Garrity Deborah αCO6 Faculty Colorado State University
Hentges Shane αCO7 Faculty Colorado State University
Mykles Donald αCO8 Faculty Colorado State University
Partin Kathryn αCO9 Faculty Colorado State University
Rash John αCO10 Faculty Colorado State University
Reist Noreen αCO11 Faculty Colorado State University
Seger Carol αCO12 Faculty Colorado State University
Stone-Roy Leslie αCO13 Faculty Colorado State University
Tamkun Michael αCO14 Faculty Colorado State University
Thaut Michael αCO15 Faculty Colorado State University
Troup Lucy αCO16 Faculty Colorado State University
Volbrecht Vicki αCO17 Faculty Colorado State University
Zabel Mark αCO18 Faculty Colorado State University
Berry Samir βMA80 Student Northeastern University
Boutros Christine βMA81 Student Northeastern University
Burke Kimberly βMA82 Student Northeastern University
Chrunyk Katherine βMA83 Student Northeastern University
Conroy Ashley βMA84 Student Northeastern University
Curran Riley βMA85 Student Northeastern University
Davis Meghan βMA86 Student Northeastern University
Diaz Veronica βMA87 Student Northeastern University
Dickinson Michelle βMA88 Student Northeastern University
Dobrott Courtney βMA89 Student Northeastern University
Drew Iain βMA90 Student Northeastern University
Drummey Kristen βMA91 Student Northeastern University
Foley Delaney βMA92 Student Northeastern University
Fowler Megan βMA93 Student Northeastern University
Hinkle Chad βMA94 Student Northeastern University
Hung Victoria βMA95 Student Northeastern University
Kaupp Shannon βMA96 Student Northeastern University
Kyada Margee βMA97 Student Northeastern University
LaRowe Lisa βMA98 Student Northeastern University
Longo Jami βMA99 Student Northeastern University
Madison Zachary βMA100 Student Northeastern University
Morani Henna βMA101 Student Northeastern University
Nguyen Matthew βMA102 Student Northeastern University
Park Joo Hee βMA103 Student Northeastern University
Sheehan Mark βMA104 Student Northeastern University
Siena Steven βMA105 Student Northeastern University
Smith Madeleine βMA106 Student Northeastern University
Stanley Mallorie βMA107 Student Northeastern University
Teichert Kristian βMA108 Student Northeastern University
Wrobleski Lauren βMA109 Student Northeastern University
Camacho Garcia Fernando βMA110 Student Northeastern University
Roberts Bradley βMD-77 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Karamchandani Manish αGA-178 Student Emory University
Greenlaw M. αGA-179 Student Emory University
Chen Judy αGA-180 Student Emory University
Burgado Jillybeth αGA-181 Student Emory University
Broida Samuel αGA-182 Student Emory University
Kim Minji αGA-183 Student Emory University
Branch Mary Rose αGA-184 Student Emory University
Song Hyunjin αGA-185 Student Emory University
Kim Nawoo αGA-186 Student Emory University
Rodgers Elizabeth αGA-187 Student Emory University
Wyatt MacKenzie αGA-188 Student Emory University
Rivell Aileen αGA-189 Student Emory University
Lombardi Felicia αGA-190 Student Emory University
Majarwitz Daniel αGA-191 Student Emory University
Cukier Sasha αGA-192 Student Emory University
Mowell Anna αGA-193 Student Emory University
Yeh Amy αGA-194 Student Emory University
Haddad Fuad αGA-195 Student Emory University
Dey Suranjana αGA-196 Student Emory University
Meffert Liana αGA-197 Student Emory University
DeMoss Ashley βVA21 Student Christopher Newport University
Kraft Kerri βVA22 Student Christopher Newport University
Philyaw Travis βVA23 Student Christopher Newport University
Risi Cristina βVA24 Student Christopher Newport University
Schleifer Isaac βVA25 Student Christopher Newport University
Tabackman Alexa βVA26 Student Christopher Newport University
Velosky Alexander βVA27 Student Christopher Newport University
Lipatova Olga βVA28 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Rollins Leslie βVA29 Faculty Christopher Newport University
Lagalwar Sara βNY1 Faculty Skidmore College
Lopez Hassan βNY2 Faculty Skidmore College
Hallock Robert βNY3 Faculty Skidmore College
Hearing Casey βNY4 Alumni Skidmore College
Carbone Emily βNY5 Alumni Skidmore College
Hall Porter βNY6 Student Skidmore College
Fu Jiakun βNY7 Student Skidmore College
Voigt Thomas βNY8 Student Skidmore College
Burger Olivia βNY9 Student Skidmore College
Kohiyama Mayumi βNY10 Student Skidmore College
Schoolcraft Kathleen βNY11 Student Skidmore College
Spring Mitchell βNY12 Student Skidmore College
Smith Brin αAZ-22 Student University of Arizona
Morvay Lucia αAZ-23 Student University of Arizona
Charlton Julie αAZ-24 Student University of Arizona
Foster Matthew αAZ-25 Student University of Arizona
Kim JungMin αAZ-26 Student University of Arizona
Valdes Frank αAZ-27 Student University of Arizona
Duron David αAZ-28 Student University of Arizona
Pyon Wonn αAZ-29 Student University of Arizona
Giles Brianna αAZ-30 Student University of Arizona
Strand Krys δMN1 Faculty Concordia College
Larson Susan δMN2 Faculty Concordia College
Askvig Jason δMN3 Faculty Concordia College
Olson Mikel δMN4 Faculty Concordia College
Larson Michael δMN5 Alumnus Concordia College
Quincer Elizabeth δMN6 Alumnus Concordia College
Quinlan Charissa δMN7 Alumnus Concordia College
Shiue Larissa δMN8 Alumnus Concordia College
Fida Lassang Nathalie δMN9 Alumnus Concordia College
Fields Lauren δMN10 Alumnus Concordia College
Ingebretson Anna δMN11 Alumnus Concordia College
Kyi Cindy δMN12 Alumnus Concordia College
Larson Molly δMN13 Student Concordia College
Goertzen Rachel δMN14 Student Concordia College
Borst Paige δMN15 Student Concordia College
Aisenberg Erin αCT-70 Student Trinity College
Bisnauth Subrina αCT-71 Student Trinity College
Cescon James αCT-72 Student Trinity College
Duggan Julia αCT-73 Student Trinity College
Evancha Nicole αCT-74 Student Trinity College
Kureshi Amina αCT-75 Student Trinity College
MacKichan Colin αCT-76 Student Trinity College
Marino Francesca αCT-77 Student Trinity College
Patel Selena αCT-78 Student Trinity College
Pedro Consuelo αCT-79 Student Trinity College
Mergler Blake γPA107 Student University of Pennsylvania
Katlowitz Yitzchak γPA108 Student University of Pennsylvania
Hebert Jennifer (Jenna) γPA109 Student University of Pennsylvania
Butt Shira γPA110 Student University of Pennsylvania
Mehta Devanshi γPA111 Student University of Pennsylvania
Chung Caroline γPA112 Student University of Pennsylvania
Jones Sara γPA113 Student University of Pennsylvania
Hsu Tina γPA114 Student University of Pennsylvania
Sorcher Jill γPA115 Student University of Pennsylvania
Beswick Melissa γPA116 Student University of Pennsylvania
Pardo Andrea γPA117 Student University of Pennsylvania
Somach Rebecca γPA118 Student University of Pennsylvania
Graf Alexander γPA119 Student University of Pennsylvania
Critelli Katherine γPA120 Student University of Pennsylvania
DeBaun Brian γPA121 Student University of Pennsylvania
Germi James γPA122 Student University of Pennsylvania
Walker II Phillip δGA-01 Student Morehouse College
Voisin Dené δGA-02 Student Spelman College
Sanders Tierra δGA-03 Student Spelman College
McGruder Henraya δGA-04 Student Spelman College
Lake Jared δGA-05 Student Morehouse College
Batton Aiyana δGA-06 Student Spelman College
Haftel Valerie δGA-07 Faculty Spelman College
Archard Brianna γNY-01 Student Binghamton University
Bell Meghan γNY-02 Student Binghamton University
Biagiotti Jessica γNY-03 Student Binghamton University
Bunyea Nicole γNY-04 Student Binghamton University
Bunyon Emily γNY-05 Student Binghamton University
Buscemi Teaghen γNY-06 Student Binghamton University
Cardenas Jenny γNY-07 Student Binghamton University
Champagne Katelyn γNY-08 Student Binghamton University
Cole Jesse γNY-09 Student Binghamton University
Colwell Melissa γNY-10 Student Binghamton University
Dearing Victoria γNY-11 Student Binghamton University
Delicce Anthony γNY-12 Student Binghamton University
Dermer Karen γNY-13 Student Binghamton University
Dolan Michael γNY-14 Student Binghamton University
Eggers Kristin γNY-15 Student Binghamton University
Evangelista Abbie γNY-16 Student Binghamton University
Ferrer Christopher γNY-17 Student Binghamton University
Foltin Eliana γNY-18 Student Binghamton University
Frears Nickolas γNY-19 Student Binghamton University
Gambardella Marissa γNY-20 Student Binghamton University
Glynn Joshua γNY-21 Student Binghamton University
Gross Libby γNY-22 Student Binghamton University
Hantzidiamantis Paris γNY-23 Student Binghamton University
Joanlanne Andrea γNY-24 Student Binghamton University
Khoury Neil γNY-25 Student Binghamton University
Khoury Joe γNY-26 Student Binghamton University
Kittrell Hannah γNY-27 Student Binghamton University
Lee Whee Sung γNY-28 Student Binghamton University
Li Jin Yao γNY-29 Student Binghamton University
Lowy Zachary γNY-30 Student Binghamton University
Luka Barbara γNY-31 Faculty Binghamton University
Maldonado Alejandro γNY-32 Student Binghamton University
Malone Caitlin γNY-33 Student Binghamton University
Marfatia Pawan γNY-34 Student Binghamton University
Marinelli Joseph γNY-35 Student Binghamton University
Miceli Joseph γNY-36 Student Binghamton University
Miller Karl γNY-37 Student Binghamton University
Mirsky Amanda γNY-38 Student Binghamton University
Mogel Daniel γNY-39 Student Binghamton University
O’Rourke Ryan γNY-40 Student Binghamton University
Palumbo Noel γNY-41 Student Binghamton University
Rios Matthew γNY-42 Student Binghamton University
Rogow Jackson γNY-43 Student Binghamton University
Sentar Tricia γNY-44 Student Binghamton University
Shankey Joseph γNY-45 Student Binghamton University
Thompson Tyler γNY-46 Student Binghamton University
Tischler Amanda γNY-47 Student Binghamton University
Tong Anna γNY-48 Student Binghamton University
Tyneway Mark γNY-49 Student Binghamton University
Van Loan Emily γNY-50 Student Binghamton University
Vingan Isaac γNY-51 Student Binghamton University
Wirshba Carle γNY-52 Student Binghamton University
Wright Julia γNY-53 Student Binghamton University
Young Jessica γNY-54 Student Binghamton University
Zucker Jordan γNY-55 Student Binghamton University
Gingras Sebastien αNY-46 Student Union College
Merklen Cassidy αNY-47 Student Union College
Yazdani Ariella αNY-48 Student Union College
Holman Jarrod αIN19 Student University of Evansville
Loeche Erica αIN20 Student University of Evansville
Miller William αIN21 Student University of Evansville
Winters Nathan αIN22 Student University of Evansville
Nelson Ana αNE34 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Krise Kenneth αNE35 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Ehresman Jeffrey αNE36 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Schulz Jaclyn αNE37 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Brenhouse Heather βMA111 Faculty Northeastern University
Canal Clinton βMA112 Faculty Northeastern University
Monaghan James βMA113 Faculty Northeastern University
Naarendorp Frank βMA114 Faculty Northeastern University
Pirri Jennifer βMA115 Faculty Northeastern University
Shansky Rebecca βMA116 Faculty Northeastern University
Sternad Dagmar βMA117 Faculty Northeastern University
Demaestri Camila βMA118 Student Northeastern University
Ahn Irina βMA119 Student Northeastern University
Barnes Megan βMA120 Student Northeastern University
Bekheet George βMA121 Student Northeastern University
Bennett Lindsay βMA122 Student Northeastern University
Brown Kristen βMA123 Student Northeastern University
Coritt Lauren βMA124 Student Northeastern University
Gombar Julia βMA125 Student Northeastern University
Hayashi Jennifer βMA126 Student Northeastern University
Krishnan Guhan βMA127 Student Northeastern University
Kroshilina Alexandra βMA128 Student Northeastern University
Lahlaf Safiya βMA129 Student Northeastern University
Lee Jr. Terence βMA130 Student Northeastern University
Levitsky Kathryn βMA131 Student Northeastern University
Lieb Tullia βMA132 Student Northeastern University
Mei Leslie βMA133 Student Northeastern University
Neuroth Lucas βMA134 Student Northeastern University
Niyazov Gabriella βMA135 Student Northeastern University
Ochandarena Nicole βMA136 Student Northeastern University
Oppong Akosua βMA137 Student Northeastern University
Silk Hannah βMA138 Student Northeastern University
Stefano Alexis βMA139 Student Northeastern University
Trudeau Lauren βMA140 Student Northeastern University
Zhao Lei βMA141 Student Northeastern University
Gomez Stephanie βMA142 Student Northeastern University
Zanello Andrea βMA143 Student Northeastern University
Deere Victor αIN23 Student University of Evansville
Matias Charles αIN24 Student University of Evansville
Feagans Mandy αIN25 Student University of Evansville
Lampkins Andy αIN26 Faculty University of Evansville
Albers John αLA-86 Student Tulane University
Baumgartner Nina αLA-87 Student Tulane University
Cyprich Janelle αLA-88 Student Tulane University
Dobbs Sarah αLA-89 Student Tulane University
Emetuche Chinonso αLA-90 Student Tulane University
Farhoud Dua αLA-91 Student Tulane University
Feintech Samuel αLA-92 Student Tulane University
Gordon Angellica αLA-93 Student Tulane University
Hurth Charles αLA-94 Student Tulane University
Kaplan Jamie αLA-95 Student Tulane University
Lavergne Sylvie αLA-96 Student Tulane University
Love James αLA-97 Student Tulane University
Mondschein David αLA-98 Student Tulane University
Moran Jacqueline αLA-99 Student Tulane University
Nugent Courtney αLA-100 Student Tulane University
O’Connor Mackenzie αLA-101 Student Tulane University
Ortega Jonathan αLA-102 Student Tulane University
Picou Cade αLA-103 Student Tulane University
Rice Robert αLA-104 Student Tulane University
Thomas Robert αLA-105 Student Tulane University
Tom Chloe αLA-106 Student Tulane University
Tomb Landon αLA-107 Student Tulane University
Toplin Seth αLA-108 Student Tulane University
Topolski Natasha αLA-109 Student Tulane University
Wang Kaixi αLA-110 Student Tulane University
Zalis Joshua αLA-111 Student Tulane University
Bianchi Kaitlin αAZ-31 Student University of Arizona
Farhadi Dara αAZ-32 Student University of Arizona
Hernandez Ernesto αAZ-33 Student University of Arizona
Hutchison Dylan αAZ-34 Student University of Arizona
Kavoosi Tazheh αAZ-35 Student University of Arizona
Koutia Adele αAZ-36 Student University of Arizona
Leighty Connor αAZ-37 Student University of Arizona
Lorenzen Nico αAZ-38 Student University of Arizona
Misra Shivani αAZ-39 Student University of Arizona
Nguyen Minhkhoi αAZ-40 Student University of Arizona
Patel Surbhi αAZ-41 Student University of Arizona
Sanchez Raymond αAZ-42 Student University of Arizona
Stange Nathan αAZ-43 Student University of Arizona
Struck Travis αAZ-44 Student University of Arizona
Wexler Joshua αAZ-45 Student University of Arizona
Yell Joshua αAZ-46 Student University of Arizona
Tolbert Leslie αAZ-47 Faculty University of Arizona
Oland Lynne αAZ-48 Faculty University of Arizona
Nighorn Alan αAZ-49 Faculty University of Arizona
Hildebrand John αAZ-50 Faculty University of Arizona
Coffel Michael βNY13 Alumni Skidmore College
Zhang Jenny βNY14 Student Skidmore College
O’Donnel William βNY15 Student Skidmore College
Ostrow Rory βNY16 Student Skidmore College
Hanebrink Kurt βNY17 Student Skidmore College
Barnes Lynn εOH45 Student Ohio State University
Kwong Lydia εOH46 Student Ohio State University
Chehade Nick εOH47 Student Ohio State University
Lynn Ashley εOH48 Student Ohio State University
Squires Natalie εOH49 Student Ohio State University
Prabhu Maya εOH50 Student Ohio State University
Granitto Marissa εOH51 Student Ohio State University
Krug Annemarie εOH52 Student Ohio State University
Pandya Milin εOH53 Student Ohio State University
Aten Sydney εOH54 Student Ohio State University
 Loeser Jacob εOH55 Student Ohio State University
Lee Angela εOH56 Student Ohio State University
Mendonca Ninoshka εOH57 Student Ohio State University
Trojanowski Paige εOH58 Student Ohio State University
Julian Dominic εOH59 Student Ohio State University
Zalenski Abigail εOH60 Student Ohio State University
Gomez Daniel εOH61 Student Ohio State University
Aminov Julia εOH62 Student Ohio State University
Ballard Hannah αTX-67 Student Baylor University
Chang Howard αTX-68 Student Baylor University
Curtis Kyra αTX-69 Student Baylor University
Gershberg Elizabeth αTX-70 Student Baylor University
Guberman Emily αTX-71 Student Baylor University
Holum Jessica αTX-72 Student Baylor University
Huebschman Jessica αTX-73 Student Baylor University
Julakanti Maneesha αTX-74 Student Baylor University
Korbitz Parker αTX-75 Student Baylor University
Lokhandwala Sanna αTX-76 Student Baylor University
Managan Claire αTX-77 Student Baylor University
Mathes Lauren αTX-78 Student Baylor University
Moore Mary αTX-79 Student Baylor University
Neale Morgan αTX-80 Student Baylor University
Okoh James αTX-81 Student Baylor University
Olmstead Jack αTX-82 Student Baylor University
Russell Katherine αTX-83 Student Baylor University
Scoggin Stephanie αTX-84 Student Baylor University
Stephens Aleeza αTX-85 Student Baylor University
Tami Claudina αTX-86 Student Baylor University
Tsiu Sarah αTX-87 Student Baylor University
White Sarah αTX-88 Student Baylor University
Winters Kathleen αTX-89 Student Baylor University
Zapata Rebecca αTX-90 Student Baylor University
Dieu Andrew αTX-91 Student Baylor University
Cox Daniel βGA10 Faculty Georgia State University
Forger Nancy βGA11 Faculty Georgia State University
de Vries Geert βGA12 Faculty Georgia State University
Hartline Jacob αTN-22 Student Rhodes College
Hatstat Anna αTN-23 Student Rhodes College
Hundman Chloe αTN-24 Student Rhodes College
Lowry Elise αTN-25 Student Rhodes College
Mansour Charles αTN-26 Student Rhodes College
Morris Mallory αTN-27 Student Rhodes College
Ramirez Blakely αTN-28 Student Rhodes College
Schonhoff Aubrey αTN-29 Student Rhodes College
Sharfman Nathan αTN-30 Student Rhodes College
Shin Jane αTN-31 Student Rhodes College
Dougherty Kelly αTN-32 Faculty Rhodes College
Haberman Jason αTN-33 Faculty Rhodes College
Gallo Ryan αMD-60 Student Johns Hopkins University
Park Jessica Hyunji αMD-61 Student Johns Hopkins University
McNulty Jack αMD-62 Student Johns Hopkins University
Fiallos Edgar αMD-63 Student Johns Hopkins University
DeMaio Michael αMD-64 Student Johns Hopkins University
Hess Evan αMD-65 Student Johns Hopkins University
Mori Kanami αMD-66 Student Johns Hopkins University
Croce Phillip αMD-67 Student Johns Hopkins University
Huntley Joseph αMD-68 Student Johns Hopkins University
Park Jun Hyun αMD-69 Student Johns Hopkins University
Norman Mackenzie αMD-70 Student Johns Hopkins University
Carter Bryan βPA-53 Student Ursinus College
Jones Jennifer βPA-54 Student Ursinus College
March Ryan βPA-55 Student Ursinus College
Medeiros Steven βPA-56 Student Ursinus College
Plyler Lauren βPA-57 Student Ursinus College
Randelman Margo βPA-58 Student Ursinus College
Snively-Bologna Alexa βPA-59 Student Ursinus College
Soffer Jonathan βPA-60 Student Ursinus College
Soloff Hale βPA-61 Student Ursinus College
Subnani Nikita βPA-62 Student Ursinus College
Talerico Samuel βPA-63 Student Ursinus College
Tillson Caitlin βPA-64 Student Ursinus College
Tornea Renee βPA-65 Student Ursinus College
Kane Sarah αCO19 Student Colorado State University
Akin Elizabeth αCO20 Student Colorado State University
Wilson Andrew αCO21 Student Colorado State University
James Jessica αCO22 Student Colorado State University
Walsh Keifer αCO23 Student Colorado State University
Quirk Phillip αCO24 Faculty Colorado State University
Dahlgren Anna αCO25 Student Colorado State University
Mesenbrink Sara αNE38 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Pickeral Mark αNE39 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Trevarrow Michael αNE40 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Thompson Lacy αNE41 Student University of Nebraska, Omaha
Benedict Dane βGA13 Student Georgia State University
Hernandez Norma βGA14 Student Georgia State University
Omar Hamki βGA15 Student Georgia State University
Paranthaman Nithya βGA16 Student Georgia State University
Ross Deanna βGA17 Student Georgia State University
White Alexandria βGA18 Student Georgia State University
Williams Rapheal βGA19 Student Georgia State University
Ross Stephanie βGA20 Student Georgia State University
Rodriguez Angie βGA21 Student Georgia State University
Bello Nicholas βGA22 Student Georgia State University
Hall Alexander βGA23 Student Georgia State University
Ortiz Ruby γIL42 Student Lake Forest College
Graham Logan γIL43 Student Lake Forest College
McCracken Ana γIL44 Student Lake Forest College
Ong Emily γIL45 Student Lake Forest College
Schrag Peyton γIL46 Student Lake Forest College
Levine Emma γIL47 Student Lake Forest College
Li Junya γIL48 Student Lake Forest College
Tanveer Aasimah γIL49 Student Lake Forest College
Carr Thomas γIL50 Alumni Lake Forest College
Sharma Luthra Nijee γIL51 Alumni Lake Forest College
Holmes Isaac γIL52 Alumni Lake Forest College
Paul Arun γIL53 Alumni Lake Forest College
Brandis Katrina γIL54 Alumni Lake Forest College
White Michael γIL55 Alumni Lake Forest College
Perez Jaime γIL56 Alumni Lake Forest College
Brown Jannah αOH-64 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Plahuta Meghan αOH-65 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Sabo Justin αOH-66 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Kollin Luke αOH-67 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Constantine Scott αOH-68 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Matia Allison αOH-69 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Mahajan Ashley αOH-70 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Chicote Mark αMA-111 Student UMass Amherst
Conroy Taylor αMA-112 Student UMass Amherst
Gavin Andrew αMA-113 Student UMass Amherst
Godek Tyler αMA-114 Student UMass Amherst
Mankodi Aditi αMA-115 Student UMass Amherst
Monteverde LeeAnn αMA-116 Student UMass Amherst
Ozelius Katherine αMA-117 Student UMass Amherst
Pichette Samuel αMA-118 Student UMass Amherst
Ricardo Jean αMA-119 Student UMass Amherst
Sabol Alexis αMA-120 Student UMass Amherst
Valler Meaghan αMA-121 Student UMass Amherst
Xu Jiali αMA-122 Student UMass Amherst
Wang Wanqi αMA-123 Student Smith College
Blohm Noah αMA-124 Student Smith College
Ryder Rebecca αMA-125 Student Smith College
Tai Angela αMA-126 Student Smith College
Smith Margaret αMA-127 Student Smith College
Mallari Olivia αMA-128 Student Smith College
LaFlamme Elyssa αMA-129 Student Smith College
Prabhakar Varsha αMA-130 Student Smith College
Gravel Teana αMA-131 Student UMass Amherst
Atkinson Summer αVT1 Student University of Vermont
Brisson Angela αVT2 Student University of Vermont
Cirelli Rosamaria αVT3 Student University of Vermont
Herman Dylan αVT4 Student University of Vermont
Huessy Julia αVT5 Student University of Vermont
Kominek Victoria αVT6 Student University of Vermont
Light Sarah αVT7 Student University of Vermont
MacNeill Elizabeth αVT8 Student University of Vermont
Mathews Morgan αVT9 Student University of Vermont
Searles Sienna αVT10 Student University of Vermont
Sue Irene αVT11 Student University of Vermont
Thorsdottir Daniella αVT12 Student University of Vermont
Trott Jeremy αVT13 Student University of Vermont
Wixted Ellen αVT14 Student University of Vermont
Hammack Sayamwong αVT15 Faculty University of Vermont
Acs Deanna βMD-77 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Bucknam Elaine βMD-78 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Goodrich Jessica βMD-79 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Habicht Kelly βMD-80 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Karimi Arman βMD-81 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Long Megan βMD-82 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Stokes William βMD-83 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Mantell James βMD-84 Faculty St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Kim Lorraine γPA123 Student University of Pennsylvania
Hsu Jerry γPA124 Student University of Pennsylvania
Lukasz Daria γPA125 Student University of Pennsylvania
Nussbaum Rebecca γPA126 Student University of Pennsylvania
Garcia Lizette γPA127 Student University of Pennsylvania
Silva Luisa γPA128 Student University of Pennsylvania
Shah Shivani γPA129 Student University of Pennsylvania
Rossignol Julien αMI-18 Faculty Central Michigan University
Sweeney Lynn αMI-19 Faculty Central Michigan University
Johansen Jamie αMI-20 Faculty Central Michigan University
Hochgeschwender Ute αMI-21 Faculty Central Michigan University
Cofield Jasmine αMI-22 Student Central Michigan University
Palmateer Brandon αMI-23 Student Central Michigan University
Hoolsema Katrina αMI-24 Student Central Michigan University
Park Kevin αMI-25 Faculty Central Michigan University
Jenrow Kenneth αMI-26 Faculty Central Michigan University
Candia Robert αNJ-60 Student Drew University
Chirinos Renatta αNJ-61 Student Drew University
Donofrio Brianna αNJ-62 Student Drew University
Gotto Joseph αNJ-63 Student Drew University
Healy Ryan αNJ-64 Student Drew University
Holz Danielle αNJ-65 Student Drew University
Miraoui Nour αNJ-66 Student Drew University
Pearce Lindsay αNJ-67 Student Drew University
Redmond Taylor αNJ-68 Student Drew University
Tenuto Christiana αNJ-69 Student Drew University
Rocha Cartagena Angela-Maria αNJ-70 Student Drew University
Weiner Susan αNJ-71 Student Drew University
Medvecky Christopher αNJ-72 Faculty Drew University
Anderson Bjorn αGA-198 Student Emory University
Aronoff Elizabeth αGA-199 Student Emory University
Burch Amelia αGA-200 Student Emory University
Desai Kanisha αGA-201 Student Emory University
Eyrich Nicholas αGA-202 Student Emory University
Ferents Bar αGA-203 Student Emory University
Hoang Uyen αGA-204 Student Emory University
Huynh Khang αGA-205 Student Emory University
Jacobs Rachel αGA-206 Student Emory University
Julian Sydney αGA-207 Student Emory University
Kay Ariel αGA-208 Student Emory University
Le Chi αGA-209 Student Emory University
Lee Brian αGA-210 Student Emory University
Maredia Navin αGA-211 Student Emory University
Marquardt Ashley αGA-212 Student Emory University
Matzka Liesl αGA-213 Student Emory University
Nadeem Maheen αGA-214 Student Emory University
Nutaitis Alexandra αGA-215 Student Emory University
Pleasure Zoe αGA-216 Student Emory University
Root Jessica αGA-217 Student Emory University
Talman Molly αGA-218 Student Emory University
Unterberger Ansley αGA-219 Student Emory University
Panjwani Reema αGA-220 Student Emory University
Anderson Maxwell γMN36 Student St. Olaf College
Baldwin Nicole γMN37 Student St. Olaf College
Bash Rachel γMN38 Student St. Olaf College
Erickson Maia γMN39 Student St. Olaf College
Roemmich Alexa γMN40 Student St. Olaf College
Bhattacharya Sweta γMN41 Student St. Olaf College
Bohm-Levine Nathaniel δOH-66 Student Oberlin College
Hunter Ryan δOH-67 Student Oberlin College
Swetschinski Lucien δOH-68 Student Oberlin College
Zeemont Maya δOH-69 Student Oberlin College
Page Sarah δOH-70 Student Oberlin College
Meissen Andrew βIL-14 Student Dominican University
Terracciano Rosa βIL-15 Student Dominican University
Corwin-Renner Emily αIL-26 Student Knox College
Crowell Gavin αIL-27 Student Knox College
Neuhauser Abigail αIL-28 Student Knox College
Parker Coltan αIL-29 Student Knox College
Blue Jamie αIL-30 Student Knox College
Chipalkatti Naina αCA-124 Student University of Southern California
Lin Emily αCA-125 Student University of Southern California
Meshulam Aviv αCA-126 Student University of Southern California
Chen Diana αCA-127 Student University of Southern California
Baral Erika αCA-128 Student University of Southern California
Bonyadlou Sean αCA-129 Student University of Southern California
Paschall Courtnie βCO1 Student University of Colorado, Boulder
Hubert Kale βCO2 Student University of Colorado, Boulder
Schneiderman Gabrielle βCO3 Student University of Colorado, Boulder
Meyer Laura βCO4 Student University of Colorado, Boulder
Davis Levi βCO5 Student University of Colorado, Boulder
Agarwal Pratima γMA1 Student Boston University
Abraham Neeta γMA2 Student Boston University
Amenechi Chioma γMA3 Student Boston University
Bayruns Courtney γMA4 Student Boston University
Bell Rachel γMA5 Student Boston University
Cherry Natalie γMA6 Student Boston University
Dali Veena γMA7 Student Boston University
Dewitz Jacob γMA8 Student Boston University
Duskin Jonathan γMA9 Student Boston University
Foster Andrea γMA10 Student Boston University
Gomez Victoria γMA11 Student Boston University
Hill Kathryn γMA12 Student Boston University
Kasdan Anna γMA13 Student Boston University
Kenny Connor γMA14 Student Boston University
Koen Nicholas γMA15 Student Boston University
Kohley Annalyse γMA16 Student Boston University
Koro Lacin γMA17 Student Boston University
Miller Gregg γMA18 Student Boston University
Panja Aparna γMA19 Student Boston University
Pellerin Kyle γMA20 Student Boston University
Pirooz Kianna γMA21 Student Boston University
PurteII Hannah γMA22 Student Boston University
Rassat Sarah γMA23 Student Boston University
Saline Austin γMA24 Student Boston University
Shah Aishwarya γMA25 Student Boston University
Tingley Elizabeth γMA26 Student Boston University
Thomason Alyssa γMA27 Student Boston University
Toraif Noor γMA28 Student Boston University
Uminski Jake γMA29 Student Boston University
Whiteley Isabell γMA30 Student Boston University
Berman Kimberly γNY-56 Student Binghamton University
Bernier Emma γNY-57 Student Binghamton University
Bossert Sharon γNY-58 Student Binghamton University
Gorkowitz Arianna γNY-59 Student Binghamton University
Larywon Chris γNY-60 Student Binghamton University
Lau Jaime γNY-61 Student Binghamton University
Mandel Jill γNY-62 Student Binghamton University
Nagel Thomas γNY-63 Student Binghamton University
Namba Clementine γNY-64 Student Binghamton University
Ryan Emma γNY-65 Student Binghamton University
Taylor Anne γNY-66 Student Binghamton University
Tirsun Deborah γNY-67 Student Binghamton University
Lawlor Christian yNY-68 Student Binghamton University
Aesoph Megan βMN-74 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Friess Lauren βMN-75 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Kelly Caitlin βMN-76 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Oseid Daniel βMN-77 Alumnus University of St. Thomas
Soppe Ashley βMN-78 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Smith Elizabeth βMN-79 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Elsenpeter Olivia βMN-80 Student University of St. Thomas
Gilbertson Greta βMN-81 Student University of St. Thomas
Hanson Katherine βMN-82 Student University of St. Thomas
Kerber Laura βMN-83 Student University of St. Thomas
Pedersen Elizabeth βMN-84 Student University of St. Thomas
Shepard Victoria βMN-85 Student University of St. Thomas
Tarter Alexis βMN-86 Student University of St. Thomas
Blazejewski Sara αPA59 Student The University of Scranton
Breslin Joseph αPA60 Student The University of Scranton
Chapin Sara αPA61 Student The University of Scranton
Kolzow Kaitlyn αPA62 Student The University of Scranton
Kent Ivan αPA63 Student The University of Scranton
Prezkop Gabrielle αPA64 Student The University of Scranton
Rennekamp David αPA65 Student The University of Scranton
Cavanaugh Jacqulyn αPA66 Student The University of Scranton
Meyers-Manor Julia αMN-62 Faculty Macalester College
Berman  Ruth αMN-63 Student Macalester College
Botten  Marijo αMN-64 Student Macalester College
Brown  Hannah αMN-65 Student Macalester College
Collins  Brooke αMN-66 Student Macalester College
Goldstein  Jenna αMN-67 Student Macalester College
Ly  Bunchung αMN-68 Student Macalester College
Mochizuki-Freeman  James αMN-69 Student Macalester College
Qu  Jiayin αMN-70 Student Macalester College
Sass  Casey αMN-71 Student Macalester College
Syrkin-Nikolau  Judith αMN-72 Student Macalester College
Thayer  Gina αMN-73 Student Macalester College
James Tittle  Benjamin αMN-74 Student Macalester College
Zhu  Allen αMN-75 Student Macalester College
Dua Akanksha αMN-76 Student Macalester College
Bernstein  Jessica αMN-77 Student Macalester College
Fauni Harrisonford αMN-78 Student Macalester College
Arnold Kristin αWI-I37 Student Carthage College
Klimek Scott αWI-I38 Student Carthage College
Troyer Courtney αWI-I39 Student Carthage College
Darrow Megan αWI-I40 Student Carthage College
Stefanek Joscelyn αWI-I41 Student Carthage College
Bergstrom Kirsten αWI-I42 Student Carthage College
Horst Megan αWI-I43 Student Carthage College
McCormick Kaylie αWI-I44 Student Carthage College
Christian Sarah αWI-I45 Student Carthage College
Hamilton Holly αWI-I46 Student Carthage College
Rendon Allison αWI-I47 Student Carthage College
Clark Hannah αWI-I48 Student Carthage College
Rognrud Kara αWI-I49 Student Carthage College
Regetz Theresa αWI-I50 Student Carthage College
Gill Margaret δIL-1 Faculty North Central College
Bartoli Elaina δIL-2 Student North Central College
Lopez Olivia δIL-3 Student North Central College
Butnariu Mary δIL-4 Student North Central College
Kendall Emily δIL-5 Student North Central College
Jantz Dax δIL-6 Student North Central College
Bartz Kayla δIL-7 Student North Central College
Wright Allison δIL-8 Student North Central College
Panzica Jessica δIL-9 Student North Central College
Borrelli Kristyn αDE-41 Student University of Delaware
Chamness Marisa αDE-42 Student University of Delaware
Feick Megan αDE-43 Student University of Delaware
Gupta Jayesh αDE-44 Student University of Delaware
Hill Christine αDE-45 Student University of Delaware
Hughes Alexander αDE-46 Student University of Delaware
Landsberg Eric αDE-47 Student University of Delaware
Lecates Chelsea αDE-48 Student University of Delaware
Lopez Martha αDE-49 Student University of Delaware
Maggio Angela αDE-50 Student University of Delaware
Su Selina αDE-51 Student University of Delaware
Venizelos Taylor αDE-52 Student University of Delaware
Whitney Cedric αDE-53 Student University of Delaware
Striedter Georg βCA-86 Faculty University of CA, Irvine
Berger-Sweeney Joanne αCT-80 Faculty Honorary Trinity College
LeDoux Joseph αCT-81 Faculty Honorary NYU-but Trinity College Honorary
MacDonald Douglas αCT-82 Faculty Honorary Trinity College
Bunce Jamie βMA144 Faculty Northeastern University
AbdulJabbar Sarah βMA145 Student Northeastern University
Allen David βMA146 Student Northeastern University
Avakova Alla βMA147 Student Northeastern University
Aycinena Koose Ana βMA148 Student Northeastern University
Bertolini Elaine βMA149 Student Northeastern University
Bougazzoul Oumaima βMA150 Student Northeastern University
Castilla Ojo Noelle βMA151 Student Northeastern University
Chang Remington βMA152 Student Northeastern University
Coley Elena βMA153 Student Northeastern University
Donley Sydney βMA154 Student Northeastern University
Fong Seraphina βMA155 Student Northeastern University
Halftermeyer Anais βMA156 Student Northeastern University
Haynes Trevor βMA157 Student Northeastern University
Henriques Alexa βMA158 Student Northeastern University
Jozanovic Renee βMA159 Student Northeastern University
Kennedy Thomas βMA160 Student Northeastern University
Kenny Deane βMA161 Student Northeastern University
Kerstens Robert βMA162 Student Northeastern University
Koenig Kimberly βMA163 Student Northeastern University
LaFratta Samantha βMA164 Student Northeastern University
Lim Ruyan βMA165 Student Northeastern University
Martin Courtney βMA166 Student Northeastern University
Mathur Natasha βMA167 Student Northeastern University
Narula Juhi βMA168 Student Northeastern University
Pandya Aniket βMA169 Student Northeastern University
Pfeiffer Katharine βMA170 Student Northeastern University
Renaud Alice βMA171 Student Northeastern University
Ripich Kianna βMA172 Student Northeastern University
Robertson Keiramarie βMA173 Student Northeastern University
Rodis Nicole βMA174 Student Northeastern University
Seymour Sarah βMA175 Student Northeastern University
Spahr Jamie βMA176 Student Northeastern University
Weisman Hannah βMA177 Student Northeastern University
Wozniak Mary βMA178 Student Northeastern University
McMurray Matthew γOH-60 Faculty Miami University
Bertero Erin βVA30 Student Christopher Newport University
Cascio Maria βVA31 Student Christopher Newport University
Cordoba Santiago βVA32 Student Christopher Newport University
Earls Candace βVA33 Student Christopher Newport University
Fekir Sinda βVA34 Student Christopher Newport University
Gudyka Katelyn βVA35 Student Christopher Newport University
Horlick Cobi βVA36 Student Christopher Newport University
Lopez Erika βVA37 Student Christopher Newport University
Mabry Erin βVA38 Student Christopher Newport University
Moyer Andrew βVA39 Student Christopher Newport University
Porter Cassaundra βVA40 Student Christopher Newport University
Vande Vrede Kayla βVA41 Student Christopher Newport University
Premo Hayley βVA42 Student Christopher Newport University
Brower Chase αUT1 Student Weber State University
Fowler Lauren αUT2 Faculty Weber State University
George Emily αUT3 Student Weber State University
Hagerty Kathleen αUT4 Student Weber State University
Hardman Dustin αUT5 Student Weber State University
Homer Lauren αUT6 Student Weber State University
Hutchins Jim αUT7 Faculty Weber State University
Martinez Eryberto αUT8 Student Weber State University
Miller Zoee αUT9 Student Weber State University
Ombach Hendrick αUT10 Student Weber State University
Sahleen Monika αUT11 Student Weber State University
Trask Barbara αUT12 Faculty Weber State University
Chiang Samantha γGA-14 Student Agnes Scott University
Adekunle Ore γGA-15 Student Agnes Scott University
Voder Bruegge Martha γGA-16 Student Agnes Scott University
Haddad Nicole αNV-36 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Torres – Gonzalez Mariana αNV-37 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Breslow Emily αNV-38 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Bowden Kirsten αNV-39 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Tolles Traci αNV-40 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Warner Kendal αNV-41 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Khoshaba Amalea αNV-42 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Ji Suzhe αNV-43 Student University of Nevada,Reno
Kokanoutranon Alisa βCA-87 student University of California, Irvine
La Tammy βCA-88 student University of California, Irvine
Habeeb Mariyam βCA-89 student University of California, Irvine
Phuong Julie βCA-90 student University of California, Irvine
Youn Young βCA-91 student University of California, Irvine
Camarena Andres βCA-92 student University of California, Irvine
Del Barrio Daniel βCA-93 student University of California, Irvine
Nguyen Cecilia βCA-94 student University of California, Irvine
Caraway Chad βCA-95 student University of California, Irvine
Siguenza Sean βCA-96 student University of California, Irvine
Kao Bianca αAZ-51 Student University of Arizona
Burdick Nyssa αAZ-52 Student University of Arizona
Cruz Karen αAZ-53 Student University of Arizona
Chew Lindsey αAZ-54 Student University of Arizona
Dong Stephan αAZ-55 Student University of Arizona
Ghotmi Yarah αAZ-56 Student University of Arizona
Hafezi Autri αAZ-57 Student University of Arizona
Comrie Alison αAZ-58 Student University of Arizona
Lanzel Susan αAZ-59 Student University of Arizona
Agosttini Joseph αAZ-60 Student University of Arizona
Kondapalli Koustubh αAZ-61 Student University of Arizona
Vecsey Christopher βNY18 Faculty Skidmore College
Larson Chloe βNY19 Student Skidmore College
Familiar-Bolanos Marcela βNY20 Student Skidmore College
Soldozy Sauson αVA23 Student University of Virginia
Dixit Sumeet αVA24 Student University of Virginia
Van Dyck Jenna αVA25 Student University of Virginia
Chandler-Adesegun Jen αVA26 Alumni University of Virginia
Pickrell Virginia αVA27 Student University of Virginia
Davoudian Pasha αVA28 Student University of Virginia
Glier Sarah αVA29 Alumni University of Virginia
Stankey Makela αVA30 Alumni University of Virginia
Adamski Ariana αCT-83 Student Trinity College
Aiken Emily αCT-84 Student Trinity College
Bitan Zachary αCT-85 Student Trinity College
Bloomquist Tessa αCT-86 Student Trinity College
Bunker Sarah αCT-87 Student Trinity College
Ceci Francesca αCT-88 Alumni Trinity College
DiFiori Monica αCT-89 Student Trinity College
DiNitto Sasha αCT-90 Student Trinity College
Dyer Michelle αCT-91 Student Trinity College
Foley Elizabeth αCT-92 Student Trinity College
Hum-Hyder Thomas αCT-93 Student Trinity College
Rubin Jacob αCT-94 Student Trinity College
Sorensen Taylor αCT-95 Student Trinity College
Suarez Alex αCT-96 Student Trinity College
Thiemann Nathaniel αCT-97 Student Trinity College
Wyss Livia αCT-98 Student Trinity College
Nestler Eric δOH-71 Honorary Oberlin College
Herrera Albert αCA-130 Faculty University of Southern California
Seibert Elizabeth αCA-131 Student University of Southern California
Younis Joseph αCA-132 Student University of Southern California
Patel Hardik βCO6 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Brett Ceire βCO7 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
France Jeanelle βCO8 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Rumian Nicole βCO9 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Ravenel James βC10 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Brock John βC11 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Miller Janae βGA24 Student Georgia State University
Chaudry Miriam βGA25 Student Georgia State University
Choe MiNa βGA26 Student Georgia State University
Patel Nil βGA27 Student Georgia State University
Slaby Ryan βGA28 Student Georgia State University
Kishor Srilaxmi βGA29 Student Georgia State University
Moore Morgan βGA30 Student Georgia State University
Moon Dusty βGA31 Student Georgia State University
Bobo Hansley βGA32 Student Georgia State University
Robow Fardowsa βGA33 Student Georgia State University
Do Hien βGA34 Student Georgia State University
Tuffaha Ahmad βGA35 Student Georgia State University
Pikus Ellen βGA36 Student Georgia State University
Valdez Gerardo βGA37 Student Georgia State University
Grant Marshall βGA38 Student Georgia State University
Maier Caleb βGA39 Student Georgia State University
Kryk Anothony βGA40 Student Georgia State University
Cuadros Vargas Diana βGA41 Student Georgia State University
Lambert Laura βGA42 Student Georgia State University
Berhane Abiel βGA43 Student Georgia State University
Cain Joshua αIA1 Student Drake Unversity
Sekhon Morgan αIA2 Student Drake University
Piersma Drew αIA3 Student Drake University
Hillring Sara αIA4 Student Drake University
Panfil Kelsey αIA5 Student Drake University
Beard Lisa αIA6 Student Drake University
Dewdney Kendrick αIA7 Student Drake University
Elkins Zachary αIA8 Student Drake University
Sanders Brian αIA9 Faculty Drake University
Dooley Sean yNY-69 Student Binghamton University
Moshman Rachel yNY-70 Student Binghamton University
Graffeo Nicholas yNY-71 Student Binghamton University
Hanz Samuel yNY-72 Student Binghamton University
Duffy Molly yNY-73 Student Binghamton University
Soultan Kimberly yNY-74 Student Binghamton University
Miller Alec yNY-75 Student Binghamton University
Sagesse Gabrielle yNY-76 Student Binghamton University
Holland Elizabeth yNY-77 Student Binghamton University
Raber Joshua yNY-78 Student Binghamton University
Mennillo Ashley yNY-79 Student Binghamton University
Smolarchik Dan yNY-80 Student Binghamton University
Wasserman Jessica yNY-81 Student Binghamton University
Rooney Emily yNY-82 Student Binghamton University
Wallace Sierra yNY-83 Student Binghamton University
Kinan Abdullah yNY-84 Student Binghamton University
Chernick Justin yNY-85 Student Binghamton University
Shang Fei yNY-86 Student Binghamton University
Obie Jessica yNY-87 Student Binghamton University
Singh Amandeep yNY-88 Student Binghamton University
Piazza Michelle yNY-89 Student Binghamton University
Tabibzadeh Aaron yNY-90 Student Binghamton University
Owitz Michael yNY-91 Student Binghamton University
Dao Angela yNY-92 Student Binghamton University
Davis Stacey yNY-93 Student Binghamton University
Hasse Brady αMI-27 Student Central Michigan University
Miller Jerica αMI-28 Student Central Michigan University
Ellis Madison αMI-29 Student Central Michigan University
Schofield Molly αMI-30 Student Central Michigan University
Zenchak Jessica αMI-31 Student Central Michigan University
Daniels Cristina βGA44 Student Georgia State University
Chen Bofeng γPA130 Student University of Pennsylvania
Schwarz Jessica γPA131 Student University of Pennsylvania
Pollock Eli γPA132 Student University of Pennsylvania
Rudoler Jeremy γPA133 Student University of Pennsylvania
Testino Alexander γPA134 Student University of Pennsylvania
Schweitzer Aaron γPA135 Student University of Pennsylvania
Paul Nicole γPA136 Student University of Pennsylvania
Wolfheimer Jordan γPA137 Student University of Pennsylvania
Briggs Nell γPA138 Student University of Pennsylvania
Avery Krieger γPA139 Student University of Pennsylvania
Shankar Sheila γPA140 Student University of Pennsylvania
Saraswat Dave γPA141 Student University of Pennsylvania
Rawal Maya γPA142 Student University of Pennsylvania
Riccio Alexander γPA143 Student University of Pennsylvania
Somach Rebecca γPA144 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ream Molly γPA145 Student University of Pennsylvania
Cornfeld Amanda γPA146 Student University of Pennsylvania
Massaro Luke γPA147 Student University of Pennsylvania
Patel Kriya γPA148 Student University of Pennsylvania
Faust Jessica γPA149 Student University of Pennsylvania
Greenstreet Emma γPA150 Student University of Pennsylvania
Bassell Julia αGA-221 Student Emory University
Bermudez Michelle αGA-222 Student Emory University
Bhatia Neil αGA-223 Student Emory University
Bleecker Nicole αGA-224 Student Emory University
Bowes Shauna αGA-225 Student Emory University
Choi Hannah αGA-226 Student Emory University
Das Somnath αGA-227 Student Emory University
Ding Kevin αGA-228 Student Emory University
Doshi Nandini αGA-229 Student Emory University
File Brittany αGA-230 Student Emory University
Kopinsky Hannah αGA-231 Student Emory University
Kravitz Mark αGA-232 Student Emory University
Lee Stellina αGA-233 Student Emory University
Leistikow Peter αGA-234 Student Emory University
Li Tracy αGA-235 Student Emory University
Martin Ryan αGA-236 Student Emory University
Meisner Olivia αGA-237 Student Emory University
Morgan Kristiana αGA-238 Student Emory University
Rajan Lokita αGA-239 Student Emory University
Schultz Joseph αGA-240 Student Emory University
Siegel Ethan αGA-241 Student Emory University
Singletary Nicholas αGA-242 Student Emory University
Tajuddin Shiza αGA-243 Student Emory University
Wang Andrew αGA-244 Student Emory University
Weiss Zoe αGA-245 Student Emory University
Wu Matthew αGA-246 Student Emory University
Alfonso Aixa εIL-1 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Alford Simon εIL-2 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Featherstone David εIL-3 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Leonard John εIL-4 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Malcow Robert Paul εIL-5 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Park Thomas εIL-6 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Ragozzino Michael εIL-7 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Roitman Jamie εIL-8 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Roitman Mitchell εIL-9 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Richmond Janet εIL-10 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
Wirtshafter David εIL-11 Faculty University of Illinois at Chicago
 Nguyen Randy αNY-49 Student Union College
 Barber Alicia αNY-50 Student Union College
 Byrne Anna αNY-51 Student Union College
 West Emily αNY-52 Student Union College
 Haller Michaela αNY-53 Student Union College
 Aitken Olivia αNY-54 Student Union College
Clements Grace γOH-60 Student Miami University
Henkel Nicholas γOH-61 Student Miami University
Kohl Kathryn γOH-62 Student Miami University
Krolick Kristen γOH-63 Student Miami University
Maloney Jessie γOH-64 Student Miami University
Patel Rahil γOH-65 Student Miami University
Schmidt Grant γOH-66 Student Miami University
Sorrell Mollie γOH-67 Student Miami University
Wilson Alyssa γOH-68 Student Miami University
McMurray Matthew γOH-69 Faculty Miami University
Abaza Rahgi βMA144 Student Northeastern University
Adesina Adeleso βMA145 Student Northeastern University
Alroudhan Sarah βMA146 Student Northeastern University
Baker Alaina βMA147 Student Northeastern University
Begley Sabrina βMA148 Student Northeastern University
Birnbaum Jaclyn βMA149 Student Northeastern University
Bryant Annie βMA150 Student Northeastern University
Buckner Amelia βMA151 Student Northeastern University
Carty Crista βMA152 Student Northeastern University
Close Brianna βMA153 Student Northeastern University
Dallenbach Nina βMA154 Student Northeastern University
Ernst Samatha βMA155 Student Northeastern University
Finnegan Ryan βMA156 Student Northeastern University
Gargano Gabrielle βMA157 Student Northeastern University
Getreu Alix βMA158 Student Northeastern University
Gorko Benjamin βMA159 Student Northeastern University
Harrison Bailey βMA160 Student Northeastern University
Kallo Eleanor βMA161 Student Northeastern University
Kania Alyssa βMA162 Student Northeastern University
Kirakosian Norik βMA163 Student Northeastern University
McKechnie Riley βMA164 Student Northeastern University
Miner Lauren βMA165 Student Northeastern University
Morgan Allison βMA166 Student Northeastern University
Murphy G. βMA167 Student Northeastern University
Nesti Sarah βMA168 Student Northeastern University
Nobuhara Chloe βMA169 Student Northeastern University
Oztork Idil βMA170 Student Northeastern University
Riina Matthew βMA171 Student Northeastern University
Sahakian Nareh βMA172 Student Northeastern University
Schaffer Emily βMA173 Student Northeastern University
Todd Emmalee βMA174 Student Northeastern University
Wilkinson Molly βMA175 Student Northeastern University
Wise John βMA176 Student Northeastern University
Smith Sierra βMA177 Student Northeastern University
Deluisi Joseph βMA178 Student Northeastern University
Badeti Saiaditya ζPA1 Student University of Pittsburgh
Curtis Brett ζPA2 Student University of Pittsburgh
Evans Rachel ζPA3 Student University of Pittsburgh
Fadia Neil ζPA4 Student University of Pittsburgh
Fribance Sarah ζPA5 Student University of Pittsburgh
Graham Ashley ζPA6 Student University of Pittsburgh
Kukowski Melissa ζPA7 Student University of Pittsburgh
Leung Darren ζPA8 Student University of Pittsburgh
Lewis Katherine ζPA9 Student University of Pittsburgh
Lewis Lydia ζPA10 Student University of Pittsburgh
Malavia Tulsi ζPA11 Student University of Pittsburgh
Matyi Melanie ζPA12 Student University of Pittsburgh
McCalley Daniel ζPA13 Student University of Pittsburgh
McCathern Alexis ζPA14 Student University of Pittsburgh
Pacelli Sydney ζPA15 Student University of Pittsburgh
Patil Rujuta ζPA16 Student University of Pittsburgh
Pius Abish ζPA17 Student University of Pittsburgh
Puglionesi Andrew ζPA18 Student University of Pittsburgh
Roy Souvik ζPA19 Student University of Pittsburgh
Sharma Vaibhav ζPA20 Student University of Pittsburgh
Tu Fuwen ζPA21 Student University of Pittsburgh
Vasilakis Georgia ζPA22 Student University of Pittsburgh
Vasudevan Geetha ζPA23 Student University of Pittsburgh
Yablonski Sara ζPA24 Student University of Pittsburgh
Abraham Amanah αLA112 Student Tulane University
Benzell Jesse αLA113 Student Tulane University
Bernstein Hunter αLA114 Student Tulane University
Cruse Alyssa αLA115 Student Tulane University
DeWitt Annie αLA116 Student Tulane University
DiMasi Tiana αLA117 Student Tulane University
DiTrapani Joseph αLA118 Student Tulane University
Hermantin Isabella αLA119 Student Tulane University
Kelleher Sarah αLA120 Student Tulane University
Klug Michael αLA121 Student Tulane University
Leach Amy αLA122 Student Tulane University
Nguyen Alexander αLA123 Student Tulane University
Novak Josephine αLA124 Student Tulane University
Pilgeram Natalie αLA125 Student Tulane University
Purcell Olivia αLA126 Student Tulane University
Schlesinger Reid αLA127 Student Tulane University
Semmes Eleanor αLA128 Student Tulane University
Sheena Michelle αLA129 Student Tulane University
Son Seung αLA130 Student Tulane University
Stanfel Laura αLA131 Student Tulane University
Taylor Joshua αLA132 Student Tulane University
Wartman Haley αLA133 Student Tulane University
Zingale Alec αLA134 Student Tulane University
Davis Madeline αTN-34 Student Rhodes College
Glidden Nicolette αTN-35 Student Rhodes College
Khan Raja αTN-36 Student Rhodes College
Peravali Rahul αTN-37 Student Rhodes College
Larimer Bousquet Samantha βIA1 Faculty Wartburg College
Bidwell Jessa βIA2 Student Wartburg College
Lahti Ashley βIA3 Student Wartburg College
Latcham Anna βIA4 Student Wartburg College
Mix Madison βIA5 Student Wartburg College
Mohr Sara βIA6 Student Wartburg College
Schroeder Rachel βIA7 Student Wartburg College
Slattery Michael βIA8 Student Wartburg College
Brown Maria βIA9 Student Wartburg College
Kreitlow Benjamin βIA10 Student Wartburg College
Park Tiffany βIA11 Student Wartburg College
Brusich Douglas βIA12 Faculty Wartburg College
Shylanski Luke γIL57 Student Lake Forest College
Bacon Elisabeth γIL58 Student Lake Forest College
Tank Parth γIL59 Student Lake Forest College
Jones Paul γIL60 Student Lake Forest College
Heitkotter Heather γIL61 Student Lake Forest College
Dellomodarme Olivia γIL62 Student Lake Forest College
Skoczek Alexandra γIL63 Student Lake Forest College
Nabili Pegah γIL64 Student Lake Forest College
Brady Grant γIL65 Student Lake Forest College
Samberg Hannah γIL66 Student Lake Forest College
Thomas Rosemary γIL67 Student Lake Forest College
Fobert Kendra γIL68 Student Lake Forest College
Applebey Sarah γIL69 Student Lake Forest College
Christ Christina γIL70 Alumni Lake Forest College
Kusinski Krista γIL71 Alumni Lake Forest College
Levin Stephanne γIL72 Alumni Lake Forest College
Dunford Grace γIL73 Alumni Lake Forest College
Hankosky Emily γIL74 Alumni Lake Forest College
Pore Shruti γIL75 Alumni Lake Forest College
Shkolovskaya Julia γIL76 Alumni Lake Forest College
Maddux Jean-Marie γIL77 Faculty Lake Forest College
Konopka Lukasz γIL78 Faculty Lake Forest College
Andersh Katherine αAZ-62 Student University of Arizona
Ellis-Vaughn Tara αAZ-63 Student University of Arizona
Doser Rachel αAZ-64 Student University of Arizona
Carhart Briggs αAZ-65 Student University of Arizona
Ghamsari Farid αAZ-66 Student University of Arizona
Potter Colin αAZ-67 Student University of Arizona
Barnum George αAZ-68 Student University of Arizona
Carrera Daniel αAZ-69 Student University of Arizona
Ray Sneha αAZ-70 Student University of Arizona
Zigman Erika αAZ-71 Student University of Arizona
Mansouri-Rad Rossteen αAZ-72 Student University of Arizona
Davis Benjamin αAZ-73 Student University of Arizona
Samtani Grace αAZ-74 Student University of Arizona
Soofi Kianoush αAZ-75 Student University of Arizona
Manalo Laila Andrea αAZ-76 Student University of Arizona
Calac Alec αAZ-77 Student University of Arizona
Bergwell Hannah αNE42 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Chen Li-Dunn αNE43 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Kesti Kathryn αNE44 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Kim Minseon αNE45 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Mitra Ananya αNE46 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Nguyen Cassandra αNE47 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Noonan Diana αNE48 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Russ Jacalyn αNE49 Student University of Nebraska at Omaha
Cook Brianne βNY21 Student Skidmore College
Lavoie Morgan βNY22 Student Skidmore College
Reisman Samantha βNY23 Student Skidmore College
McQuade Denise βNY24 Faculty Skidmore College
Dang Brendan αMD-71 student Johns Hopkins University
Lubin Emily αMD-72 student Johns Hopkins University
Raber Karly αMD-73 student Johns Hopkins University
Perez Daniel αMD-74 student Johns Hopkins University
Cheu Lindsay αMD-75 student Johns Hopkins University
Chen Kallie αMD-76 Student Johns Hopkins University
Hazbon Maria αMD-77 student Johns Hopkins University
Chara Alejandro αMD-78 student Johns Hopkins University
Arakawa Reina αMD-79 student Johns Hopkins University
Chung Jessica αMD-80 student Johns Hopkins University
Crawford Khadijah αMD-81 student Johns Hopkins University
Blank Brandon αMD-82 student Johns Hopkins University
Morello Christina αMD-83 student Johns Hopkins University
Mennisto Andrew αNV-44 student University of Nevada, Reno
Abdouljalil Terisay αNV-45 student University of Nevada, Reno
Damian Roxana αNV-46 student University of Nevada, Reno
Shepack Jennifer αNV-47 student University of Nevada, Reno
Williams Mariah αNV-48 student University of Nevada, Reno
Blair Sierra αNV-49 student University of Nevada, Reno
Reisch Alexis εIL-12 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Yerrapothu Meghana εIL-13 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Jackson Masun εIL-14 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Rivera Elaine εIL-15 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Romo Karina εIL-16 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Weaver Natalie εIL-17 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Izar Radga εIL-18 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Lee Sarah εIL-19 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Jara Stephanie εIL-20 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Thakkar Priya εIL-21 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Shumov Alina εIL-22 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Siddique Adil εIL-23 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Kita Catherine εIL-24 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Hauser Kyle εIL-25 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Fitzgerald Jacklynn εIL-26 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Kreutzer Kayla εIL-27 Student University of Illinois at Chicago
Rowan III James ζGA1 Faculty Wesleyan College
Rhoades Barry ζGA2 Faculty Wesleyan College
Boettger-Tong Holly ζGA3 Faculty Wesleyan College
Liang Shihui ζGA4 Student Wesleyan College
Millan Rachel ζGA5 Student Wesleyan College
Goodson Rosamond ζGA6 Student Wesleyan College
Schroeder Amanda ζGA7 Student Wesleyan College
Monic Ashley ζGA8 Student Wesleyan College
Shrestha Sonakchhi ζGA9 Student Wesleyan College
Bajracharya Aahana ζGA10 Student Wesleyan College
Lin Hsin-San ζGA11 Student Wesleyan College
Rhoades Lauren ζGA12 Student Wesleyan College
Bernieri Anna βPA-66 Student Ursinus College
McFarland Brennan βPA-67 Student Ursinus College
Raucci Rachel βPA-68 Student Ursinus College
Sajan Joel δPA-15 Student Temple University
Saju Alen δPA-16 Student Temple University
Murawski Michael δPA-17 Student Temple University
Juza Robert δPA-18 Student Temple University
Knebels Kate δPA-19 Student Temple University
Lamberson Carrie δPA-20 Student Temple University
Cohen Sarah δPA-21 Student Temple University
Bergmann Joy δPA-22 Student Temple University
Lindquist Savannah δPA-23 Student Temple University
Bruce Matthew δPA-24 Student Temple University
Ellis Alexandra δPA-25 Student Temple University
Reice Cristain δPA-26 Student Temple University
Anloague Aric αOH-71 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Anastasiadis Will αOH-72 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Johnson Emily αOH-73 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Agasaro Pamela αOH-74 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Owczarczak Joshua αOH-75 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Hira Sarita αOH-76 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Hacker Teresa αOH-77 Student Baldwin Wallace University
Crish Samuel αOH-78 Faculty Baldwin Wallace University
Dengler-Crish Christine αOH-79 Faculty Baldwin Wallace University
Rubinstein Zoe αMA-132 Student Smith College
Blandino Katrina αMA-133 Student Smith College
Subramaniam Varsha αMA-134 Student Smith College
Smith Sarah αMA-135 Student Smith College
Song Ye Jin αMA-136 Student Smith College
von Saucken Victoria αMA-137 Student Smith College
Isaacs Jordan αMA-138 Student Smith College
Abbott Brendan αMA-139 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Burke Erica αMA-140 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
DeSimone Christina αMA-141 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Fahey Rachel αMA-142 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Fawks Seth αMA-143 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Garcia Gabriela αMA-144 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Kumari Irtika αMA-145 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Lauro Chelsea αMA-146 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nambiar Aishwarya αMA-147 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Neale Holly αMA-148 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nikom David αMA-149 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Richard Christopher αMA-150 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Root Helen αMA-151 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Savrann Andrew αMA-152 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Stornanti Michael αMA-153 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Tavares Elizabeth αMA-154 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Weber Harli αMA-155 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Wilson-Braun Peter αMA-156 Student University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mazumder Ritika αTN-38 Student Rhodes College
Cho Stephen (Soohyun) γPA151 Student University of Pennsylvania
Honig Evan γPA152 Student University of Pennsylvania
Ma Connie γPA153 Student University of Pennsylvania
Park JoonHyung γPA154 Student University of Pennsylvania
Fricks-Gleason Ashley γCO1 Faculty Regis University
Betjemann Rebecca γCO2 Faculty Regis University
Basham Mark γCO3 Faculty Regis University
Cloues Robin γCO4 Faculty Regis University
Lafosse Jose γCO5 Faculty Regis University
Nguyen Kristy γCO6 Student Regis University
Wipfler Kate γCO7 Student Regis University
Benesch Hailey γCO8 Student Regis University
Koneval Zachery γCO9 Student Regis University
Simpson Abigail γCO10 Student Regis University
Murray Monica γCO11 Student Regis University
Bowles Spencer γCO12 Student Regis University
Lackner Timothy γCO13 Student Regis University
Johnson Melanie βMD-85 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Kostelnik Claire βMD-86 Student St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Ballance Jerald αNV-50 Student University of Nevada, Reno
Baumgartner Chase βMN-87 Student University of St. Thomas
Benton Kelsey βMN-88 Student University of St. Thomas
Cole Samantha βMN-89 Student University of St. Thomas
Dahl Hannah βMN-90 Alumna University of St. Thomas
Evan Emily βMN-91 Student University of St. Thomas
Faulkner Morgan βMN-92 Student University of St. Thomas
Haskin Claire βMN-93 Student University of St. Thomas
Janto Kayla βMN-94 Student University of St. Thomas
Laka Domenica βMN-95 Student University of St. Thomas
Maki Mackenzie βMN-96 Student University of St. Thomas
Novy Savannah βMN-97 Student University of St. Thomas
Olson Kelsey βMN-98 Student University of St. Thomas
Peine Marisa βMN-99 Student University of St. Thomas
Pontinen Jill βMN-100 Student University of St. Thomas
Razidlo John βMN-101 Student University of St. Thomas
Rued Cole βMN-102 Student University of St. Thomas
Sutton Samuel βMN-103 Alumnus University of St. Thomas
Theilig Tarynn βMN-104 Student University of St. Thomas
Wigen Danielle βMN-105 Student University of St. Thomas
Sharkey Erik αMI-32 Student Central Michigan University
Glass Emily αMI-33 Student Central Michigan University
Rojas Donald αCO26 Faculty Colorado State University
Mechtenberg Hannah αCO27 Student Colorado State University
Goldy Gerald αCO28 Student Colorado State University
Stiles Kaitlyn αCO29 Student Colorado State University
Bangug Illan αNJ-73 Student Drew University
Cortes Victor αNJ-74 Student Drew University
Guaman Karina αNJ-75 Student Drew University
Moutenot Kyla αNJ-76 Student Drew University
Nadler Ian αNJ-77 Student Drew University
Palen Trexy Reich αNJ-78 Student Drew University
Pongurlekar Suchir αNJ-79 Student Drew University
Ramirez Silvia αNJ-80 Student Drew University
Sutter Pearl αNJ-81 Student Drew University
Schroeder Brooke βCO12 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Lu Elise βCO13 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Silverman Shaelyn βCO14 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Asante Clement βCO15 Student University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachtell Ryan βCO16 Faculty University of Colorado at Boulder
Pino Bruna γMA31 Student Boston University
Berube Bryan γMA32 Student Boston University
Sanders Delia γMA33 Student Boston University
Muyalde Samantha Marie γMA34 Student Boston University
Atreay Purva γMA35 Student Boston University
Rocheleau Jacqueline γMA36 Student Boston University
Coleman Benjamin γMA37 Student Boston University
Jain Nikita γMA38 Student Boston University
Marino Francesca γMA39 Student Boston University
Absi Gianna γMA40 Student Boston University
Simpson Sara γMA41 Student Boston University
AlSamman Marya γMA42 Student Boston University
Marshall Laura γMA43 Student Boston University
Sebastian Adonai γMA44 Student Boston University
Lingo Veronica γMA45 Student Boston University
Casarella Amy γMA46 Student Boston University
Calderazzo Samantha γMA47 Student Boston University
Stuebe Caren γMA48 Student Boston University
Shelchkova Natalya γMA49 Student Boston University
Crotts Sydney γMA50 Student Boston University
Ashling Lupiani γMA51 Student Boston University
Churchill Austin αCA-133 Student University of Southern California
Bell Christopher δOH-72 student Oberlin College
DiBiase Matt δOH-73 student Oberlin College
Edwards Louise δOH-74 student Oberlin College
Groher-Jick Rebecca δOH-75 student Oberlin College
Hamilton Bradley δOH-76 student Oberlin College
Jimenez Jessica δOH-77 student Oberlin College
Khoury Christine δOH-78 student Oberlin College
Liu Yujia δOH-79 student Oberlin College
Mancini Jay δOH-80 student Oberlin College
Parkins Emma δOH-81 student Oberlin College
Rudi Vera δOH-82 student Oberlin College
Akorede Rahim αTX-92 Student Baylor University
Ballard Hannah αTX-93 Student Baylor University
Daniels Khaila αTX-94 Student Baylor University
Daunis Mericyn αTX-95 Student Baylor University
Freemyer Nathan αTX-96 Student Baylor University
Ikram Bisram αTX-97 Student Baylor University
Krueger Madison αTX-98 Student Baylor University
Madi Lana αTX-99 Student Baylor University
McConathy Megan αTX-100 Student Baylor University
Armas Neira Monica αTX-101 Student Baylor University
Petersen Kaitlyn αTX-102 Student Baylor University
Teleki Cody αTX-103 Student Baylor University
Vickland Hannah αTX-104 Student Baylor University
Villagran Alexandra αTX-105 Student Baylor University
Smith Kara γOH-70 Student Miami University
Evans Luke γOH-71 Student Miami University
Carney Caitlyn ηPA1 Student Thiel College
Fox Grant ηPA2 Student Thiel College
Grice Nicholas ηPA3 Student Thiel College
Hautmann Amanda ηPA4 Student Thiel College
Papa Jonathan ηPA5 Student Thiel College
Slupek Mandalynn ηPA6 Student Thiel College
Weltner Kiara ηPA7 Student Thiel College
Rudolph Kate βCT1 student Connecticut College
Pierce Samantha βCT2 student Connecticut College
O’Loughlin Lauren βCT3 student Connecticut College
Curran Ashley βCT4 student Connecticut College
Irving Carolyn βCT5 student Connecticut College
Bates Trevor βCT6 student Connecticut College
Fleming Leah βCT7 student Connecticut College
Bortone Alyson βCT8 student Connecticut College
Benson Kerry βCT9 student Connecticut College
Frawley Rebecca βCT10 student Connecticut College
Fischer Kelsey βCT11 student Connecticut College
Goldberg Adam βCT12 student Connecticut College
Krieger Samantha βCT13 student Connecticut College
Jackvony Stephanie βCT14 student Connecticut College
Songtachalert Tanya βCT15 student Connecticut College
Grant Natalie βCT16 student Connecticut College
Chadwick CC βCT17 student Connecticut College
Reeves Stephanie βCT18 student Connecticut College
McGinniss Kelsey βCT19 student Connecticut College
Schroeder Joseph βCT20 faculty Connecticut College
Chrisler Joan βCT21 faculty Connecticut College
Brown Annemarie βCT22 faculty Connecticut College
Grahn Ruth βCT23 faculty Connecticut College
Marshall Jillian βCT24 faculty Connecticut College
Kronzer Joseph γMN42 student St. Olaf College
Stackhouse Sara γMN43 student St. Olaf College
Balhorn Amara γMN44 student St. Olaf College
Heller Charles γMN45 student St. Olaf College
Tyshynsky Roman γMN46 student St. Olaf College
Martin Lauren γMN47 student St. Olaf College
Sutter Ellen γMN48 student St. Olaf College
Behling Stuart γMN49 student St. Olaf College
Braun Megan γMN50 student St. Olaf College
Westerberg Jacob γMN51 student St. Olaf College
Stephens McAllister γMN52 student St. Olaf College
Asmuth Jennifer εPA1 Faculty Susquehanna University
Beck Lauren εPA2 Student Susquehanna University
Bufford Justice εPA3 Student Susquehanna University
Eisenhuth Chloe εPA4 Student Susquehanna University
Iannitelli Alexa εPA5 Student Susquehanna University
Malak Emily εPA6 Student Susquehanna University
Miller Kelsey εPA7 Student Susquehanna University
Perez Janeily εPA8 Student Susquehanna University
Magee Devon δPA-27 Student Temple University
Shamis Julia δPA-28 Student Temple University
Stear Ben δPA-29 Student Temple University
Aguilar Gabrielle δPA-30 Student Temple University
Busby Zachary αMN-79 Student Macalester College
Carter Danelle αMN-80 Student Macalester College
Cayton Christelle αMN-81 Student Macalester College
Cruz Alexis αMN-82 Student Macalester College
Daswani Saakshi αMN-83 Student Macalester College
Downey Kira αMN-84 Student Macalester College
Egersdorf Nicholas αMN-85 Student Macalester College
Fergus Sinta αMN-86 Student Macalester College
Greene Gretchen αMN-87 Student Macalester College
Harder Hannah αMN-88 Student Macalester College
Anqi Jiang αMN-89 Student Macalester College
Leipold David αMN-90 Student Macalester College
Melms Jonathan αMN-91 Student Macalester College
Salcin Kaan αMN-92 Student Macalester College
Terry Eloise αMN-93 Student Macalester College
Wilmerding Lucius αMN-94 Student Macalester College
Cromwell Madison δIL-10 Student North Central College
Orban Zachary δIL-11 Student North Central College
Habel Marisa δMN16 Student Concordia College
Patel Ushma βIL-16 Student Dominican University
Conte Catherine βIL-17 Student Dominican University
Matyszewski Anna βIL-18 Student Dominican University
Domico Alyssa βIL-19 Student Dominican University
Burns-Cusato Melissa αKY1 Faculty Centre College
Cusato Brian αKY2 Faculty Centre College
Gill Karin αKY3 Faculty Centre College
Skogsberg KatieAnn αKY4 Faculty Centre College
Godlaski Aaron αKY5 Faculty Centre College
He Qinpu αKY6 Student Centre College
Fraley Brooke αKY7 Student Centre College
Robinson Morgan αKY8 Student Centre College
Ramsdale Kellie αKY9 Student Centre College
McClay Mason αKY10 Student Centre College
Fakunle Omolola αKY11 Student Centre College
Baughman Carter αKY12 Student Centre College
Campbell Ethan αKY13 Student Centre College
Bigley David αPA67 Student University of Scranton
Biondo Stephanie αPA68 Student University of Scranton
Cross Eric αPA69 Student University of Scranton
Damato Adrianna αPA70 Student University of Scranton
DiVietri Timothy αPA71 Student University of Scranton
Go Gwenny αPA72 Student University of Scranton
Harach Janel αPA73 Student University of Scranton
Incitti Marc αPA74 Student University of Scranton
DePew Alison αPA75 Student University of Scranton
Matthews Shoronda αPA76 Student University of Scranton
Merkle Devon αPA77 Student University of Scranton
Modzelewski Julee αPA78 Student University of Scranton
Oleksiuk Elizabeth αPA79 Student University of Scranton
Opalka Ashley αPA80 Student University of Scranton
Rauscher George αPA81 Student University of Scranton
Wu Lauren αPA82 Student University of Scranton
Thomsen Anna αWI-I51 Student Carthage College
Krenzke Lucinda αWI-I52 Student Carthage College
Heuermann Emily αWI-I53 Student Carthage College
Idzik Melissa αWI-I54 Student Carthage College
Ehlert Mandy αWI-I55 Student Carthage College
Patschorke Emma αWI-I56 Student Carthage College
Nilles Kelsy αWI-I57 Student Carthage College
Jackson Niki αWI-I58 Student Carthage College
Smith Madison αWI-I59 Student Carthage College
Martin Heather αWI-I60 Student Carthage College
Perlmutter Tanisha αWI-I61 Student Carthage College
Fallert Megan αWI-I62 Student Carthage College
Cook-Snyder Denise αWI-I63 Faculty Carthage College
Bogue Elizabeth εGA-1 Student University of Georgia
Byers John εGA-2 Student University of Georgia
Caplan Leah εGA-3 Student University of Georgia
Kumareswaran Mitra εGA-4 Student University of Georgia
Noblitt Lauren εGA-5 Student University of Georgia
Ortiz Maria εGA-6 Student University of Georgia
Sequeira Michelle εGA-7 Student University of Georgia
Tien Lillie εGA-8 Student University of Georgia
Treston Olivia εGA-9 Student University of Georgia
Lauderdale James εGA-10 Faculty University of Georgia
Allyn David αVT16 Student University of Vermont
Diederich Victoria αVT17 Student University of Vermont
Keen Allison αVT18 Student University of Vermont
Holt-Gosselin Bailey αVT19 Student University of Vermont
Kent Ian αVT20 Student University of Vermont
Koliba Naomi αVT21 Student University of Vermont
Lawler Michael αVT22 Student University of Vermont
Woodruff Hannah αVT23 Student University of Vermont
Horowitz-McCadden Emma αVT24 Student University of Vermont
Fink Matt αVT25 Student University of Vermont
Kellett Kyle αVT26 Student University of Vermont
Toufexis Donna αVT27 Faculty University of Vermont
Titus Brianna εMN1 Student Gustavus Adolphus College
Oberle Hannah εMN2 Student Gustavus Adolphus College
Clark Megan εMN3 Student Gustavus Adolphus College
Nett Kelle εMN4 Student Gustavus Adolphus College
Andersen Kellen εMN5 Student Gustavus Adolphus College
Rothschild Lilianne εMN6 Student Gustavus Adolphus College
Sedaghat Justin yNY-94 Student Binghamton University
Loring Rebecca yNY-95 Student Binghamton University
Martindale Moriah yNY-96 Student Binghamton University
DeJesus Jessica yNY-97 Student Binghamton University
Palac Magdalena yNY-98 Student Binghamton University
Krichmar Aleksandr yNY-99 Student Binghamton University
Ewa Gerlak yNY-100 Student Binghamton University
Done Andrea αUT13 Student Weber State University
McGuiness Brigit γGA-17 Student Agnes Scott University
Andrechak Jason αDE-54 Student University of Delaware
Chajes Johanna αDE-55 Student University of Delaware
Gouru Mahesh αDE-56 Student University of Delaware
Imperato Nicholas αDE-57 Student University of Delaware
Lawrence Jennifer αDE-58 Student University of Delaware
Looney Natalie αDE-59 Student University of Delaware
Kimmelmann Brianna αDE-60 Student University of Delaware
King Jacqueline αDE-61 Student University of Delaware
Miller Mallory αDE-62 Student University of Delaware
O’Neal Alexandria αDE-63 Student University of Delaware
Pimpinelli Marcella αDE-64 Student University of Delaware
Pimpinelli Sophia αDE-65 Student University of Delaware
Sangiano Daniel αDE-66 Student University of Delaware
Spillman Emma αDE-67 Student University of Delaware
Bagnall Madison αIA10 Student Drake University
Clapham Margaret αIA11 Student Drake University
Cochrane Alexandria αIA12 Student Drake University
Karr Mallory αIA13 Student Drake University
Saeed Jordan αIA14 Student Drake University
Strzelecki Ashley αIA15 Student Drake University
Ceretti Attilio δPA-31 Student Temple University
Rubin Philip αCT-99 Faculty Honorary Trinity College
Alley Danielle εOH63 Student The Ohio State University
Armstrong Emily εOH64 Student The Ohio State University
Beaufore Jane εOH65 Student The Ohio State University
Berry Kim εOH66 Student The Ohio State University
Damante Mark εOH67 Student The Ohio State University
Dause Tyler εOH68 Student The Ohio State University
Gosztyla Maya εOH69 Student The Ohio State University
Kumar Nicolas εOH70 Student The Ohio State University
Li Sophia εOH71 Student The Ohio State University
Petit Kristin εOH72 Student The Ohio State University
Pinchot Rachel εOH73 Student The Ohio State University
Post Caitlin εOH74 Student The Ohio State University
Sarkar Monica εOH75 Student The Ohio State University
Schoeffler Austin εOH76 Student The Ohio State University
Schumacher Jackson εOH77 Student The Ohio State University
Shah Varun εOH78 Student The Ohio State University
Sims Emily εOH79 Student The Ohio State University
Thomas Noah εOH80 Student The Ohio State University
Weiss Adam εOH81 Student The Ohio State University
Zhou Lucy εOH82 Student The Ohio State University
Waxler David δPA-32 Faculty Temple University
Charlton Payton αIN-27 Student University of Evansville
Engelman Max αIN-28 Student University of Evansville
Gill Bayli αIN-29 Student University of Evansville
Kincanon Maegen αIN-30 Student University of Evansville
Omalu Bennet αIN-31 Honorary University of Evansville
Majorkiewicz Emily βCA-97 student University of California, Irvine
Lee Darren βCA-98 student University of California, Irvine
Malakzadeh Parinaz βCA-99 student University of California, Irvine
Baker Garrett αAZ-78 Student University of Arizona
Bradic Jorge Arturo αAZ-79 Student University of Arizona
Flores Semyonov Blake αAZ-80 Student University of Arizona
Forte Kayla αAZ-81 Student University of Arizona
Hayes Megan αAZ-82 Student University of Arizona
Levison Adam αAZ-83 Student University of Arizona
Mathieson Danielle αAZ-84 Student University of Arizona
Roelike Haley αAZ-85 Student University of Arizona
Shin Juhee αAZ-86 Student University of Arizona
Singh Rohin αAZ-87 Student University of Arizona
Thornton Vera αAZ-88 Student University of Arizona
Cackovic Paige βCT-25 student Connecticut College
Chugg Amanda βCT-26 student Connecticut College
Guhde Isabel βCT-27 student Connecticut College
Kornacki Sophie βCT-28 student Connecticut College
Rocchio Gianna βCT-29 student Connecticut College
 Anderson Kierstyn βMA-179 student Northeastern University
 Keshishian Helen βMA-180 student Northeastern University
 LaGraff Justin βMA-181 student Northeastern University
Aisenberg Gabriela βMA-182 student Northeastern University
Anderson Dana βMA-183 student Northeastern University
Bamberg Ellen βMA-184 student Northeastern University
Burke Emily βMA-185 student Northeastern University
Coleman Corey βMA-186 student Northeastern University
Dang Rammy βMA-187 student Northeastern University
Dello Russo Mary βMA-188 student Northeastern University
Doroski Leah βMA-189 student Northeastern University
Ganesh Nand βMA-190 student Northeastern University
Geenen Kennedy βMA-191 student Northeastern University
Glover Patrick βMA-192 student Northeastern University
Goff Shelby βMA-193 student Northeastern University
Izzo Kaitlyn βMA-194 student Northeastern University
Kayarian Fae βMA-195 student Northeastern University
Kreouzis Vasileios βMA-196 student Northeastern University
Lopez Erin βMA-197 student Northeastern University
Marks Jordan βMA-198 student Northeastern University
Micou Madison βMA-199 student Northeastern University
Nichanametta Geetha βMA-200 student Northeastern University
Offermann Heather βMA-201 student Northeastern University
Riccardi Olivia βMA-202 student Northeastern University
Rovira Alejandro βMA-203 student Northeastern University
Sargent Taylie βMA-204 student Northeastern University
Singhal Pankhuri βMA-205 student Northeastern University
Subramanian Siva βMA-206 student Northeastern University
Talty Ronan βMA-207 student Northeastern University
Tamashunas Nina βMA-208 student Northeastern University
Viola Steffani βMA-209 student Northeastern University
Zaman Muizz βMA-210 student Northeastern University
Derrow Carson ζPA-25 student University of Pittsburgh
Jovanovich Nicolina ζPA-26 student University of Pittsburgh
Helkowksi Michael ζPA-27 student University of Pittsburgh
Alek Catherine ζPA-28 student University of Pittsburgh
Malin Berend ζPA-29 student University of Pittsburgh
Savya Sajishnu ζPA-30 student University of Pittsburgh
Miller Katherina ζPA-31 student University of Pittsburgh
Trentini Onnaleah ζPA-32 student University of Pittsburgh
Copley Katie ζPA-33 student University of Pittsburgh
Venkatesh Shruthi ζPA-34 student University of Pittsburgh
Bielanin John ζPA-35 student University of Pittsburgh
Shafer Anna ζPA-36 student University of Pittsburgh
Carr Kathleen ζPA-37 student University of Pittsburgh
Kunisky Alex ζPA-38 student University of Pittsburgh
Magosin Kaylin ζPA-39 student University of Pittsburgh
Fish Erika ζPA-40 student University of Pittsburgh
Pongibove Maria ζPA-41 student University of Pittsburgh
Boehm Blake ζPA-42 student University of Pittsburgh
Ho Jonathan ζPA-43 student University of Pittsburgh
Trinkle Mason ζPA-44 student University of Pittsburgh
Lazzaro Sarah ζPA-45 student University of Pittsburgh
Nodine Sarah βMA-211 Student Northeastern University
Burr Eliza βNY-25 Student Skidmore College
Doino Joseph βNY-26 Student Skidmore College
Fancher Seeley βNY-27 Student Skidmore College
Fontana Sara βNY-28 Student Skidmore College
Juneau Benjamin βNY-29 Student Skidmore College
Moritz Sophia βNY-30 Student Skidmore College
Tehshar Tenzin βNY-31 Student Skidmore College
Toma Ryan βNY-32 Student Skidmore College
Pouliot Jourdan yNY-101 Student Binghamton University
Kim Taesung yNY-102 Student Binghamton University
Toker Michelle yNY-103 Student Binghamton University
Lee DaYoung yNY-104 Student Binghamton University
Smedes Jenna yNY-105 Student Binghamton University
Corsi Anthony yNY-106 Student Binghamton University
Megali Nicole yNY-107 Student Binghamton University
Kanestrin Marissa yNY-108 Student Binghamton University
Pak Jenny yNY-109 Student Binghamton University
Sala Nicole yNY-110 Student Binghamton University
Nguyen Thomas yNY-111 Student Binghamton University
Rodriguez Fred yNY-112 Student Binghamton University
 Melnick Jillian yNY-113 Student Binghamton University
Berlot Ashley yNY-114 Student Binghamton University
Schiffman Blakeley yNY-115 Student Binghamton University
Basedow Kayla yNY-116 Student Binghamton University
Sileo Kora yNY-117 Student Binghamton University
Grieshaber Alexander yNY-118 Student Binghamton University
Breed Chelsea yNY-119 Student Binghamton University
Lawrenz Colleen yNY-120 Student Binghamton University
Kesten Maxwell yNY-121 Student Binghamton University
Reandelar Mac Josh yNY-122 Student Binghamton University
 Lore Daniella yNY-123 Student Binghamton University
Lambrych Matthew yNY-124 Student Binghamton University
Bowers Kelly βVA-43 Student Christopher Newport University
Burstein Jensina βVA-44 Student Christopher Newport University
Dixon Dawndra βVA-45 Student Christopher Newport University
Doan Kevin βVA-46 Student Christopher Newport University
Edwards Allison βVA-47 Student Christopher Newport University
Hogan Anna βVA-48 Student Christopher Newport University
Narla Sai Swetha βVA-49 Student Christopher Newport University
O’Brien Taylor βVA-50 Student Christopher Newport University
Saldanha Anna βVA-51 Student Christopher Newport University
Welsh Molly βVA-52 Student Christopher Newport University
Kay Heather βVA-53 Student Christopher Newport University
Arqoub Amro αCT-100 Student Trinity College
Bednarek Alex αCT-101 Student Trinity College
Cebulla Catherine αCT-102 Student Trinity College
Cellucci Alexandra αCT-103 Student Trinity College
Chan Christy αCT-104 Student Trinity College
Gitchell Thomas αCT-105 Student Trinity College
Maisano Julianna αCT-106 Student Trinity College
Makie Kevin αCT-107 Student Trinity College
Phan Vy αCT-108 Student Trinity College
Ryan Molly αCT-109 Student Trinity College
Stowell Jessica αCT-110 Student Trinity College
Tighe Megan αCT-111 Student Trinity College
White Clotide αCT-112 Student Trinity College
Williams Jasmine αCT-113 Student Trinity College
Ben Haj Frej Khaoula αCT-114 Student Trinity College
Vo Brenda βGA-45 Student Georgia State University
Davis Cody βGA-46 Student Georgia State University
Mehta Krishna βGA-47 Student Georgia State University
Pitter Britney βGA-48 Student Georgia State University
Witherspoon Wilson βGA-49 Student Georgia State University
Ruszkowski Elara βGA-50 Student Georgia State University
Dawson Jillian βGA-51 Student Georgia State University
Hanus Lauren βGA-52 Student Georgia State University
Sehring Kelsey βGA-53 Student Georgia State University
Kishor Arya βGA-54 Student Georgia State University
Van Der Horn Tamryn βGA-55 Student Georgia State University
Huenniger Alyssa βGA-56 Student Georgia State University
Frantz Kyle βGA-57 Faculty Georgia State University
Petrulis Aras βGA-58 Faculty Georgia State University
Parent Marise βGA-59 Faculty Georgia State University
Mabb Angela βGA-60 Faculty Georgia State University
Hall Jim βTN-1 Faculty University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lucerne Kelsey δPA-33 Student Temple University
Sipple Erin θPA-1 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Palissery Gates θPA-2 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Schmehl Meredith θPA-3 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Bleimeister Isabel θPA-4 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Kolev Hannah θPA-5 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Willard Amanda θPA-6 Grad Student Carnegie Mellon University
Schlossman Julia θPA-7 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Wilhelmi Sophia θPA-8 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Thiessen Erik θPA-9 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Brasier Daniel θPA-10 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Thiele Amanda θPA-11 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Ramnath Kavita θPA-12 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Teichman Theodore θPA-13 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Brandt Alyssa θPA-14 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Lee Jessica θPA-15 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Bedell Mariel θPA-16 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Carter Lisa θPA-17 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Cook Carol αUT-14 Student Weber State University
Nicholas Andrea βCA-100 Faculty University of California, Irvine
Hwang Philip βCA-101 Student University of California, Irvine
McEwan Stephanie βCA-102 Faculty University of California, Irvine
Garewal Armand βCA-103 Student University of California, Irvine
Mirza Nur βCA-104 Student University of California, Irvine
Shu Ivan βCA-105 Student University of California, Irvine
Yassine Ahmed βCA-106 Student University of California, Irvine
Ramirez Andy βCA-107 Student University of California, Irvine
Delbeuck Elita βCA-108 Student University of California, Irvine
Navarro Alicia βCA-109 Student University of California, Irvine
Kassir Mawaheb βCA-110 Student University of California, Irvine
Mousa Myrna βCA-111 Student University of California, Irvine
Bursalyan Albert βCA-112 Student University of California, Irvine
Galata Shion βCA-113 Student University of California, Irvine
Zhang Kevin γPA-155 Student University of Pennsylvania
Richardson Rani γPA-156 Student University of Pennsylvania
Marx Darby γPA-157 Student University of Pennsylvania
Brake Lee γPA-158 Student University of Pennsylvania
Zhang Alexander γPA-159 Student University of Pennsylvania
Mass Joely γPA-160 Student University of Pennsylvania
Boyle Caroline γPA-161 Student University of Pennsylvania
Huffman Phillip γPA-162 Student University of Pennsylvania
Frank Jessie γPA-163 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kramer Talya γPA-164 Student University of Pennsylvania
Fortunato Michael γPA-165 Student University of Pennsylvania
Seok Darsol γPA-166 Student University of Pennsylvania
Lavi-Romer Nir γPA-167 Student University of Pennsylvania
Langer Allison γPA-168 Student University of Pennsylvania
Hopkins Maya γPA-169 Student University of Pennsylvania
Kanyuch Nickole γPA-170 Student University of Pennsylvania
Min Sabin αCA-134 Student University of Southern California
Jiang Kevin αCA-135 Student University of Southern California
Maclean Steven αMI-34 Student Central Michigan University
Belavek Trevor αMI-35 Student Central Michigan University
Sherwood Megan αKY-14 Student Centre College
Weiland Mackenzie αKY-15 Student Centre College
Barth Alison θPA-18 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Behrmann Marlene θPA-19 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Chase Steven θPA-20 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Cheetham Claire θPA-21 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Cox-Boyd Chante θPA-22 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Creswell Kasey θPA-23 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Doonan Carrie θPA-24 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Drill Emily θPA-25 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Gittis Aryn θPA-26 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Heller Laurie θPA-27 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Holt Lori θPA-28 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Just Marcel θPA-29 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Kass Rob θPA-30 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Kuhlman Sandra θPA-31 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
McGuier Natalie θPA-32 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Mitchell Aaron θPA-33 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Olson Carl θPA-34 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Pfenning Andreas θPA-35 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Plaut David θPA-36 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Reder Lynne θPA-37 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Rule Gordon θPA-38 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Schwartz Russell θPA-39 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Tarr Michael θPA-40 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Touretzky David θPA-41 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Vertsynen Tim θPA-42 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Yu Byron θPA-43 Faculty Carnegie Mellon University
Sajedian Renée θPA-44 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Cheung Mark θPA-45 Grad Student Carnegie Mellon University
Adams Haili θPA-46 Student Carnegie Mellon University
Rafidi Nicole θPA-47 Grad Student Carnegie Mellon University
Chang Kenjin αDE-68 Student University of Delaware
Kandarpa Harshita αDE-69 Student University of Delaware
Aslam Momna αNY-55 Student Union College
Collado Loren αNY-56 Student Union College
Hunt Audrey αNY-57 Student Union College
Lovett Eric αNY-58 Student Union College
Sternberg Wendy αNY-59 Student Union College
Shin Damien αNY-60 Student Union College
Abeysiriwardena Niam γIL79 Student Lake Forest College
Berninzoni Danielle γIL80 Student Lake Forest College
Fassbender Nena γIL81 Student Lake Forest College
Gascoigne Samuel γIL82 Student Lake Forest College
Palmero Brett γIL83 Student Lake Forest College
Mwale Chisomo γIL84 Student Lake Forest College
Brittain Cade γIL85 Student Lake Forest College
Harding Catherine γIL86 Student Lake Forest College
Ganev Yoan γIL87 Student Lake Forest College
Curry Samuel γIL88 Student Lake Forest College
Mrackova Eliska γIL89 Student Lake Forest College
Shoup Rebecca γIL90 Student Lake Forest College
Bortolotti Joseph γIL91 Student Lake Forest College
Smith Sierra γIL92 Student Lake Forest College
Weiner Geoff γIL93 Alumni Lake Forest College
Paluska Lawrence Caitlin γIL94 Alumni Lake Forest College
Wollar Michael γIL95 Alumni Lake Forest College
Debo Ryne γIL96 Alumni Lake Forest College
Valtierra Stephanie γIL97 Alumni Lake Forest College
Wahlberg Lennard γIL98 Alumni Lake Forest College
Herrera Sara γIL99 Alumni Lake Forest College
Mann David γIL100 Alumni Lake Forest College
Houde Anne γIL101 Faculty Lake Forest College
Abdulkadir Safiyya αTN-39 Student Rhodes College
Baldassaro Allie αTN-40 Student Rhodes College
Bartlett Alexandra αTN-41 Student Rhodes College
Cardona Laura αTN-42 Student Rhodes College
DaRosa Andrew αTN-43 Student Rhodes College
Dave Pooja αTN-44 Student Rhodes College
Dial Liz αTN-45 Student Rhodes College
Dorian Conor αTN-46 Student Rhodes College
Drummond Caitlin αTN-47 Student Rhodes College
Fratt Ellie αTN-48 Student Rhodes College
Hayden Ellery αTN-49 Student Rhodes College
Jelinek Samantha αTN-50 Student Rhodes College
Mancieri Ariana αTN-51 Student Rhodes College
Massey Mary αTN-52 Student Rhodes College
Roark Evan αTN-53 Student Rhodes College
Penn Joesph αTN-54 Student Rhodes College
Porter Hannah αTN-55 Student Rhodes College
Sontheimer Sylvie αTN-56 Student Rhodes College
Soper Timothy αTN-57 Student Rhodes College
Thomasson Samuel αTN-58 Student Rhodes College
Adra Amal βMA-212 Student Northeastern University
Biltz Samantha βMA-213 Student Northeastern University
Chung Lauren βMA-214 Student Northeastern University
Cullum-Doyle Michaela βMA-215 Student Northeastern University
Dubnik Carolyn βMA-216 Student Northeastern University
Flaquer Isabella βMA-217 Student Northeastern University
Gincley Benjamin βMA-218 Student Northeastern University
Gross Rachel βMA-219 Student Northeastern University
Habib Leila βMA-220 Student Northeastern University
 Haddad Ala βMA-221 Student Northeastern University
Hendler M. βMA-222 Student Northeastern University
Hossain Ayesha βMA-223 Student Northeastern University
Inge Kei βMA-224 Student Northeastern University
Jalili Paneed βMA-225 Student Northeastern University
Jeffery Michelle βMA-226 Student Northeastern University
Kim Jason βMA-227 Student Northeastern University
Kronen Sophie βMA-228 Student Northeastern University
Lambert John βMA-229 Student Northeastern University
Li Anna βMA-230 Student Northeastern University
Mastrobattista Emma βMA-231 Student Northeastern University
McKissick Olivia βMA-232 Student Northeastern University
Olia Keeyon βMA-233 Student Northeastern University
Puckett Shae βMA-234 Student Northeastern University
Riegel Logan βMA-235 Student Northeastern University
Roberson Amber βMA-236 Student Northeastern University
Romanello Amy βMA-237 Student Northeastern University
Rumbaut Elijah βMA-238 Student Northeastern University
Scheinert Timothy βMA-239 Student Northeastern University
Tella Joseph βMA-240 Student Northeastern University
Vallee Rachel βMA-241 Student Northeastern University
Van Benschoten Olivia βMA-242 Student Northeastern University
 Vayngrib Michelle βMA-243 Student Northeastern University
Vessey Brynn βMA-244 Student Northeastern University
Williams Sarah βMA-245 Student Northeastern University
Yeung Brenda βMA-246 Student Northeastern University
W. Dalton
Grad Student
Grad Student
Grad Student
Grad Student
Grad Student
Grad Student
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
University of Miami
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Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
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Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Arizona
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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