Proposed Revisions to NRP Chapter Bylaws


Welcome !  The National Council has drafted several revisions to the Nu Rho Psi Model Chapter Bylaws. Later this spring we will be distributing via email to our members and all chapter advisors a link to an online ballot to determine if the proposed changes will be enacted.  This will be the first significant revision in many years.

Among the proposed changes are:

  • The establishment of a Provisional Membership category
  • Criteria for determining when a chapter has become inactive and how it may return to active status.
  • removed from Criteria for identifying Inactive Chapters and for the Dissolution of a chapter, and the requirements for re-establishing a chapter once it has been dissolved.
  • Instructions to chapter advisors that they are responsible to file for tax exempt status annually.

Click the link below to obtain a copy of the proposed Chapter Bylaws

Nu Rho Psi Chapter Bylaws Proposed Changes, 1-23-2020
[Changes have been highlighted in yellow]

According to the Nu Rho Psi National Bylaws, all changes to the Chapter Bylaws must be made only with the approval of the membership.  We ask that you review the proposed document, consider the changes very carefully, and whether you approve of the proposed changes or not, vote when we open the online ballot.  The online link to electronic ballots will be provided via email  in final week of February. 2020.

If there are questions regarding the proposed amendments, please email them to the Executive Director (  On the Subject line of the email please use:
NRP Bylaws Q&A

Also,  there will be an online election for several positions on the National Council later this spring.

  • President Elect (1 year term, 2nd  year President, 3rd year-President)
  • Treasurer (2 year term)
  • Vice President of the Southern Region (3 year term; determined by votes from members in the southern region)

If you are interested or would like more information regarding the position and it’s responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact your present Regional VP, the Nu Rho Psi President, the President Elect, or the Executive Director via email:

Current Northeastern VP:
Stephanie Reeves;

Current Southern VP:
Stephanie Ross;

Current Midwest VP:
Lora Becker;

Current Western VP:
Philip Quirk;

Margaret Gill;

President Elect:
Michael Paul Black;

Exec. Director: 
Michael T. Kerchner;