Back Row, From (L to R): Dr. Maggie Gill; Dr. M. Jade Zee; Mr. Alec Calac; Ms. Tara Ellis-Vaughn; Dr. Suzanne Sollars; Dr. Shubhik K. DebBurman: Front (L to R) Dr. Beth Wee; Dr. Michael Kerchner;    Ms. Stephanie Ross; Dr. Zoe Hesp; Dr. Lora Becker. [Missing from picture: Dr. Sara Lagalwar;  Dr. G. Andrew Mickley; Dr. Leslie P. Tolbert]
  • President: Shubhik K. DebBurman, Ph.D. (γIL-1), Lake Forest College, Professor of Biology; Chair, Neuroscience Program, (Term: Nov 2018 – Oct 2019).
  • President Elect:
    Margaret Gill, Ph.D. (βMD-6), North Central College, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience (Term Nov. 2018-Oct 2019)
  • Past President: M. Jade Zee Ph.D. (βMA-46), Northeastern University (Term: Nov 2018 – Oct 2019).
  • Secretary: Alec Calac, B.S. (αAZ-77), The University of Arizona, Research Fellow, National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke in Bethesda, MD (Term: Nov 2017 – Nov 2019).
  • Treasurer: Beth Wee, Ph.D. (αLA-19), Tulane University, Director of Master’s and Undergraduate Neuroscience Programs; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (Term: Nov 2016 – Nov 2018; Nov 2018 – Nov 2020).
  • Regional Vice President, Northeast:  Stephanie Reeves (βCT)
    Research Assistant at Schepens Eye Research Institute
    Cambridge, Massachusetts (Term: Nov 2018 – Nov 2021)
  • Regional Vice President, Midwest: Suzanne Sollars, Ph.D. (αNE-15), University of Nebraska at Omaha, Associate Professor, Program in Neuroscience & Behavior, Department of Psychology (Term: Nov 2016 – Oct 2019).
  • Regional Vice President, South: Stephanie Ross, M.S. (βGA-20), Georgia State University (Term: Nov 2017 – Nov 2020)
  • Regional Vice President, West: Phillip Quirk, Ph.D. (αCO)
    Assistant Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program,
    Colorado State University (Term: Nov 2018 – Nov 2021)
  • Social Media Chair: Tara M. Ellis-Vaughn, B.S. (αAZ-106), University of Arizona, Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
  • Executive Director: Michael T. Kerchner, Ph.D., Washington College, Department of Psychology (Term: Nov 2016 – Nov 2019).
  • Immediate Past Executive Director: G. Andrew Mickley, Ph.D., (αOH-1), Baldwin Wallace University, Emeritus Professor and Founding Chair, Neuroscience Program.