This page contains forms and templates for letters useful to the members,
officers and faculty advisors of current Nu Rho Psi chapters. Nu Rho Psi membership is for life.
Members are encouraged to know the benefits of belonging to the Honor Society and how to maintain contact with us by signing up for a Nu Rho Psi email account, joining our exclusive LinkedIn and Facebook groups and following us on Twitter.
Nu Rho Psi Member forms and documents
Document Format
What is Nu Rho Psi? This is an informational document that can be used as part of a handout, flier, membership invitation or recuitment package.
Student Recruitment Letter – Cover letter that may be adapted to accompany the invitation to apply for NuRhoPsi membership.
Membership Invitation and Acceptance Form – Use this form if the faculty advisor is able to access student records to determine a prospective member’s eligibility. FOR CHAPTER USE AND VERIFICATION ONLY
Membership Application – Use this application form if the faculty advisor is unable to access student records or (for other reasons) wants students to provide their credentials and apply for membership. This download also contains a copy of “What is Nu Rho Psi?” FOR CHAPTER USE AND VERIFICATION ONLY
New Members Report FormVery important! Chapter advisors and other leaders use this form to report new student and faculty members, pay induction fees, and order member certificates and lapel pins. Email this to the National Office.  FOR NATIONAL OFFICE RECORDS
New Members Excel Spreadsheet – Very important! Chapter advisors and other leaders use this form to report information about new members. It MUST accompany the New Members Report Form (above). Email this to the National Office. FOR NATIONAL OFFICE RECORDS    EXCEL
Change of Nu Rho Psi Faculty Advisor – Complete and send this form to notify the Nu Rho Psi National Office of any change in your chapter’s roster of faculty advisors. FOR NATIONAL OFFICE RECORDS
Model Induction Ceremony – To be used when new members are inducted into Nu Rho Psi.  WORD    PDF
Nu Rho Psi Induction Guidelines? This explains all the steps in doing a Nu Rho Psi induction.  WORD    PDF

For more information please contact:

Michael T. Kerchner, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Nu Rho Psi
Washington College